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September Sum Up

More than three weeks ago, I stopped blogging regularly because I needed to prioritize and place my attention elsewhere. Taking a break does not mean stopping completely! So, here is my September summary:

  • 7th: Bought broodjes and cycled to the Gavers with D to have a picnic lunch while enjoying the nature. Went to container park, library, and did grocery in the afternoon. Have barbecue for dinner.
  • 8th: Finally used up the rest of the moss remover on the terrace. The rinsed out container may go into the PMD bag for recycling.
  • 9th: D’s new computer arrived!
  • 10th: Went to Colruyt to stock up the pantry.
  • 11th: Cycled to Hoeve De Kerpel to have a beer. 20km baby! Oh by the way, Bijenhof café had stopped since 30 September 2019.
  • 12th: Open Monumentendag. Met a woman at one of the monuments we visited. She told us interesting stories of her years growing up in the house. I love stories like that.
  • 13th: D’s first day of attending a one year programming course.
  • 14th: Walked to the baker for bread, and then did some promo purchases at Delhaize. The bag of grocery ended up to be rather heavy!
  • 15th: Tidying up and reorganizing the refrigerator and freezer.
  • 16th: Renewed my library membership on Malaysia Day. Because I did not show my ‘ancient’ library card, the process took longer than I expected and was a bit chaotic.
  • 17th: To the library again, this time with D, to get our Covid safe bracelets. After dinner, we used these to attend Prebraderie at the city park.
  • 18th & 19th: Stadsfeest Harelbeke. Music, people, drinking, eating, and late night cycling!
  • 20th: Finished the silicone touch ups in the living room.
  • 21th: Made grape juice.
  • 22nd: Baker and Delhaize walk. Made grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch using grated cheese for the first time.
  • 23rd: Cleaned windows. About time! 😛
  • 24th: Pay Malaysian and Belgian bills.
  • 25th & 26th: Easy going ‘no events’ weekend. I am having sneezing fits. Uh-oh, Covid?!
  • 27th: Made yet another batch of grape juice. Someone besides me needs to be drinking these…
  • 28th: To the baker and Delhaize. Bought leeks because they were on promotion. Said to a woman whom I walked pass on my way home, “Ook voor de prei?“, and dangled my grocery bag in front. 🙂
  • 29th: Sister’s birthday. Sent her a photo of my vase of wind-blown sunflowers and today’s cat trivia. Harvested a cucumber from the vegetable patch and pickled it. Repaired and spray painted a flower pot. Moved a few potted plants indoors.
  • 30th: The last day of September. Did some home projects of dusting off the shelf tops and filling up hairline cracks. Harvested two of my six pears!

Cheers to productive days, memorable events, and exciting changes.

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Umbrella, Pepper & Good Direction

The month August ends in two days. Knowing that we shall probably not be experiencing any warm and sunny days, D and I packed up our terrace umbrella to store it away in the shed.

Since it has been dry today, I took the opportunity to tidy up the vegetable patch. There are still a lot to remove before the cold months are upon us. While clearing up old branches and plants, I found one ripe pepper amongst the bell pepper plants. That was a nice little bonus.

My day started with one big news from the US and Asia. A major project is finally heading towards the right direction, after many years of vigilance. Fingers crossed!

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Adjusted Habits

Last year’s lockdowns have driven me to adjust my habits. I have significantly reduced my consumption of food and goods alike. I cannot eat much at one sitting any more. That probably explains the fact that I did not gain any corona kilos in the past year and a half.

Spending less and needing less is a sort of freedom of the mind, body and from societal pressures. I personally find it a luxury.

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Summer Days Are Arriving

If the weather forecast is to be believed, today is supposed to be the last rainy day of the week. Starting tomorrow, we shall be experiencing the summer days that have been eluding us all these weeks.

This afternoon, D and I went grocery shopping. Amongst the things that I bought to fill the pantry, refrigerator and the freezer are meat for the barbecue. We are prepared. Bring on the good weather!

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Painting Continues…

After a two-day break, I resumed my 2021 painting project. Today, I painted the support beams, the door frame in the utility room, and did some touching up on the baseboards.

Next on the list will be filling up the cracks on the walls, and refreshing these spots with a new coat of white paint.

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Painting Break

I finished painting the downstairs baseboards yesterday. It took me an entire Sunday morning and afternoon to complete the job. I was only out of my work clothes in the evening. And guess what, I fell asleep on the sofa later that night. It does not seem like much, but the moving, bending and concentration took its toll.

Today, I am taking a break so that my joints can recover. In a day or two, I shall resume the home improvement tasks of repairing cracks, repainting the support poles, removing cobwebs and dust strains, and replacing the silicone strips in the downstairs toilet. And of course, little touch-ups where necessary.

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Plum Cake & Painting

This morning, I baked a plum cake using plums D and I harvested two days ago. Then, I went to the front yard to clear out some unsightly onkruid.

After lunch, I began a corona-renovation-project that has been on the list since 2020. This task involves painting our downstairs stainless steel baseboards white. Because I do not know what the end result is going to look like, I decided to try it out in the toilet. The damage will be minor and repairable if the end result turns out to be awful. 😛

And since D bought a 6-liter container of paint, I also did some touch up, removing hairline cracks and repainting some worn out surfaces.

As of now, the white baseboards do look alright. So, I guess I shall be painting the rest tomorrow. Busy squirrel shall be busy…

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Host & Hostess

The last time D and I had people over for a meal at our home was Christmas 2019.

It is about time…

This evening, D’s parents will join us for a barbecue. After a pause of more than 18 months, we are slowly easing ourselves back into the roles of the friendly host and hostess. 🙂

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Above Twenty Five

The daytime temperatures will be hovering above 25°C this entire week. I shall try not to complain too much about the heat. UV kills germs. Solar energy production will peak. Besides, I have an air cooler, will use ice babies and have many ways to keep D and I cool.

That said, I have done a quick grocery walk this afternoon before the temperature became unbearable. And D mowed the lawn. We are ready.