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Dry February

Last day of Tournée Minérale today. Twenty eight days without a drop of alcohol was not difficult at all. For the entire month of February, I probably craved for a glass of cold beer once. It was a fleeting moment, which I managed to wave away instantly.

I shall continue not drinking if there is no need to do so. Good for health, good for my wallet, good for the environment. Same goes for meat… and it is Lent.

It is literally a dry February in terms of the weather as well. We have not seen much rain in this part of the world. Not good.

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Banana Walnut Muffins

I made banana walnut muffins to get rid of two ripe bananas, and some walnuts I stored away last year. The decision to make the muffins has been an internal struggle and a compromise. Muffins require a simpler cooking process and contain way less calories than the coveted banana cream pie.

Brain has won the argument against stomach and heart, this time.

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Not Yet!

I woke up yesterday morning with tinnitus, black out vision, and serious dizziness. Sweat was dripping from my face and neck. I thought I was having a stroke or dying! Yet, my life did not flash by during this very dramatic moment. All that went through my head was that I still have so many unfinished businesses to take care of, and for goodness sake I cannot leave D and my parents. Not now! Not yet!

I spent most of the day dazed, terrified and traumatized by my ‘near death experience’. In the evening, I beamed myself out of this uncomfortable state, and turned into a calm dinner guest at my friend’s apartment. Mind you, I told my friends that I was not feeling well, and refused to drink any alcohol. So, dinner went by peacefully.

After midnight, D and I thanked the host and hostess and bid our farewells. We then walked to a hotel bar to meet up with a DJ friend who was performing there. We did not spend a lot of time together, but it was enough to catch up a bit with each other, and enjoy the last part of the music.

It has been a freaky Saturday for me. Today, I rest.

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Second Booster Shot

Yesterday, D and I went for our COVID-19 booster shots. We never had any reservation as regards to getting ourselves boostered before the autumn. Vaccination does not only protect the vaccinated, but also those they interact with.

As of now, I have had three different kinds of vaccine in me. 😛

Aside for some achy muscles and joints, this is by far the mildest side effects that I have encountered.

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Preventive Screenings

On Monday, I had my OB-GYN check-up. On Tuesday, I went for a mammography. I visited the dentist March this year. Post COVID-19 medical screenings are done for now. Thank goodness!

Today, I vacuumed and tidied up the shed. And since the days are going to get cooler, D and I took down the terrace umbrella and stored it away.

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Two Tropical Days

This afternoon, I have reinserted the summer comforter back into the covers. If the weather forecast is to be believed, temperatures are suppose to drop to the mid-teens in the evening and early next morning.

Yet again, we have experienced two days of tropical heat! This cannot be good for our well-being.

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Story Or Game?

The following is an excerpt from the article entitled Is Life a Story or a Game?:

The status-mad world that Storr describes is so loveless — a world I recognize but not one I want to live in. Ultimately, games are fun, but gaming as a way of life is immature. Maturity means rising above the shallow desire — for status — that doesn’t really nourish us. It’s about cultivating the higher desires: The love of truth and learning and not settling for cheap conspiracy theories. The intrinsic pleasure the craftsman gets in his work, which is not about popularity. The desire for a good and meaningful life that inspires people to commit daily acts of generosity.

How do people gradually learn to cultivate these higher motivations? To answer that I’d have to tell you a story. 

I agree with the opinion columnist who wrote the above article. I personally chose to live a story of my own making, and will do my very best in not succumbing to the games of status. I have only one short life.

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Self-Test, Beers & Burgers

I mentioned in an earlier blog post, that I shall only do the self-test when I need to be amongst people.

Well, today is that day. And the test came back negative, as expected. It has been ten days since D got tested positive for COVID-19. This means that there is a very low possibility that we would be carrying enough of the virus to infect someone else.

My exposure to the virus resulted in me getting sick (feeling bad) for two days. At times, my chest feels congested and I get dizzy spells. Hopefully, there will not be any lingering and prolong effects for either of us…

In the evening, D and I went to the nocturnal shopping event at a pond and garden centre. We attended this event a year ago, back when health measures were still enforced. And just like last year, free beers and burgers were offered to all paying customers. There was no live music this year, but D and I enjoyed ourselves nevertheless. It was a lovely way to end our COVID-19 isolation.

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Hold The Test…

Two and a half years into the pandemic and I still have not been tested once. That itself might be an accomplishment on its own.

Anyway, I do not feel good now. I woke up at half past five with a killer sore throat, hacking cough, a runny nose and dizziness. Tuesdays; the day I go for bread, groceries and cash; I shall have to skip that for now. 🙁

My entire life, I never know how to deal with being sick. I will only admit and surrender when I have to lay down. Being sick means having to go horizontal. Sick means hours or even days wasted. Sick means I will have to navigate through a mind fog. Damn the virus, whichever one it is that is putting me out of commission!

I had to lay down for a restless nap yesterday afternoon. If this dizziness continues, I might have to do that again, today. That makes today – sick day number two. Bloody hell…

As for the antigen test, that is on hold for now. I only need to be tested the day that I have to be amongst people.