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Next In The Vaccination Line

Yesterday, there was a brief discussion as regards to the vaccination process here in Belgium. Several people (in their 40s) were suggesting that those age 18 to 24 should be given priority, before the people in their 30s to 50s.


Students vaccinated before their teachers? Grown up children before their parents? The interns before their employers?

And to do what afterwards? Vaccination does not stop you from passing the virus to others. So, vaccinated people would still have to adhere to health measures till the damn pandemic is over. And that is still a long way off…

When we travel by plane, we are always instructed that when the oxygen masks fall down from overhead, we are to put the mask on ourselves before tending to people we have in our care. That way we do not pass out, while trying to save a beloved.

I care about the young. But I also know that the majority will not want anything bad happening to the older people that they are still relying on.

Vaccinate as quickly as humanly possible. Stop wasting time discussing and arguing about who should be next in line.