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Adjusting Tuesdays

Exactly a week ago today, I walked to my favourite bakery, bought my last loaves of bread and said my farewells.

Also a week ago, D completed his programming course successfully. Summer holidays started a day later, thus no more school. 🙂

This past Tuesday, I did not have to get up early to pack a lunch box of triangle sandwiches and sweets for D. I did not have to do my usual errand walk for bread, cash and grocery.

I have always kept my routines flexible. So, I shall once again adjust and adapt to the new realities of life.

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Wo Hup

Sliced bread may be frozen for up to six months. The four loaves of bread that I bought today may not last that long, but it is good to know that D and I have till December to consume them.

Today is the last day of business for Francky and Magy. The end of an era. Because the couple are those behind-the-scene people, this city and most of its occupants may not feel the pain of their quiet departure any time soon. By next week or so, people will start wondering what is the matter with their fresh bread…

When I was young, I know of only one bakery in Lahad Datu. My father and our Italian Austrian priest were amongst Wo Hup’s loyal customers. I did not know that there were other (lesser) bakeries in town until the fateful day when Wo Hup burned down. The baker tried to bake his bread in a different location using a different oven, but it was never the same any more. The end of an era.

I wished Magy and Francky a bright future and all the best. The end of an era can mean a beginning of a wonderful phase. You never know, these days.

It has been raining the entire day today. I remember Wo Hup, and the sadness that was linked to the loss of good bread. I tried to recall the taste and smell of those wonderful white bread I had when I was a child, but that was too long ago.

An end of an era, and the beginning of many explorations and experiments in my bread purchasing future.

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D went for bread this morning and came back with freebies from the bakery. This Sunday marks the last week of business for our baker and his wife. An end of a chapter…

Before lunch, I made a berry sauce using the smaller not-so-pretty frozen raspberries and strawberries. I am in the process of clearing some freezer space for the loaves of bread I will order and freeze next week.

In the afternoon, I buried five baby birds next to my sunflower patch along the fence. As far as I know, two flew out and the parent birds have not visited the bird house for more than a day. I then carried on and cleaned out the bird house with soap and water, have it dried in the sun, and hung it back. It is empty now, but one day it will be filled with occupants again.

Our lives are filled with beginning, in-between, and ending chapters.

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Divide & Conquer

For a year now, D and I have reduced our bulk grocery shopping at warehouse settings. D has school and no time. My weekly bread and grocery walks were sufficient enough to keep our pantry, fridge and freezer filled.

So, when D got excited the moment we entered Colruyt, I told him to stay with me for a little bit. I suggested that we try to shop together. Well, we managed to stick together for an aisle and a half, but then unconsciously went our separate ways after the chips and cookies. From there, I just pushed the cart towards the butcher section, while D wandered off elsewhere.

Divide and conquer bulk grocery shopping, D and I have a unique built-in system for it. 😛

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Self-Test, Beers & Burgers

I mentioned in an earlier blog post, that I shall only do the self-test when I need to be amongst people.

Well, today is that day. And the test came back negative, as expected. It has been ten days since D got tested positive for COVID-19. This means that there is a very low possibility that we would be carrying enough of the virus to infect someone else.

My exposure to the virus resulted in me getting sick (feeling bad) for two days. At times, my chest feels congested and I get dizzy spells. Hopefully, there will not be any lingering and prolong effects for either of us…

In the evening, D and I went to the nocturnal shopping event at a pond and garden centre. We attended this event a year ago, back when health measures were still enforced. And just like last year, free beers and burgers were offered to all paying customers. There was no live music this year, but D and I enjoyed ourselves nevertheless. It was a lovely way to end our COVID-19 isolation.

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Hold The Test…

Two and a half years into the pandemic and I still have not been tested once. That itself might be an accomplishment on its own.

Anyway, I do not feel good now. I woke up at half past five with a killer sore throat, hacking cough, a runny nose and dizziness. Tuesdays; the day I go for bread, groceries and cash; I shall have to skip that for now. 🙁

My entire life, I never know how to deal with being sick. I will only admit and surrender when I have to lay down. Being sick means having to go horizontal. Sick means hours or even days wasted. Sick means I will have to navigate through a mind fog. Damn the virus, whichever one it is that is putting me out of commission!

I had to lay down for a restless nap yesterday afternoon. If this dizziness continues, I might have to do that again, today. That makes today – sick day number two. Bloody hell…

As for the antigen test, that is on hold for now. I only need to be tested the day that I have to be amongst people.

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Day Five

Today is D’s fifth day in quarantine. The worst has passed for him. The nose spray and cough syrup have helped ease his COVID-19 symptoms. Thank goodness!

As for me, I have been having a slight cough since yesterday. My other mild discomforts are itchy inner ears(?), a scratchy throat, slight chest pressure, frequent sneezing, and a mild pressure at the temples.

These symptoms might be stress reactions to D’s illness, the tropical heat, or my (very real) hay fever.

Meanwhile, I just continue on with my daily activities as usual, in quarantine. We shall see. Fingers crossed.

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Warm Thursday

This morning, I decided not to go to the Thursday Market as planned. I do not particularly need anything, and I definitely do not want to infect anyone, by spreading the damn virus as an asymptomatic carrier.

A bit too late now, but I really should have worn a mask when I went to the pharmacy and bank yesterday. Yikes!

COVID-19 quarantine, hay fever, plus an upcoming weekend of tropical temperatures, great


Not So Positive

Today, after two years of being sufficiently diligent as regards to the virus, D and I see the god-forsaken double strips on the self-test kit! Fingers crossed that D’s recovery process will not be too bumpy. That we shall both overcome and survive this episode in good grace and mildness.

Where did he get it from?! I have so many questions…

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Three More Weeks

I went to buy bread yesterday morning, and only managed to get a small round loaf because most bread were pre-ordered. The baker woman and I both lamented that, in three weeks time, the business will be over. The couple are already actively selling their inventory and tools. They even have their bicycles for sale? Both will work at a forklift company, and Magy sounded a bit stressed out when telling me about it. Next week, I shall try to say something encouraging because I do not want the rest of my bread runs to be depressing. I have made a few drastic changes and moves in my five decades of existence, and most of these turned out to be lovely adventures. I will tell that to Magi next time I go for bread…

Because it was a Thursday, I proceeded to the weekly market to buy a couple of eierkoeken for D. I also bought a whole rotisserie chicken as intended. Irene will be eating chicken for the next four days! 😛

After dinner in the evening, D and I cycled to the cultural centre to attend a free talk by a well-known philosophy professor, Johan Braeckman. The talk was entitled Kritisch Denken (Critical Thinking), and the time just flew by. It was definitely a wonderful learning experience, and I shall have a lot to ponder about in the next days. And to think, I have crossed the Pacific for lesser profs

To conclude the day in a nice manner, D and I drank a beer each at the café on site. The café has been taken over by someone new and has been turned into something more modern. After our drinks, D and I cycled back home at ease, our bellies and our brains duly filled.