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Bread Pudding

At 9 o’clock in the morning, the baker woman had sold off all the big loaves. So on top of the small loaf of bread, I asked if I may also buy two pieces of the bread pudding she had on display. Lucky for me, she did have more than the pre-ordered (and seemingly very popular) amount of bread pudding.

For some strange reason, the taste and texture of the bread pudding took me back to Malaysia, to the happy days where we celebrated Hari Raya with our Moslem friends.

Damn it. Now that I have tasted the bread pudding, I am even more depress over the fact that the bakery will be stopping for good in the summer. I have eaten the bread for more than a decade! Not only will I miss breads that can stay fresh for three days, I now have to miss the bread pudding as well. 🙁