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Running Out Of Funds

These past few days, my mind has been primarily occupied by the news that certain businesses will be reopening this week. It puzzles me as to why the Belgian government would knowingly risk another Covid-19 wave.

Then this morning, while observing a hungry finch munching away in the wall feeder, I realised that the cause might mainly be due to funding, or in better words, the lack of it.

You see, businesses which had to close are compensated by the government. Employees who cannot go to work, are paid unemployment, which is 70% of their salaries. Taxation is at an all time low due to the crisis. Therefore, I am rather sure that money is the main factor in this recent action plan.

The engine cannot run without fuel.

This strategic move stops the unending clamouring from business owners, or at least some of them. It calms the outcries from people who wanted to be spoiled, pampered, have their hair trimmed and coloured.

But most importantly, this move slows the treasury from oozing itself empty!