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Green Bean Casserole

It is almost Thanksgiving in America. On the food websites that I frequent, a popular Thanksgiving side dish known as green bean casserole keeps popping up. The only time I had tasted this dish was more than two decades ago. It was a Thanksgiving meal at the home of my cousin’s co-worker. My fond memory of that day makes me want to make the dish for myself. Soon…

Jibber Jabber


A 2010 proposal to switch some programming on Guangzhou television from Cantonese to Mandarin was abandoned following massive public protests, the largest since the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.
- Wikipedia

I did not know about the 2010 event until now.

Cantonese is a language. The fact that it is often referred to and demoted to a dialect probably has to do with its lack of a formal written format.

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It is a windy and rainy day. The sudden gales and heavy downpours make it a bit risky and downright unpleasant to bike or walk to the baker. So, I decided to make pannekoeken for lunch this afternoon.

I have all the ingredients in my pantry. The bad weather is just an extra excuse to pamper our tummies. 😉


Stormy Thursday

It is stormy today. The wind is howling and rain drops are going horizontal! It is definitely a stay-in Thursday. I bet there will not be a crowd at the weekly market despite it being a school holiday.

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Learning From…

It is amazing that I came across, not one, but two very good Dutch language books this year. Leren van de rijken (Learning from the rich), reinforces so many of the practices that I believe in. The authour ended the book with a quote from Bob Marley:

“Love the life you live.
Live the life you love.”

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In Search Of Money

I have been watching a new Flemish TV program called Geld Gezocht. The following are my takeaways from each episode so far:

  • Rethink and optimise one’s job. Cut out bad and unhealthy habits. Rethink conveniences that cost. Cook at home.
  • Be aware of what you still have in the pantry. Make a food budget. Do grocery with a shopping list. Plan your meals. Do not spoil your children too much.
  • Recognise and re-organise your large spendings. Reaccess your relationships with ‘trusted’ brands. Always read the fine lines!
  • Compare price and quality of items you need. White goods are usually worth it. Be timely and organised with paperwork. There are usually ‘cheaper’ options with regards to holiday trips and expensive hobbies.