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Mental Health & Economy

After a 3-month pause, hair salons may restart their businesses next Saturday. And on the first of March, most close contact businesses like beauty salons, hands and feet care, tattoo shops and so forth may start as well. Camp grounds, vacation homes, zoos, and theme parks will also be reopening soon – for the upcoming krokusvakantie (spring break). Real estate agents will be allowed to organise house tours. All these, supposedly, for the sake of our mental well-being and the economy.

Heck, why?!

This Covid-19 nightmare started in March last year. A third wave is staring us in the face, people! The old folks are not completely vaccinated yet. And what about the personnels in the medical sector? Why are we creating the chances for the virus to spread itself?

Seriously, why?!

A serious third wave will probably mean another strict lockdown. It will be another nail on the coffins of many medical personnels. A hinder to the already difficult vaccination process.

A mild third wave will still kill people. And it will definitely prolong the shut downs of caf├ęs and restaurants. How is that good for our mental health and economy?