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Mini SIM

One of the smart phones I use still functions with a mini SIM card. Recently, that has become an obstacle in my banking activities. But instead of committing myself immediately to drastic solutions and actions, I first rummaged through my pile of retired cell phones. Lo and behold, I found one which can fit in a mini SIM card! The retired gadget even belong to a newer generation in comparison to the one I am currently using.

Placing the ancient SIM card into the younger phone allowed me to install a necessary banking application, which led to the enabling of a security feature required by this specific bank.

A bit complicated, I know. But I have solved a problem by using simpler unconventional steps. The plus side of this is that I even get to revive and reuse an otherwise stored-away gadget.

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Between Two Rainfalls

I had to return two library books today. They were already one day late. Yikes…

So, after checking the weather forecast, I walked off at 14.20, keeping in mind that I have at least an hour of clearing. I have my umbrella with me, just in case. It was a short walk.

After returning the two books (phew, no late fees), I could not stop myself from borrowing three books and walking home with them.

Off topic, people are really good at smiling with masks on these days. Hey, we have all developed a new social skill. 🙂

Also off topic, happy 42nd birthday, baby brother!

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Purchasing & Mending

D and I have spent the last three days searching and purchasing gifts for the upcoming family gathering and gifts exchange on New Year’s day. I used to dread this particular shopping activity so much. But I have learned that buying myself something small, fun or useful helps in easing the task at hand. 😛

When I am at home and not busy with gift shopping, I spend my time mending things. I have promised myself to wear my clothes till they literally fall off my back! When things are ‘unfixable’, I usually repurpose them into multi-layered textile vacuum bags. I do not want to ‘contribute’ to those horrible non-biodegradable textile piles in Africa and South America. Those images, they shall haunt me for life…

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Mending Pockets

Half a decade ago, I have managed to sew a replacement pocket unto one of D’s pants, and was very proud of that accomplishment.

This afternoon, I repaired a very worn out pocket using a much more complicated technique. A whole new pocket was created from a cut out from a piece of old textile. Even though it took me a while to figure out how to affix this to the pants, I did it. I managed to secure the new part by first loosening some threads and then rebuilding from that.

The lesson here is: to be able to build something, sometimes you first need to take it apart.

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Biking Errands

D did not have classes in the afternoon today. So, we ran some errands around the city by bike.

First, we dropped by the grocery store where I told someone that I was overcharged for the two crates of water I bought a few days ago. After getting my few cents back, we went to the post office so that I may purchase some stamps. Then we stopped by the pharmacy nearby to order two flu vaccines. We then proceeded to the bank so that I may perform an ATM transaction, and also to let the bank scan my ID for their record. Our last destination was the seafood store where we bought our well loved lobster bisque and garnaalkroketten. Also bought a nice piece of tuna steak.

Four kilometres of cycling and tuna tataki for dinner. It was a good day. 🙂

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Do Grow Old

The sister of an ex co-worker passed away after suffering a brain haemorrhage. She was 49. No one saw it coming, because the father is hanging on a thinner thread all this time. Death of a child, a sibling, a sunshine of a person is always devastating. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain. I am truly saddened by this, as did I when my neighbour’s mother died of the same thing earlier this year. This news causes the grief that I have for the death of grandma, Catherine, Tony, my ex-classmates to resurface and darken my day.

Life is short. Declutter and simplify. Put things (and relationships) in order before it is too late. The dead can no longer do anything, but there are endless possibilities for those who are still breathing. So be brave for them, live life, cross those damn oceans, and grow old!

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September Sum Up

More than three weeks ago, I stopped blogging regularly because I needed to prioritize and place my attention elsewhere. Taking a break does not mean stopping completely! So, here is my September summary:

  • 7th: Bought broodjes and cycled to the Gavers with D to have a picnic lunch while enjoying the nature. Went to container park, library, and did grocery in the afternoon. Have barbecue for dinner.
  • 8th: Finally used up the rest of the moss remover on the terrace. The rinsed out container may go into the PMD bag for recycling.
  • 9th: D’s new computer arrived!
  • 10th: Went to Colruyt to stock up the pantry.
  • 11th: Cycled to Hoeve De Kerpel to have a beer. 20km baby! Oh by the way, Bijenhof café had stopped since 30 September 2019.
  • 12th: Open Monumentendag. Met a woman at one of the monuments we visited. She told us interesting stories of her years growing up in the house. I love stories like that.
  • 13th: D’s first day of attending a one year programming course.
  • 14th: Walked to the baker for bread, and then did some promo purchases at Delhaize. The bag of grocery ended up to be rather heavy!
  • 15th: Tidying up and reorganizing the refrigerator and freezer.
  • 16th: Renewed my library membership on Malaysia Day. Because I did not show my ‘ancient’ library card, the process took longer than I expected and was a bit chaotic.
  • 17th: To the library again, this time with D, to get our Covid safe bracelets. After dinner, we used these to attend Prebraderie at the city park.
  • 18th & 19th: Stadsfeest Harelbeke. Music, people, drinking, eating, and late night cycling!
  • 20th: Finished the silicone touch ups in the living room.
  • 21th: Made grape juice.
  • 22nd: Baker and Delhaize walk. Made grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch using grated cheese for the first time.
  • 23rd: Cleaned windows. About time! 😛
  • 24th: Pay Malaysian and Belgian bills.
  • 25th & 26th: Easy going ‘no events’ weekend. I am having sneezing fits. Uh-oh, Covid?!
  • 27th: Made yet another batch of grape juice. Someone besides me needs to be drinking these…
  • 28th: To the baker and Delhaize. Bought leeks because they were on promotion. Said to a woman whom I walked pass on my way home, “Ook voor de prei?“, and dangled my grocery bag in front. 🙂
  • 29th: Sister’s birthday. Sent her a photo of my vase of wind-blown sunflowers and today’s cat trivia. Harvested a cucumber from the vegetable patch and pickled it. Repaired and spray painted a flower pot. Moved a few potted plants indoors.
  • 30th: The last day of September. Did some home projects of dusting off the shelf tops and filling up hairline cracks. Harvested two of my six pears!

Cheers to productive days, memorable events, and exciting changes.

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Umbrella, Pepper & Good Direction

The month August ends in two days. Knowing that we shall probably not be experiencing any warm and sunny days, D and I packed up our terrace umbrella to store it away in the shed.

Since it has been dry today, I took the opportunity to tidy up the vegetable patch. There are still a lot to remove before the cold months are upon us. While clearing up old branches and plants, I found one ripe pepper amongst the bell pepper plants. That was a nice little bonus.

My day started with one big news from the US and Asia. A major project is finally heading towards the right direction, after many years of vigilance. Fingers crossed!

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Adjusted Habits

Last year’s lockdowns have driven me to adjust my habits. I have significantly reduced my consumption of food and goods alike. I cannot eat much at one sitting any more. That probably explains the fact that I did not gain any corona kilos in the past year and a half.

Spending less and needing less is a sort of freedom of the mind, body and from societal pressures. I personally find it a luxury.