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Train To Antwerp

Today, D and I used our free train passes to go to the city of Antwerp for a brief day trip. We walked from the central station to the River Scheldt to have our packed lunch of sandwiches. The walk brought us through the shopping street where we enjoyed and photographed some interesting architectures. We also walked by the main square, the city hall, the cathedral, and some quiet (mostly closed) cafés and restaurants.

By the river, we saw people getting on the water bus and got squawked at by a very loud seagull while having lunch! After lunch, we slowly walked back to the station area, to China Town (China Street, according to D). Antwerp’s China Town has never been the lively market places I have known all my life, and now even more so because of the virus. After buying a few items from the largest Asian store there, we hopped on the 4 o’clock train to start our trip home. The return journey was a bit more busy, because schools were out and students were going home.

It was a day well spent out of the vicinity of West Flanders. I do pray that the talkative youngsters, whom we shared a train carriage with, were not carriers of anything harmful.

Now is not the time to get sick. Not when the vaccine will be available in a few months time. That would be terribly stupid and embarrassing. 😛