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Yesterday, I spent two hours at my volunteer work of plastic covering new library books. Now that I got a hang of it, I find the process quite therapeutic.

This morning, I received the payment card I applied for on Monday. What?! Wow!

In the afternoon, I baked a strata to use up some of the breads that I bought via Too Good To Go. I still have so much left… I think I will need to bake a second strata, make a few jars of croutons, and then finish up with some bread crumbs.

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Two Little Leaps

I surprised myself twice in the past forty-eight hours. 🙂

Yesterday afternoon, I went to my yearly dental check-up. I decided to rely on public transportation instead of cycling the five-kilometre route on my own. Too many ‘what ifs’. It took me a couple of minutes to walk from the house to the new bus stop. Except for the little goof of placing my lijnkaart on the wrong scanner (yep, it was that long ago), I had a fun twenty-minute bus ride getting driven to my destination. A short walk later, I was at my no-nonsense dentist, having my teeth checked and cleaned. After my dental appointment, I decided to cross another bridge to go to the bus stop located at the other side of Kortrijk. I was just in time to see the bridge getting raised on some badass hydraulics for a big cargo boat. Damn, I was impressed and wanted to say wow to people standing next to me, but I held it in. It was not the time to kampung out. Ha!

For the next fifteen minutes or so, I walked through the city, stopped at the library for points, gawked at things, and was constantly telling myself not to buy. I navigated myself easily to the designated bus stop and got home safely. Finding my way in the city of Kortrijk at such ease was little surprise number one.

This morning, I have to deliver some paperwork for D. At ten past nine, I was out of the house, on my bike and cycling to the insurer’s office. The bike ride would normally take about five minutes, but I decided to check out the street that the city is still working on, thinking maybe there might be a bike path. Nope, not risking my ass on that makeshift thingy

At the insurance office, I handed over the required documents and tried my very best to voice our displeasure about the way that they are proccesing the car insurance. Heck, bitching was difficult when the person sitting across you is a soft-spoken kindly secretary doing her damn job. She said that they will do their best. I was evoking my faith in humanity and ALL my Sabahan patience-training at that moment.

So that was that. Little surprise number two – executing an errand by bike on my own.

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Lent & Valentine

Today is Ash Wednesday. It is also Valentine’s Day.

February’s Tournée Minérale is ongoing. I have even started that a week earlier, in January. As of today, I will also try to avoid meat on Wednesdays and Fridays for the entire lent season.

Cutting down on alcohol and meat is good for my health, the food budget, and the environment. Win, win and win!

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Kiwifruit Experiment

Recently, I have been introducing the kiwifruit into my daily diet. I want to know if the fruit will actually be able to improve my sleep. This is part of the process of current-me taking care of my future-self.

It has been more than a week since I started this kiwifruit-for-better-sleep experiment. I think I have been sleeping better, but cannot make any specific conclusions as of now. I am still at the early stage of this ‘food first’ solution.

We shall see in a few weeks from now.

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Booster Effects?

Two years ago today, I got my first COVID-19 booster shot.

Yesterday, D and I went for our 2023 winter booster shot at a pharmacy. This morning, I woke up early due to a light headache and tightness in my chest. Right now, my body is aching all over.

Unpleasant side effects mean that the vaccine is effective, and that I am building up antibodies.

It is either that, or I caught the bug from the shopping malls crowds!

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Dementia is the general name for a decline in cognitive abilities that impacts a person’s ability to perform everyday activities. This typically involves problems with memory, thinking, and behaviour. Aside from memory impairment and a disruption in thought patterns, the most common symptoms include emotional problems, difficulties with language, and decreased motivation.

Source: Wikipedia

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Monday Walk

Today after lunch, I took a walk to the library, the post office, and the grocery store.

First, I walked to the library to return a graphic novel. Then, I went to the post office to send off an envelope, participating in the population screening for colorectal cancer. Lastly, I stopped by the grocery store for a few items.

Getting things done and some light exercise at the same time.

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Last Day Of June

Today, I have a dental appointment at 2.25 in the afternoon. D suggested biking there, he will accompany me. My front tire was flat when I pushed the bike out of the shed. It was promptly fixed, and we were on our way to Kortrijk in no time.

We were only about a third of the journey when my tire started to loose air quickly. Damn, cycling with a half-deflated front tire was a struggle I never want to experience again. Fortunately, even though I was about ten minutes late to the check-up, I was asked to wait because the dentist was still occupied with the patient before me. That gave me some much needed time to cool down and sweat it out in the waiting area. 😛

While I was getting my teeth checked and cleaned, D was off to look for a pump, in which he found at a café a block away. When I walked out of the clinic, my bike tire was pumped but started to deflate again.

We went back to the café for the pump, but the tire was no longer fixable at this point. So, I pushed the bike to a park a few blocks away, and waited, while D biked home to get the car.

All is well in the end. But what a day this has been. The last day of the month, my teeth were cleaned and I have one flat bike tire.