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Books, Card & Breads

Yesterday, I spent two hours at my volunteer work of plastic covering new library books. Now that I got a hang of it, I find the process quite therapeutic.

This morning, I received the payment card I applied for on Monday. What?! Wow!

In the afternoon, I baked a strata to use up some of the breads that I bought via Too Good To Go. I still have so much left… I think I will need to bake a second strata, make a few jars of croutons, and then finish up with some bread crumbs.

Being Human

Not Cool…

Yesterday afternoon, I dropped by the grocery store after my volunteer work of covering new library books. I wanted to see if there were any interesting discounted items.

As it was last Tuesday afternoon, there was a pile of school bags at the entrance of the store. Theft prevention, I assume. Small groups of young people were roaming the aisles of the store with no definitive purpose.

I was at the fresh meat aisle when three female teenagers came up really close, giggling, and touching the things I was looking at.

Huh? Is that a thing now? Oh no, am I supposed to be scared of them, or their germy hands?! A new sort of ‘cool’ social media dare? I have no freaking idea. What they did was completely laughable in my Gen-X point of view. In their foolish attempt of being cool or badass, these kids were just making themselves annoying and idiotic.

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7th Grand Aunt

Today, my seventh grand-aunt’s funeral took place in Singapore. She was the sister-in-law of my beloved maternal grandmother. My ties to the first generation Foong family ends with her, and with sending the 白金. I do still have a good connection with my mom’s cousin, which is a second generation Foong.

Now, I wonder what happened to that black and white photo of grand-aunt and I sitting at the bottom stairs of my grandparents house in Lahad Datu?

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No Bullshit Era

When I turned fifty in peak COVID-19 year of 2021, I congratulated myself for having reached the No Bullshit Age.

My self-invented free pass for no longer tolerating just any bullshits in life gave me the courage to demand, nag, and stand on my own.

Nevertheless, I am always prepared to have my mind and opinions altered, when presented with undeniable facts. One may not be too stubborn to the point of blind stupidity. I for one refuse to turn into an old idiot.

Learn new things. Do not believe in every single opinions you come across on the internet. Sleep well. Eat well. Be calm. Be brave. Laugh. Spend your money. Compost those kitchen scraps. Do not waste food. Future proof yourself. Plan and take action. Travel and see the world – be it physically or virtually. Read. Tend to your ikigai like it is your only child.

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Creative Leftovers

Different people react differently to free food and drinks.

While my mother will be pleased to take when offered, my father will be wary and most likely refuse. D’s mother on the other hand will even go for seconds. D will take whatever that is offered, then look, and will hand it to me if he does not want it. 😛

My mother knows that she has the rights and entitlement to the free things life has to offer. My father, who grew up believing that ‘there is no free lunch’, cannot bring himself to partake in this kind of things. I will not try to analyse the Belgians.

As for me, I will take whatever that is offered but will not ask for more. My advantage is that I would or can, eat and drink anything.

This evening, this alleseter will whipped up a ‘creative leftover’ dish for dinner. The fridge needs to be tidied up a bit.

Being Human

Different Paths

Both my parents are eighty-one years of age. Mom and dad met in college in their twenties, and have been a couple for more years than I have been alive. 😛

My parents grew up in very different circumstances. The decades of being together do not erase the fact that they are from different backgrounds. I think their difference in personalities and viewpoints are becoming more obvious as they age.

Dad was orphaned at a very young age. The four younger siblings by my grandfather’s second wife were separated, to be taken cared of by adult half-sisters. Dad grew up with the struggles and obstacles of a post-war Malaysia, but he did alright in life because he is an intelligent and hard-working person. His first two decades in life made him wary and a little disappointed in people.

My mom came from a well-to-do family. She has both her parents well into her adulthood. Her flamboyant father passed away when she was thirty years old. When grandma passed away in 2015, mom was in her seventies. Having family stability and never having to struggle with finances, mom becomes a happy-go-lucky. Life is kind to her.

Observing and understanding the different life paths of my parents made me realise how important stability, education, knowledge, awareness and money play in the forming of our characters.

Being Human

Never Bored

D started his internship two weeks ago. Since then, the parents have called me twice to make sure that I am not bored to death…

The following list shows some of my activities from yesterday:

  • Changed, refreshed, and laundered beddings.
  • Jotted down numbers from electric meter, and inputted these into a spreadsheet.
  • Visited the weekly Thursday market.
  • Bought fresh bread from baker.
  • ATM withdrawal.
  • Refilled bird feeders.
  • Updated and analysed the finances of four people.
  • Emailed my decision to the law firm as regards a matter of administration.

And just like that, D got home while I was prepping dinner. I did not even have time to read the pile of magazines, go to the library, or plant the rest of the endive roots…

Bored? Never! I have not known boredom since I can read.

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When I was in my mid-twenties working in my mother’s life insurance agencies, many people thought that I was a teenager. A friend of my aunt thought I was seventeen when I was a twenty-five year old university graduate. 😛

Going through your twenties and thirties with a face that was a decade younger has its pros and cons…

One of the disadvantages of looking way younger than one’s real age, was not being taken seriously by certain people. Although, with the right twists and strategies, my youthful looks was used to my advantage. Many did not see a ‘calculating strategist’ when they looked upon my damn innocent face. Ha!

Most people my age would love to be able to turn back time. They envy the youth and wish to be frozen in a certain younger period of their lives. Not me. I do not envy the youth, nor do I want to turn back time. I have travelled on interesting and unique paths in my teens, twenties, thirties, and forties; to reach my fifties. I am content to be at this point in my life. Life has been good to me.

All the best to those who still need to catch up. 😉