Flashbacks, Malaysia

Annie & Siti

When I entered primary one at a local Chinese medium school in the mid-late 1970s, I only know how to speak in Cantonese and Indonesian Malay, which I have learned from my parents’ housekeeper. Because I cannot communicate with my Mandarin and Hakka speaking Chinese classmates, I gravitated and hung out with two Malay girls named Annie and Siti. If I still remember this correctly, they told me that they are sisters (not twins) born in the same year.

After a few months, as my local languages improved and my network of school friends expanded, the time I spent with Annie and Siti became shorter and shorter. My last memory of them was their surprised expressions when they found out that I have a Christian name. And that was in primary five when we were all registered to take our national examinations.

I have no contact nor any news regarding Annie and Siti after primary school. I should ask around. Some of my other primary school classmates might know. I am never known for making up imaginary friends, please let Annie and Siti be real peopleā€¦