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Walk, Bike, Bus & Train

For most of my life and in all the places I have lived in, I have been dependent on the car for transportation. The only place that I did not need a car was San Francisco, and the reason is because I lived in the city and can walk to most places. Also, one can rely on the public transportation in most US cities.

Not in Malaysia though. Our public transportation system was downright shameful. Well, at least that was the case when I relied on the buses to get to school in the 90s when I lived in Kota Kinabalu. Public transportation did not exist in my home town when I lived there – and probably still not?!

The Belgians complain a lot about their existing public transportation. But for me, I have walked, biked, took the buses and trains in the past decade more than I ever did my entire life.

When one grew up in a third world country, one appreciates the freedom and security that public transportation in a peaceful and developed country such as Belgium.