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D and I never give much thought about Valentine’s Day. In fact, I for one think it is quite silly, and probably a marketing scam thought out by businesses which sell roses, chocolate or whatever mumbo jumbo items that are supposedly romantic… 😛

That said. We are currently living in an unusual period. And because special times call for special measures, our meal this evening will be a little bit special.

As starters, D shall have grey shrimp croquette and I shall have cheese croquette. Main course will be grilled beef steaks from New Zealand, served with thick fries and a side of fresh greens (tuinkers). Dessert shall be chocolate mousse which I made this morning. D will drink beer and I might think of a fun little mock-tail.

Nothing wrong in self-pampering and celebrating love. It also serves as a reminder that we are still doing alright. Things are still good. Chocolate mousse good.