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Nineteen & Thirty

I left my home town, Lahad Datu, when I was nineteen years old to pursue higher education. It was not a pleasant experience but it was necessary.

After returning from the United States and spending half a decade living and working back in Lahad Datu, I took leave again at age thirty. My second departure was less painful. And at the back of my mind, I was aware that I might never return ‘home’ to stay.

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Rain, Paint & Fruit Galettes

It will be rainy for half a week starting today. So, before it pours, I quickly peeled some apples to make apple sauce and buried my kitchen scraps in the vegetable patch.

In the afternoon, D’s father dropped by to redo the silicone strips which I have removed from the downstairs toilet. He also replaced the silicone strips in the shower cabin. Give the man a medal.

In a couple of days, I shall resume my home improvement project by re-painting the base board in the toilet, filling up cracks and painting away the flaws.

Half a week of rainy days will result in some further progress in my home improvement projects and a galette or two… 🙂

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Garden Gathering

Yesterday, D and I went to friends who lived 45 minutes drive away, to join them for a barbecue. The host family had only invited two families, which was not the usual thing they do. Times has changed since 2020, I am guessing that they were keeping the social bubbles small and manageable.

Children has grown. The friends are well. Most of us are vaccinated. All of us moving on with our lives and doing our best in enjoying what life has to offer. And that is a good thing.

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Adjusted Habits

Last year’s lockdowns have driven me to adjust my habits. I have significantly reduced my consumption of food and goods alike. I cannot eat much at one sitting any more. That probably explains the fact that I did not gain any corona kilos in the past year and a half.

Spending less and needing less is a sort of freedom of the mind, body and from societal pressures. I personally find it a luxury.

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Summer Days Are Arriving

If the weather forecast is to be believed, today is supposed to be the last rainy day of the week. Starting tomorrow, we shall be experiencing the summer days that have been eluding us all these weeks.

This afternoon, D and I went grocery shopping. Amongst the things that I bought to fill the pantry, refrigerator and the freezer are meat for the barbecue. We are prepared. Bring on the good weather!

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Sixteen Days

Olympics 2020 in Tokyo has ended. The past 16 days went by unnoticeably fast!

Belgium won seven medals. Not bad for a country which does not invest much in top sports.

Olympics 2024 will be in Paris. I wonder what the world is going to be like by then. Three years is not such a long time from now.


Charging Port

D bought a new mobile phone a few weeks ago. That means I shall inherit his retired phone when I need to. His old phone will be an upgrade from my current phone.

Last week, I bought a replacement charging port and a transparent phone protector. Both arrived today.

After watching an online tutorial on how to dismantle a OnePlus 5, I went to work and replaced the charging port. Despite needing my reading glasses, all went well as I expected. The phone is charging perfectly right now.

Jibber Jabber

Painting Continues…

After a two-day break, I resumed my 2021 painting project. Today, I painted the support beams, the door frame in the utility room, and did some touching up on the baseboards.

Next on the list will be filling up the cracks on the walls, and refreshing these spots with a new coat of white paint.

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Painting Break

I finished painting the downstairs baseboards yesterday. It took me an entire Sunday morning and afternoon to complete the job. I was only out of my work clothes in the evening. And guess what, I fell asleep on the sofa later that night. It does not seem like much, but the moving, bending and concentration took its toll.

Today, I am taking a break so that my joints can recover. In a day or two, I shall resume the home improvement tasks of repairing cracks, repainting the support poles, removing cobwebs and dust strains, and replacing the silicone strips in the downstairs toilet. And of course, little touch-ups where necessary.

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Flashback Journeys

Now that D and I are fully vaccinated, we may travel to all the EU countries with our EU Digital COVID Certificates. Though I am grateful for this option, I am rather wary and dare not stick my head out of the bunker too soon. It is after all the early days of recovery, and the damn Delta variant is busy making its rounds.

Since the first lockdown, I have been utilizing my memory to relive past travels in my mind. And having been alive for half a century and have lived on three different continents, I am definitely not short of the ingredients to conjure up some lovely memories of past travels. I call these flashback journeys. 😛

Nevertheless, I do want to travel like it is pre-Covid. Wishful thinking maybe, but one may always dream…