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Not Yet!

I woke up yesterday morning with tinnitus, black out vision, and serious dizziness. Sweat was dripping from my face and neck. I thought I was having a stroke or dying! Yet, my life did not flash by during this very dramatic moment. All that went through my head was that I still have so many unfinished businesses to take care of, and for goodness sake I cannot leave D and my parents. Not now! Not yet!

I spent most of the day dazed, terrified and traumatized by my ‘near death experience’. In the evening, I beamed myself out of this uncomfortable state, and turned into a calm dinner guest at my friend’s apartment. Mind you, I told my friends that I was not feeling well, and refused to drink any alcohol. So, dinner went by peacefully.

After midnight, D and I thanked the host and hostess and bid our farewells. We then walked to a hotel bar to meet up with a DJ friend who was performing there. We did not spend a lot of time together, but it was enough to catch up a bit with each other, and enjoy the last part of the music.

It has been a freaky Saturday for me. Today, I rest.