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Above Twenty Five

The daytime temperatures will be hovering above 25°C this entire week. I shall try not to complain too much about the heat. UV kills germs. Solar energy production will peak. Besides, I have an air cooler, will use ice babies and have many ways to keep D and I cool.

That said, I have done a quick grocery walk this afternoon before the temperature became unbearable. And D mowed the lawn. We are ready.

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Play Street

It is that time of the year again. Summer holidays. Schools out. Parents have to think of ways to occupied their little ones.

This afternoon, our street is blocked for the speelstraat. Right now, several of the neighbourhood children are actively running about, cycling, playing with each other, and screaming their cute little heads off!

D and I do not mind the racket that much, we slept through Gentse Feesten for goodness sake. Happy children who play well together make for a lively and healthy neighbourhood. Maybe we will join the parents for a drink later in the day. No kids of our own, no responsibilities, no pressure…

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Burgers & Beers

D, his mother and I went to a nocturnal shopping event at a garden centre yesterday evening. The parking was packed. There was a line going in. And a line coming back out.

At the check out counter, the cashier gave us coupons for a burger and beer each. As we sat there enjoying our free burgers and beers, and listening to live accordion music, we realised that it was more than a year ago that we attended such an activity. My record shows that our last normal activity was the lunch we three had at the hospital cafeteria on the 10th of March, 2020! Talk about pre-corona era…

Nonetheless, I do believe that we have adjusted our lives effectively to the crisis all this time. Shortly after the first lockdown, D and I have enjoyed drinks, amongst other people, at the Lokaal. We have also participated in simple careful activities with the neighbours last summer. Despite the restrictions and health measures imposed upon us in the past year and a half, D and I did adapt and still get to do our usual activities in reduced mode. We carried on with grocery shopping and errand runs as normal as possible. We even enjoyed the occasional city trips and train rides. Most importantly, we have survived this without getting sick. Amen to that. 🙂

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Toe Nails Painting

What does one do when it is too warm outdoors and that the grass pollen indicator is at an all time high?

One stays indoor and paint the toe nails in pretty cheerful colours. Oh yeah, and make sure one does not sneeze when the paint brush is on the nail. 😀

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House Sparrows

D and I had three little visitors this Sunday. 🙂

They are called huismussen here in Flanders. In the English language, they are known as house sparrows. I think these are young birds which are trying to figure out how to get into our ‘wall feeder’, to feast on the seeds D left in it.

I am not that worry that they will go hungry here. If they cannot freeload on the seeds, there are plenty of natural food for them to hunt, forage or peck at in our wildlife friendly garden.

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Woken By A Fly

I had a restless night, suffering from a runny nose and sneezing bouts. While my intention was to get the much needed sleep by staying in bed till later in the day, I got woken up by a buzzing fly. What the hell?!

So far, I have been experiencing the day in a hazy daze. Not much I can do when the body is fighting vaccination tiredness, a serious allergy, and the drowsy effect of allergy medication.

Nonetheless, I made the effort to watch the final of Queen Elizabeth Competition. I also watched two recorded documentaries, before they get deleted automatically. But that was it, I cannot stare at screens all the time.

Damn summer days…

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Corporate America

More than a decade ago, I lived in the United States of America. To many, that life might have been the ultimate dream.

For many years, my co-workers were also my friends, and I was okay with that. Gradually, the strain of being on standby mode 24/7, and not having any separation between weekdays and weekends took its toll. Long story short, I left the American Dream to embark on my European Adventure.

Corporate America – Been there. Done that. And admittedly, I neither love it nor hate it!

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An Additional Flower Bed

I must have flowers, always, and always.
~Claude Monet

Now that our pond is completed, D and I are starting to plant things onto the patch of ground next to it. We designated this small area as our second flower bed. But maybe this additional pond side flower bed should be considered our third flower bed, because I already have a variety of plants growing along the wooden fence? In the end, I am glad that we have successfully added more creativity and interest to our garden. 🙂