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All Souls

Today I think of my grandmothers, grandfathers, uncles, aunts, Catherine, Tony, Kris, Carlos, Shelly and so many more.

My true identity is not formed by how many diplomas I hold, how much money I have in my bank accounts, and definitely not by labelling myself with those boring conventional titles that modern society has conjured up.

I am my parents’ first born child. The granddaughter of a wonderful popo. Nothing can take that away. Nothing.

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Not Yet!

I woke up yesterday morning with tinnitus, black out vision, and serious dizziness. Sweat was dripping from my face and neck. I thought I was having a stroke or dying! Yet, my life did not flash by during this very dramatic moment. All that went through my head was that I still have so many unfinished businesses to take care of, and for goodness sake I cannot leave D and my parents. Not now! Not yet!

I spent most of the day dazed, terrified and traumatized by my ‘near death experience’. In the evening, I beamed myself out of this uncomfortable state, and turned into a calm dinner guest at my friend’s apartment. Mind you, I told my friends that I was not feeling well, and refused to drink any alcohol. So, dinner went by peacefully.

After midnight, D and I thanked the host and hostess and bid our farewells. We then walked to a hotel bar to meet up with a DJ friend who was performing there. We did not spend a lot of time together, but it was enough to catch up a bit with each other, and enjoy the last part of the music.

It has been a freaky Saturday for me. Today, I rest.

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Specks Of Stardust

Yesterday evening, D and I cycled to the culture centre to attend a ticketed talk by Frank Deboosere. Flanders’ favourite weatherman presented ‘De grootsheid van het heelal’ (The vastness of the universe) with enthusiasm and mind blowing numbers. Even though I am not a stranger to the topic of planets, stars, space and have watched some big budget programs presented by scientists and professors; it was something else to listen to someone standing on a podium just metres away from me. It was worth every Euro…

We are all but specks of stardust. Miniscule specks, yes. But stardust!

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Rain Is Coming

It is almost middle of September and rainy days will be upon us soon. So yesterday afternoon, D and I did some garden work to tidy up our front and back lawns. It was not all work in our case, because we got to pet a neighbour’s new puppy. What an adorable ball of fur! 🙂

Today, I did my weekly ironing in the morning. I then harvested some chives to make a batch of chive pesto. I sowed some habanero seeds, placed the pot indoors, and hope that I shall have habanero plants by next spring. For lunch, D and I had croque monsieur to finish up the bread that we bought on Sunday.

In the evening, I put the garbage and PMD bags out on the pavement for tomorrow’s pick up.

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Kitchen Faucet

This afternoon, D and I went to pick up the kitchen faucet parts which were ordered a few weeks ago. At home, we subsequently replaced the old valve and deteriorating bolt with new ones. I am pleased that the four old parts can be replaced by two new parts. Simplicity is a good thing. As well as being a bit handy! 😉

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Second Round

My cooking must have suited him well. D’s father will be coming over for a warm lunch today. I will be making the same thing, just with beef instead of chicken.

I have to say, getting the warm meal over with in the midday, leaves me with a lot of wiggle room for the rest of the day.

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Accumulated Residue Heat

Yesterday’s maximum temperature was 28°C. That meant the end of the awful tropical heat that we have been dealing with for the last five days. Phew!

Rejoicing too soon, I totally forgot about residue heat, and made the mistake of not shading the living room and terrace by opening the parasol! Indoor temperature climbed up to an uncomfortable 29°C by mid afternoon.

The house stayed warm the entire night because of accumulated residue heat. I was not kidding when I mentioned that this is taking a toll on me and my sanity?!

Not making the same mistake again today…

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Eight Very Warm Days

Today is the first day of a possible eight-day heat wave. Argh!

The weather forecast said that the temperature in the coming days will be in the thirties. This afternoon peak temperature was at a bearable 25°C, hence D and I went grocery shopping.

While selecting carrots, I heard a woman let out a big sigh of relief when she walked into the cold storage. Understandable. At the checkout counter, I noticed that the person in front of me was wearing a cardigan. What?! In the parking lot, there was a woman waiting in her car, which she kept running for the air-condition. People are already acting out of the normal, and the temperature was just hovering about the mid-twenties. I wonder…

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Simple Summer Celebrations

Last Thursday, D and I cycled to Kortrijk to join his mother and her friends for a summer event known as Kortrijk Zomert. We had drinks, listened to music, and enjoyed ourselves amongst the summer crowds. At half past ten, D and I cycled back home. But because my bike light ran out of batteries, and it was too risky for an inexperience cyclist like me to cycle along the water in pitch black, we cycled half the route on the main street. I survived that.

Yesterday, D and I had the parents over for a simple Sunday barbecue. This way, D’s father may celebrate and enjoy a nice summer evening, not charged with barbecue duties. The pandemic is tough on people with a weak immunity. It is only fair that he gets to enjoy a get-together without the worry of getting sick. I think he appreciated the gesture, for we were gifted a very good red wine from 2005!

It is five o’clock in the afternoon now. Outside temperature is at 33°C and climbing. So far, I have followed the guidelines on how to keep myself and the house cool. Among the many tips of how to keep cool during a heat wave: wear light coloured loose-fitting clothes, drink water regularly, eat fruits and vegetables, open and close the doors and windows at the right time in the day, and avoid being in direct sunlight for too long.

This too, shall pass…

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Adjusting Tuesdays

Exactly a week ago today, I walked to my favourite bakery, bought my last loaves of bread and said my farewells.

Also a week ago, D completed his programming course successfully. Summer holidays started a day later, thus no more school. 🙂

This past Tuesday, I did not have to get up early to pack a lunch box of triangle sandwiches and sweets for D. I did not have to do my usual errand walk for bread, cash and grocery.

I have always kept my routines flexible. So, I shall once again adjust and adapt to the new realities of life.