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Sinksen & Faro

Yesterday afternoon, D and I cycled to Sinksen Kortrijk. Pentecost weekend has always been a big deal here. There were so many people, so much to do, and such good weather! We met up with D’s mother and the three of us went walking, browsing, eating and drinking. Even though there were activities that last till late night and I could have meet up with a friend who lives in the city, D and I have other plans in the evening. So, at half past six, the three of us cycled back home together. I probably cycled about 12km in total and my day was not over yet…

At home, D and I rested and prepared for a little while, and then off we went in the car to Oudenburg. We met up with our DJ friend and his family members, drank something and enjoyed the music and ambiance.

D and I were safely home by eleven, and managed to finish watching an episode of DS9 without passing out. Ha!

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Gent Smaakt & Harelbeeks Bierfeest

This week has been quite eventful.

On Friday, D and I went to Ghent to enjoy one of my favourite Belgian events – the culinary festival known as Gent Smaakt. It was lovely as all the previous editions. We got home by midnight.

Yesterday evening after a light dinner, D and I biked to the city square for a local beer festival. We drank beers, ate a pizza, and enjoyed being amongst strangers, friends, neighbours and family. A completely different atmosphere than Ghent, but still fun.

Side note: whoever designed the beer festival booklet, forgot to change the year before sending it off to the printers… 😛

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May First

Today is the first day of May.

It is the 53rd wedding anniversary of the parents-in-law. At around two in the afternoon, D and I went for coffee and pastries. It was a simple gathering of six adults. No drama.

After spending a few hours at the parents, D and I headed off to check out the May Day events in Kortrijk. We enjoyed the lovely weather, the people, ate fries, drank beers, watched live performances, went to a Thai restaurant for dinner, and was home by ten. A day well spent.

Although, I think I am not alone to say that having a day off in the middle of a work week is just weird…

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Paasfoor 2024

The weather was lovely yesterday. So D, his mother, and I went to the Paasfoor in Kortrijk on its second last day. We walked about checking out the attractions, sat at a café to drink and snack, and then bought some oliebollen before heading home. The quick little outing was enjoyable. Fun in a smaller scale, is still fun. 😉

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Easter Lunch

Yesterday, D and I did our weekend errands of swinging by the library, visiting the parents, and grocery shopping together.

Because it was an Easter weekend and the beginning of a two-week school holiday, the grocery store was busy and packed full of people. Our grocery shopping for Easter lunch went on smoothly without any issues. The crowd was mainly made up of families who were running an errand together, there were no dramas, and checked out was efficient and uncomplicated.

This Easter Sunday, D and I have invited the parents over for lunch. Because my objective was to set a trend of no-fuss gatherings, we have prepared our food and drinks accordingly. We started with a simple drink of bubbly rosé (free with a coupon), accompanied by some warm appetizers (store-bought). Lunch was a small variety of meats which we grilled ourselves, home-made croquettes by the parents, and a big bowl of salad I put together in the morning.

After lunch, we had coffee, cookies and watched De Ronde on TV.

A simple get-together of minimum effort… 😉

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SIM & E3

This morning, my mom’s new SIM arrived from Kota Kinabalu. The badass stamp on the registered mail made me smile. 😛

At quarter after ten, I left the house to meet up with D’s mom. We spent some time around the cycling team buses, looking at the cyclists, then made our way to the podium just in time to see the start of E3 Saxo Classic. We then lined up for the free fries, which was actually the main objective of our meet-up. After the fries, we spent an hour of so drinking coffee at a café. At around two in the afternoon, I left my in-law with her friends, and strolled back home.

At home, I placed the SIM which I received this morning, into a new phone. It worked without giving me any problem. What a relief!

And before I know it, D was home and we watched the finish of race on TV together. Neither of us wanted to go out in the rain.

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Heart Beats

A couple of days ago, D and I were invited to a charity party in Lokeren. I have a feeling that we were last minute choices, but who’s complaining?! Not me. 😉

So yesterday evening, we met up with a handful of friends, ate, drank, enjoyed the music performances, and the people in general. We left the party at one and arrived safely home by two in the morning.

Today is stay-home-Sunday.

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Lent & Valentine

Today is Ash Wednesday. It is also Valentine’s Day.

February’s Tournée Minérale is ongoing. I have even started that a week earlier, in January. As of today, I will also try to avoid meat on Wednesdays and Fridays for the entire lent season.

Cutting down on alcohol and meat is good for my health, the food budget, and the environment. Win, win and win!