Summer’s End

D mowed the lawn this afternoon because the upcoming week will be rainy and cold. Since I have been raking up fallen leaves and giving our ivy some light trimming in the past couple of days, the two bags of garden waste are almost full.

Yesterday, I moved the cold-sensitive plants indoors. For now, one corner of the living room will look like a green house till next spring. 😛

In the meantime, I have also been occupied with some sewing projects which are based on the concept of sashiko. I have repaired a few pair of jeans from D and I, hoping to get another few years out of these. I have shortened a pair of brown slacks, fixed a bra, and is currently combining two ripped pillow cases into one. I am also in the process of turning some rags and worn out textile into double-lined vacuum bags. Every few months or so, a full vacuum bag goes into the garbage bag, and this will be incinerated and converted into heat for the local warmtenet. That is a sure win on the environmental friendly front!