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Rags To Bags

This afternoon, I used the sewing machine to turned some rags into vacuum bags. These vacuum bags will be used, and then disposed of as garbage. The garbage will then go into the city’s waste management furnace, to be turned into energy. This energy enters a system (warmtenet), which in turn provides warm water and heating to a local network of homes and organizations.

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Grass Patch Completed

This afternoon, I completed filling up the grass patch between the shed and the raised vegetable bed. I have to trim and transfer pieces of turf that I gathered elsewhere in the backyard.

It may now rain so that the grass will take root and grow.

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Globe-trotting Skirt

This skirt was given to me by my mother when I went back for holidays in Malaysia many years ago. She has worn it when she was a student in teacher’s college and when she taught school in later years.

The cloth was from a textile store in the United Kingdom. It was a gift from my uncle to my mother when he returned home after his studies in England. My late grandmother promptly turned the cloth into this lovely skirt.

A few years ago, I removed the elastic waistband that grandma put in, and sewed a zipper onto the side of the skirt. The addition of the zipper and my occasional wearing of the skirt are my contributions to the tales of this globe-trotting piece of clothing.

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Productive Morning

In a few hours this Thursday morning, D and I did a beer run, purchased bulk grocery for the month, returned some beer bottles for cash deposits, recycled, and went to the bank. D being a night owl, that says a lot!

By half past one in the afternoon, we were eating the pizza which was heated up nicely in the oven. Our purchases put away in the pantry, fridge and freezer.

This has to be one of the most productive Thursday mornings ever…

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Grass Patch

The new raised vegetable bed was moved half a meter away from the shadowed side of the shed. That means that I now need to grow grass on an empty patch of earth. Since yesterday, I have begun to lay the dug up tuft onto these bald spots, gradually turning this part of the grounds into part of the back lawn.

First thing I did a week ago was to remove and relocate the mint, a young hibiscus and the bulbs of a purple-flowering plant from the side of the shed’s entrance. That corner is a grass patch since yesterday afternoon. 🙂

I started on the patch where the old vegetable garden used to be this afternoon. But damn, the chilling gust was too much. I had to stop after laying just a few centimetres of grass. Well, better that than nothing at all. Project to be continued…

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Ice Tea

D and I normally do bulk grocery shopping in the beginning of the month. But today is an exception because we are out of ice tea! I will just push the accounting of our household food budget to February. No biggie…

While out, we took a little detour to the bank, so that I may test out my new debit card. And, it works. 🙂