Plumbing Tasks

Today, I started my plumbing maintenance tasks.

First, I disassembled all the faucet filters and aerators. I de-calcified these by soaking them in white vinegar for a few minutes, and then cleaned them up by rinsing and brushing the parts with an old toothbrush under running water.

Next, I disassembled the entire kitchen sink faucet. I did this to check on the separate parts of the faucet, to determine which of these need to be replaced. Even though I have fixed the dripping issue a few weeks ago, I will still need to get a new 25mm cartridge replacement, to prevent bigger plumbing issues in the future.

Lastly, I turned off the main water inlet so that I may dissemble the rain shower faucet. It has been dripping for months and it was driving me nuts knowing that water and energy is getting wasted with every drop. I got as far as to removing the metal cartridge holder.

When my hands started to hurt, I knew I had to call it a day. The rest of this plumbing maintenance project will have to wait. Enough turning and twisting for today!