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Mutatis mutandis

This morning, I read an opinion piece on Knack as regards to the use of the English language in Flanders. In general, I agree with the opinion, the remarks, and the conclusion made by the author.

From this article, I learned a Medieval Latin phrase mutatis mutandis, meaning “with things changed that should be changed” or “once the necessary changes have been made”.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the phrase is used when comparing two or more things to say that although changes will be necessary in order to take account of different situations, the basic point remains the same.

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Camp Fire

This evening, after an early dinner, D and I went to his friend’s newly acquired property for a camp fire gathering.

Although D and I were the only guests who showed up, the three of us had a lovely time sitting around the fire, drinking and chatting. M had worked very hard to transform the place to what we saw this evening. From the looks of things and from our experiences, D and I know that there will be much more work in store for his friend. I wish M all the best in his endeavour and adventure.

For D and I, our ‘building’ phase was 15 years ago. Been there, done it, not repeating it again if we can help it.

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Small Window

This afternoon, D and I finally figured out how to reach the highest roof window in the house. It took us less than an hour to carry the ladders upstairs, opened the window and cleaned it! Damn, it has never been this clean for years… 😛

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Coastal Excursion

D and I decided to visit the Netherlands’s coast today, in the middle of a September heat wave. 😛

The Netherlanders are quite different from the Walloons we encountered two days ago. That was to be expected though; given the different country, language, and mentality. But heck, they are also different from the Flemish. And these are people who speak the same language and live in the same region. What different nationalities can do to people. China looks upon my face, says the one with Chinese, Singaporean and Malaysian ancestry.

Anyway, D and I had yet another wonderful and fun-filled afternoon excursion.

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Home-Grown Corn

Most (if not all) of the corn seeds which I started indoors have germinated. A couple of months ago, I moved these young plants into the vegetable patch. Some of these have grown significantly and are taller than me.

Today, I spotted corn ears sticking out of the bigger plants. Yeah!

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Bisque & Cash

This morning, I cooked a pot of seafood risotto, using up the rest of the bisque I made a week ago.

Later in the afternoon, D and I did our bulk grocery. This month’s purchase consisted mainly of meat and frozen items. I paid with cash.

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Last Day Of July

It has been usually rainy, windy and chilly these past two weeks. I am okay with it because that means I do not need to water the outdoor plants. It is also good to have green lawn during the summer months for a change. 😉

I am glad that I may turn on the oven to bake. That I am able to use up some of my plums by making plum cakes, without overheating myself or the house.

Today, my friend Kat is leaving Belgium, the second time.

Today, D and I got a not-so-nice surprise from one of our banks. Good riddance, said D. It turned out to be not such a big deal for us, just some inconveniences for D. I have financial backups all set up two years ago. Good riddance indeed.

Today is the last day of July in the year 2023…

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Last Bag

Shops do not usually carry big bags of bird seeds during the warmer months. Imagine our delight when D and I saw one last bag laying on the shelf of the shop we visited this afternoon. D said he will be frugal with the feeds. We shall see though. It is so hard not to help (spoil) the little birdies!

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Garden Shed

Vacuuming the garden shed once a year is one of my housekeeping chores. Having skipped this task for a year or two in the past meant that I have cleaned the shed for more than ten times since D and I moved here.

This afternoon, D moved most of the content out of the shed and cleaned the shed’s window. I vacuumed and then mopped the floor. When the floor dried, we moved all the things back in again. Stuff we have no need of, we set aside for our next trip to the recycling park.

Right now, D and I probably have the cleanest shed in the neighbourhood. 😉