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Hold The Test…

Two and a half years into the pandemic and I still have not been tested once. That itself might be an accomplishment on its own.

Anyway, I do not feel good now. I woke up at half past five with a killer sore throat, hacking cough, a runny nose and dizziness. Tuesdays; the day I go for bread, groceries and cash; I shall have to skip that for now. 🙁

My entire life, I never know how to deal with being sick. I will only admit and surrender when I have to lay down. Being sick means having to go horizontal. Sick means hours or even days wasted. Sick means I will have to navigate through a mind fog. Damn the virus, whichever one it is that is putting me out of commission!

I had to lay down for a restless nap yesterday afternoon. If this dizziness continues, I might have to do that again, today. That makes today – sick day number two. Bloody hell…

As for the antigen test, that is on hold for now. I only need to be tested the day that I have to be amongst people.

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Warm Thursday

This morning, I decided not to go to the Thursday Market as planned. I do not particularly need anything, and I definitely do not want to infect anyone, by spreading the damn virus as an asymptomatic carrier.

A bit too late now, but I really should have worn a mask when I went to the pharmacy and bank yesterday. Yikes!

COVID-19 quarantine, hay fever, plus an upcoming weekend of tropical temperatures, great

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Three More Weeks

I went to buy bread yesterday morning, and only managed to get a small round loaf because most bread were pre-ordered. The baker woman and I both lamented that, in three weeks time, the business will be over. The couple are already actively selling their inventory and tools. They even have their bicycles for sale? Both will work at a forklift company, and Magi sounded a bit stressed out when telling me about it. Next week, I shall try to say something encouraging because I do not want the rest of my bread runs to be depressing. I have made a few drastic changes and moves in my five decades of existence, and most of these turned out to be lovely adventures. I will tell that to Magi next time I go for bread…

Because it was a Thursday, I proceeded to the weekly market to buy a couple of eierkoeken for D. I also bought a whole rotisserie chicken as intended. Irene will be eating chicken for the next four days! 😛

After dinner in the evening, D and I cycled to the cultural centre to attend a free talk by a well-known philosophy professor, Johan Braeckman. The talk was entitled Kritisch Denken (Critical Thinking), and the time just flew by. It was definitely a wonderful learning experience, and I shall have a lot to ponder about in the next days. And to think, I have crossed the Pacific for lesser profs

To conclude the day in a nice manner, D and I drank a beer each at the café on site. The café has been taken over by someone new and has been turned into something more modern. After our drinks, D and I cycled back home at ease, our bellies and our brains duly filled.

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60 Cents Eierkoek

It took quite a bit of self-control on my part to be able to walk passed the chicken stall quickly, and ignoring the sign that said ‘Kippenboutjes 3+1 GRATIS!’.

I left the house at quarter to nine this morning, so that I may get a loaf of fresh bread before they get all sold out. Since it was a Thursday, I decided that it will be fun to go check out the weekly market. D will like an addition of eierkoeken in his lunch box tomorrow. While I was there, I also bought half a kilogram of garnalen and some tomatoes. I can make a fantastic non-traditional tomaat-garnaal.

All the time at the market, I made sure my eyes did not wander about too much. Nor did I linger in front of any interesting stalls for too long. 😛

As a result, I was able to walk home with a bag that weighed less that two kilograms! If I can keep up with this level of self-control every time, maybe I can make Thursday Market a semi-regular thing and add it to my walking exercise thinghy. Maybe…

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Thursday Walk

I do not usually run errands on a Thursday, but I was sort of out of fresh bread. Hey, any better excuse to get off my butt and out the house?! 😉

While I left the house at about nine to try to get to the bakery before the bread would be all sold out, I ended up talking to the neighbour for a bit. We talked about the weather, health in general and our mutual interest in plants. When I got to the bakery, there was one big loaf left. Phew, lucky me…

After a short friendly chat with the baker woman, I decided to continue my walk to the weekly market. I shall get some eierkoeken for D.

There is a reason why mom and I avoid fresh markets. Because I ended up hauling home not only the eierkoeken, but also asparagus and more than a kilogram of fish! Ah well…

Oh, I also chatted a bit with the ice-cream woman at the market, and then went to the bank.

So today, I ran some errands, talked to people, and had a lovely walk.

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Rain Shower Water Regulating Cartridge

Three days ago, I managed to pry the water regulating cartridge out. I inspected it, de-calcified it, and returned it to its spot, making sure that I tightened the fixtures well. And yet, it still dripped. 🙁

After doing some serious read up on this particular fixture, I attempted to disassemble the entire thing yet again two days later. Well, it was one time too many. A small piece of plastic broke off from the cartridge. Needless to say, the dripping became worse…

This morning, D called a shop to ask if they might have the replacement part we needed. As luck has it, they do. Pricey as it was, it was immediate gratification. It took me only a few minutes to insert the new cartridge. And damn, no more dripping, smooth turning, it was like a new shower!

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First Lawn Mowing 2022

The lawnmower was sent off a week ago for some much needed maintenance. We got it back yesterday.

So today, D mowed the lawn for the first time this year.

Even though long unkempt grass does not bother me, there is something comforting and satisfying to look outside and see a properly mowed lawn. 😉

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The Human Race

War is despicable! Seeing war refugees fleeing their homes and leaving behind some of their love ones is truly heart wrenching.

While Europe deserves the loudest applause and praise for helping the Ukrainians, I cannot help but feel a bit upset over the whole thing. I did not see that level of sympathy, effort nor awareness when it was war refugees from Syria, Afghanistan or Sudan. And this is because of one face-slapping fact, the Ukrainians are similar to most Europeans, they are white and Christians! It is not crime, helping your own people. But, it upsets a person like me, a person who has a specific racial identity on my freaking face! A person whom now realise that I can be welcomed or turned away based on what I look like. How freaking depressing…

But heck, after a few days of simmering over this confusing unfairness, I came to a realization and conclusion about us coloured people, we have not evolved to the level of helping our own kind. Think about it, have you ever seen large scale help efforts amongst the Asians, the Africans, the Arabs? Hell no, those elites are quite content in keeping the majority of their people stupid and/or poor, so that they shall have full control and remain in power for as long as possible. Yep, now I am upset about that.

Yet, history has proven that the one race method does not work. It never will…

In my wildest dreams, humankind will one day be traversing amongst the stars. But until that day, let us not forget that the ENTIRE human race are on the one and only Space Ship Earth.

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A Tad Too Much…

This Friday, D has to drive to two different cities to meet up with potential companies that may give him the necessary course-completing internship. I packed him a simple lunch so that he need not rush home to eat. Facilitating and simplifying, are some of the things I can do pretty well.

Yet, life rarely follows a normal or well-planned path…

D was in the middle of a meeting when the father called his mobile phone. Awkwardness aside, the call bore bad news. While having a treatment for his kidney, M (D’s dad) was tested for Covid-19 because he was coughing and running a fever. He was tested positive for Covid-19. Oh damn it, give the man a break?!

That led to health scare for both D and I because we were in contact with M just two days ago. D more than I because he was in the car with his father for more than an hour. When D came back from his meeting, he ran a self-test with a kit that he bought from the pharmacy. It was a relief that the test was negative, but I shall be very vigilant from now on. The next five days will be crucial.

A negative Covid-19 self-test result does not really guarantee anything. One can still get infected. One may be carrying a miniscule amount of the virus about but do not know of it. And God help us all… one might infect others and end up killing someone else’s grandma or grandpa indirectly!

The escalating war in Ukraine, Covid-19 still sneaking about, M’s deteriorating health, unstable global economics and geopolitics affecting everyone. Today is a tad too much for me.