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This morning, I sowed some pakchoi seeds into a big flower pot. The flower pot was relocated from the shed to the vegetable patch a few days ago. It was previously used for cultivating witloof in the utility room during the winter months. I am just going to leave this pot outdoors in the vegetable patch. *fingers crossed*

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Pillows, Strata & Grocery

Yesterday was a sunny day, so I machine-laundered two pillows and air-dried these outdoors.

In the afternoon, I used up most of the leftover breads to make a second strata this week. I added a flax-egg replacement in the three-egg mixture. Fingers crossed…

Today, D and I went to do bulk grocery shopping. Long weekend, crowded store, long lines, but it was okay. We survived.

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Blauwe Reiger

This descendant of a dinosaur has been visiting the garden on several occasion. It has been taking a keen interest of our fish pond.

The first time I saw the blauwe reiger, our fishes were not to be seen for hours. I was so worried that they were all eaten by the visitor. Fortunately, the pond is too deep and narrow for the grey heron.

I love most creatures, big or small. But not our fishes. And definitely not on my watch.

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Groceries & Fishes

Yesterday, D and I went to check on the parents and then did a quick coupon-related grocery shopping before noon. I must say… we are getting rather efficient at this. 🙂

In the afternoon, D and I went to the open-door-day of a pond and garden centre. While there, we got our pond water tested for free. Same old story, a bit too green and acidic because of the rain water run offs. Almost bought a tiny filter that would have been insufficient. Ah well, we shall buy online then.

Today, we enjoy a lazy Sunday watching a cycling event on TV.

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Chilly Thursday & Friday

Despite the unpleasant cold wind, yesterday was a sunny and dry day. So, I took a walk to the weekly farmer’s market to buy eierkoeken and a rotisserie chicken. I also went to the ATM to get some cash. While walking home, I stopped by the bakery to buy a loaf of bread.

In the afternoon, I took the time to clean the water filter and de-calcified the coffee machine.

Today is a rainy and gloomy Friday. So, I baked a mixed fruit galette, using up the store-bought dough, and all the frozen fruit from last summer. I then harvested the outer leaves of the lettuces that are growing indoors, because they are getting a bit too unruly.

Later in the day, I rewarded myself with a mug of frothy matcha latte.

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Luxury To Postpone

For the past couple of months, Monday afternoons were spent taking a short walk to the baker for bread and to the local store for some light grocery shopping.

This afternoon, wind gusts went up to 80km/h, making all sudden outbursts of rain – horizontal! No thanks to that. I am staying put.

It is a luxury to have a filled pantry, fridge and freezer. It is a luxury to be able to call off a planned routine and adapt to the Belgian weather.

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Wind & Rain

I was planning to go to the library for books and then to the grocery store to score some discounted items. But it has been too windy, with sudden burst of rain now and then. It is also not an ideal weather to do any gardening.

Ah well, could be worse, so I am not complaining. It is a stay-indoors Tuesday with a lot of reading and research.

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SIM & E3

This morning, my mom’s new SIM arrived from Kota Kinabalu. The badass stamp on the registered mail made me smile. 😛

At quarter after ten, I left the house to meet up with D’s mom. We spent some time around the cycling team buses, looking at the cyclists, then made our way to the podium just in time to see the start of E3 Saxo Classic. We then lined up for the free fries, which was actually the main objective of our meet-up. After the fries, we spent an hour of so drinking coffee at a café. At around two in the afternoon, I left my in-law with her friends, and strolled back home.

At home, I placed the SIM which I received this morning, into a new phone. It worked without giving me any problem. What a relief!

And before I know it, D was home and we watched the finish of race on TV together. Neither of us wanted to go out in the rain.

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Local Potatoes

Before lunchtime this Saturday, D and I completed our weekend errands:

  • collected UitPas point from the library
  • recycled glass
  • visited the parents
  • shopped for grocery and took advantage of discounts
  • delivered some grocery items to the parents
  • bought local potatoes from the farmer’s wife
Food & Drinks, Jibber Jabber

Endives & Gold

I have spent the past two days making endive croquettes, endive salad, and a big pot of vegetable dump soup with loads of … endives. March is usually when we hit peak endives.

This evening, D has a meet up in Ghent. I promptly signed-up to a webinar to know more about investments in gold and precious metals. Never a dull moment here… 😉