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Yesterday, I read an opinion piece of an economist as regards to next year. He stated that the general mass are too optimistic and are underestimating the current crisis. Everyone is hoping that 2021 will be the year we all bounce back and lead normal lives again. We have suffered enough, most think. But the realists know deep down that it shall not be that easy. Logic dictates that we are far from the end. It will be at least another year of holding our breaths.

The world shall belong to those who are able to persevere for another year. Recovery will go to those who will be able to stay calm, behave, and take care of themselves wisely.

Since international travel is out of the picture till 2022, my main activities of 2021 would be mainly concentrated on home improvements. Ikigai 2021 will involve a pond in the backyard, new flooring for upstairs, new coats of paints where necessary, silicone strips replacements, and maybe even installing a bathtub at last. D and I will have to plan and implement according to availability of time and funds.