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In March 2019, I read the book Delivering Happiness and blogged about it. Tony Hsieh (who was barely 45 then) will be going places, I thought to myself. November this year, he is no more. In his quest of delivering happiness to everyone else, he had forgotten to take care of himself. 🙁

When travelling on the speedway of life, we mere humans tend to neglect ourselves. We lose ourselves in worldly busyness and placed aside simple things like eating well, getting enough sleep, enjoying nature, breathing deeply, loving honestly and laughing.

D and I watched The Nest last weekend. Here, you see people who were already doing quite well in life, almost perfect. But then, there is that need to reach a station higher. To accomplish more. To have acquired a million will quickly turn into the dire need to possess ten million, and thus the vicious circle of greed continues.

It will never be enough… if one does not learn to cherish the simpler things in life.