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Cheers To 2023!

Yesterday, D and I joined some of our neighbours to celebrate the new year with drinks and appetizers.

This evening, we went to Kortrijk to experience the city’s new year celebration. After the fireworks, there were free drinks, fries, and burgers for everyone!

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Christmas 2022

In the five days before Christmas, D and I have visited the Christmas Market in Kortrijk, went to a friend’s 50th birthday gathering, and then hosted a dinner to celebrate Christmas Eve with the parents.

Have a joyful and peaceful Christmas!

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Putteke Winter 2022

Putteke Winter 2022 at the Gavers was a big success. As with most post-pandemic events these days, there were so many people! Admittedly, it was not much of a winter walk because it is the middle of November, and it was not really cold. No one was complaining though. I cannot imagine anyone wanting to plough through snow and ice to see light installations.

Took a tumble when I missed a corner cycling home in the rain. Was not my first fall from the bicycle and will probably not be my last. Like a child learning how to cycle, I will fall and I will get up, and I am thanking the stars that I did not sustain any serious injuries.

Such is life.

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Ethical Hacking

Yesterday evening, D and I went to the library to attend a talk about ethical hacking. The topic of the talk made me assumed and expected to see a handful of high school geeks. Imagine my surprise when I saw a large turn out of the older generation. Someone must have done some very convincing promoting.

The 90-minute talk was informative and served as a reminder that we should all be wary of our online behaviours and habits. After the talk, D and I had drinks at the café on site before cycling back home.

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Four Days Of Halloween

Children have been showing up in little groups at our house, trick-or-treating for sweets since Friday evening. Do they not know that Halloween is a one day event on the 31st of October?

We were totally out of ‘treats’ at 8 o’clock in the evening of Halloween. D had to give away some of his cookies! 😛

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Specks Of Stardust

Yesterday evening, D and I cycled to the culture centre to attend a ticketed talk by Frank Deboosere. Flanders’ favourite weatherman presented ‘De grootsheid van het heelal’ (The vastness of the universe) with enthusiasm and mind blowing numbers. Even though I am not a stranger to the topic of planets, stars, space and have watched some big budget programs presented by scientists and professors; it was something else to listen to someone standing on a podium just metres away from me. It was worth every Euro…

We are all but specks of stardust. Miniscule specks, yes. But stardust!

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Birthday Bake Goods

Gelukkige verjaardag! Today, we shall be the same age till next January. 😉

The oven has been busy this morning. And now we have a carré confiture (jam tart), a dozen cupcakes, and a small chocolate cake.

You don’t only live once. You only die once and live every day.

May there be lots of goodies on your birthday and every day!