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60 Cents Eierkoek

It took quite a bit of self-control on my part to be able to walk passed the chicken stall quickly, and ignoring the sign that said ‘Kippenboutjes 3+1 GRATIS!’.

I left the house at quarter to nine this morning, so that I may get a loaf of fresh bread before they get all sold out. Since it was a Thursday, I decided that it will be fun to go check out the weekly market. D will like an addition of eierkoeken in his lunch box tomorrow. While I was there, I also bought half a kilogram of garnalen and some tomatoes. I can make a fantastic non-traditional tomaat-garnaal.

All the time at the market, I made sure my eyes did not wander about too much. Nor did I linger in front of any interesting stalls for too long. 😛

As a result, I was able to walk home with a bag that weighed less that two kilograms! If I can keep up with this level of self-control every time, maybe I can make Thursday Market a semi-regular thing and add it to my walking exercise thinghy. Maybe…