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Delivering Happiness

I finally got hold of the book Delivering Happiness.

Like a time machine, the book enabled me to travel back 20 years in time. The pre-2008 events had me going, ‘Ah, I have heard of that story…’, or ‘Oh, I was there when that happened.’, or ‘I was one of them!’. Many of these were happy memories which made me smile.

The post-2008 stories were enticing because they let me know how the company did afterwards. How bizarre that I am able to picture what many of the contributors look like! To remember how they were like as coworkers!

I left Zappos and the US more than 10 years ago – in pursue of happiness. Up till now, happiness has been constantly generated, delivered and received with an open-mind. 🙂

Hey, why weren’t there any Star Trek references?!