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Leeks, Potatoes & Endives

I went for bread and groceries this morning. No more compulsory masks wearing in the stores. It is nice to see people smiling.

When I got home with my half-priced leeks, I started cooking up a pot of dump soup in which I tossed in leek greens, a medium-sized potato, and the rest of my home-grown endives. Discounted, no waste and very healthy.

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Korean Kimchi & Japanese Spinach Salad

In my attempt of not wasting food, I made kimchi and spinach salad. The kimchi is made by using up the expired kimchi spices, a glove of garlic, a carrot and a few leaves of a Napa cabbage bought a few days ago. I also used up the bag of fresh spinach leaves by turning this into a popular Japanese side dish of spinach salad. Kimchi and spinach salad can last a week or more in the refrigerator. Fresh vegetable rescued! 🙂

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Endive Harvest

This morning, I harvested one full size endive and a handful of second growths. The outer leaves of the one endive plus the mini versions will go into my no-waste mixed-veggie dump soup. The soup will also contain potatoes, carrots, and cabbage.

And a happy 79th birthday, dad! 🙂

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Crêpes, Banana Muffins & French Toasts

My simple objective is to eat well, and not waste food.

Hence, I made crêpes on Friday to celebrate Maria Lichtmis three days later. 🙂

On Saturday, I made banana muffins, to which I added some walnut pieces. This is an alternative recipe to use up the ripening bananas. I cannot be making banana cream pie all the time! I might even be able to use the frozen banana pieces I have in this simple recipe. But that experiment is for next time.

Today, I made French toasts using the crustless white bread slices I tossed into the freezer last December.

Healthy me, healthy D, and healthy food budget.

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Christmas Eve 2021

D’s parents came over to our house to celebrate Christmas Eve 2021 with us. The restaurant takeaway dishes only needed to be heated up and plated accordingly. The photo shown here is the impressive and delicious second course. Christmas Eve meal was wonderful!

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Oliebollen Mix

I bought a box of oliebollen mix a while back. Half was used and consumed, and the other half has been sitting in the pantry for months. So this afternoon, I prepared the mixture and fried up some expired funfair snacks. These were then sprinkled with a healthy amount of powdered sugar while still piping hot. Yum!

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Beer Festival 2021

Yesterday afternoon, D and I left for Ghent to attend a well-loved beer festival that was cancelled last year. The car was parked at a free park+ride zone and we took two short tram rides to reach our destination. Public transportation was painless, despite the compulsory mask wearing measures.

Beer festival was as normal as it gets in this Covid-19 era. D and I enjoyed six beers in total, enjoyed being amongst people, and the better weather in the beginning. It started raining when we were at our last glass of beer, but it was alright because we moved closer to a tent and I had my umbrella up.

Because of the worsening weather, we did not visit the city centre as I originally wanted to. We just took our two tram rides back to the parking. City trip will be for next time…

On our way back to West Flanders, D had to drive through a heavy rain storm! Scary, but we got home safely.

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Rain, Paint & Fruit Galettes

It will be rainy for half a week starting today. So, before it pours, I quickly peeled some apples to make apple sauce and buried my kitchen scraps in the vegetable patch.

In the afternoon, D’s father dropped by to redo the silicone strips which I have removed from the downstairs toilet. He also replaced the silicone strips in the shower cabin. Give the man a medal.

In a couple of days, I shall resume my home improvement project by re-painting the base board in the toilet, filling up cracks and painting away the flaws.

Half a week of rainy days will result in some further progress in my home improvement projects and a galette or two… 🙂

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Garden Gathering

Yesterday, D and I went to friends who lived 45 minutes drive away, to join them for a barbecue. The host family had only invited two families, which was not the usual thing they do. Times has changed since 2020, I am guessing that they were keeping the social bubbles small and manageable.

Children has grown. The friends are well. Most of us are vaccinated. All of us moving on with our lives and doing our best in enjoying what life has to offer. And that is a good thing.