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Lent & Valentine

Today is Ash Wednesday. It is also Valentine’s Day.

February’s Tournée Minérale is ongoing. I have even started that a week earlier, in January. As of today, I will also try to avoid meat on Wednesdays and Fridays for the entire lent season.

Cutting down on alcohol and meat is good for my health, the food budget, and the environment. Win, win and win!

Food & Drinks

Leek & Potato Soup

At lunch today, I finished up the last portion of the leek greens, potato and endive soup I made a few days ago.

On the kitchen stove, there is a fresh pot of leek and potato soup I made earlier this morning. This will be divided up into three portions – ready to be refrigerated when cool.

Food & Drinks, Health

Kiwifruit Experiment

Recently, I have been introducing the kiwifruit into my daily diet. I want to know if the fruit will actually be able to improve my sleep. This is part of the process of current-me taking care of my future-self.

It has been more than a week since I started this kiwifruit-for-better-sleep experiment. I think I have been sleeping better, but cannot make any specific conclusions as of now. I am still at the early stage of this ‘food first’ solution.

We shall see in a few weeks from now.

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Gingerbread House

No one has the time nor patience for the gingerbread house DIY kit, that was one of the circulating gifts at New Year’s Day family gathering. So when D brought it back home from his parents; I went ‘Heck, I’ll be the one doing this then…’.

This afternoon, I spent more than two hours assembling the gingerbread house. I have time, I have the patience for this sort of things, I can do it, and it was kinda fun. I will not be eating it though. 😛

Voila! Behold the gingerbread house!

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Too Much Food?

The following items need to be consumed:

  • butter cake
  • a few slices of stale bread
  • small piece of hard cheese, more than a week in the fridge
  • bone and seafood broth, from the freezer
  • hutsepot, from the in-law
  • tofu, expiring in a couple of days
  • self-made bolognese sauce
  • naan
  • store-bought pie crust
  • an apple, an orange and ripe bananas
  • spitskool, a month in the fridge?!
  • sprouting potatoes bought last month
  • home-grown endives, second growth
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Special Speedy Grocery

This afternoon, I walked to the grocery store to purchase some last minute items for the upcoming New Year’s Eve dinner. The store was crowded, but I did not mind that one bit. I just grabbed the things I needed, paid with cash, and walked back home. All within half an hour or so.

I did not have to drive and park a car; nor do I have to cycle, park and lock a bicycle. For me, walking is the easiest and most stress-free. 🙂

Food & Drinks

Bread Options

A loaf of store-bought bread was given to D and I. What does one do with bread that we did not buy from the baker?

I made grilled cheese sandwiches, French toasts, strata, and toasts. I still have a few slices left…