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What a weekend…

Saturday afternoon, I went to the library to renew my membership. What happened then was a blur and I ended up with a new library card, a borrowed book and my decade-old library card blocked. What the heck?! I started to get really annoyed about it when I got home and had time to digest what just happened.

At five, D and I cycled to the city square to check out the annual food truck festival. It was too early to be exciting. We went home after fifteen minutes of walking around, to get ready for our dinner gathering with our next door neighbours.

The gathering was quite fun because our neighbours have a baby, an active toddler, and very friendly fluffy cats. We spent time drinking, eating and chatting till one in the morning.

Sunday was Open Bedrijvendag. In the afternoon, D and I visited a bike installing company and then a plastic recycling plant. After that, I have no interest nor energy to cook. So, dinner was fries and things from the frietkot, plus the leftover noodles from my neighbour.

This Monday morning, I strategised and schemed to get my old library membership back. First, I used DeepL to translate what I wrote in English, I copied pasted that into an email which I promptly sent to the library. I was ready to go into battle, to win my 15-year-old membership back.

Within an hour, I got an email back and everything is fixed. Thank you DeepL AI. Thank you baby universal translator.

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Sunday Choices

Today is the third day of Harelbeke Feest. But instead of spending hours at the city festival near home, with the possibility of meeting up with people we know, D and I chose to visit two Dag van de Landbouw sites. The day was spent amongst people, eating and drinking, with the bonus of seeing a variety of plants and farm animals. No regrets here!

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Monuments 2023

Yesterday was Open Monumentendag. In the afternoon, D and I visited three sites: a water mill in Anzegem, an art-deco style villa in Waregem, and the work site of Abby, the previous Kortrijk 1302 museum, in Kortrijk.

We concluded the day with a sushi takeaway dinner, because who the heck wants to cook in this kind of temperature?!

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Gavers Day 2023

Yesterday was Open Gaversdag (Open Gavers Day). At about three o’clock, D and I cycled to the lake at a leisurely pace. We then strolled about looking for some fun activities. There were not a lot of people compared to previous editions. The somewhat gloomy weather was probably the main cause. Not being able to find anything new to participate in, we went to the café to snack and drink something. Relaxed activities can also be good fun. 😉

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Beers, Friends & Simple Things

Yesterday afternoon, D and I went to a beer festival in Ghent. The weather was great. People were happily drinking and chatting. The beers were cold, delicious, and interesting.

After that, we went to Bruges for a garden party. That too was a lovely time spent amongst friends.

Today, D and I are taking it easy. I made a batch of carrot top pesto and two bottles of grenadine infused water.

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International Beers & Family Barbecue

Yesterday after dinner, D and I cycled six kilometres to the International Beer Festival in Zwevegem. The weather was great, there were a lot of people and the beer selection was interesting and tasty. Highlight of the evening was cycling back home in the dark after midnight! Say what you want… but twelve kilometres of cycling is an accomplishment for me. 😉

Today, we got invited by the parents to have a barbecued lunch. In such, we decided to spend time with family, took it easy and not go to the second day of the international beer festival.

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Mid July

Yesterday, D and I went to his parents for a Saturday lunch of steak and fries. Food was simple and good. After that, we spent the afternoon watching the Tour de France on TV. We left just before dinner time so that we may proceed to the next event of the day…

In the evening, D and I cycled to the city center for a local happening. We were there to enjoy a nice summer evening amongst people and also for the supposedly last performance of De Dolfijntjes. The two Wims of the group are well known celebrities in Flanders. To me, the music was meh, but that did not stop the crowd from swaying and singing along. Hehe! 😀