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Today, I uploaded an invoice of transfer to proof that I am the legal holder of a certain account. The transaction was processed and completed a few hours later. Sometimes, things just work. And thankfully, this was one of those time.

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May First

Today is the first day of May.

It is the 53rd wedding anniversary of the parents-in-law. At around two in the afternoon, D and I went for coffee and pastries. It was a simple gathering of six adults. No drama.

After spending a few hours at the parents, D and I headed off to check out the May Day events in Kortrijk. We enjoyed the lovely weather, the people, ate fries, drank beers, watched live performances, went to a Thai restaurant for dinner, and was home by ten. A day well spent.

Although, I think I am not alone to say that having a day off in the middle of a work week is just weird…

Jibber Jabber

Blauwe Reiger

This descendant of a dinosaur has been visiting the garden on several occasion. It has been taking a keen interest of our fish pond.

The first time I saw the blauwe reiger, our fishes were not to be seen for hours. I was so worried that they were all eaten by the visitor. Fortunately, the pond is too deep and narrow for the grey heron.

I love most creatures, big or small. But not our fishes. And definitely not on my watch.

Being Human

Not Cool…

Yesterday afternoon, I dropped by the grocery store after my volunteer work of covering new library books. I wanted to see if there were any interesting discounted items.

As it was last Tuesday afternoon, there was a pile of school bags at the entrance of the store. Theft prevention, I assume. Small groups of young people were roaming the aisles of the store with no definitive purpose.

I was at the fresh meat aisle when three female teenagers came up really close, giggling, and touching the things I was looking at.

Huh? Is that a thing now? Oh no, am I supposed to be scared of them, or their germy hands?! A new sort of ‘cool’ social media dare? I have no freaking idea. What they did was completely laughable in my Gen-X point of view. In their foolish attempt of being cool or badass, these kids were just making themselves annoying and idiotic.

Numbers, Wealth & Creativity


As of today, four of my current financial transactions were completed.

  • Malaysia to Singapore was a tad inconvenient, costly but instantaneous.
  • US to US took a couple of days, but was free, simple and safe.
  • US to Belgium was attached with a small ignorable fee, but the process took ten days!
  • Belgium to Belgium was instant, cost free, and in Dutch. Yep, Dutch.
Being Human, Flashbacks

7th Grand Aunt

Today, my seventh grand-aunt’s funeral took place in Singapore. She was the sister-in-law of my beloved maternal grandmother. My ties to the first generation Foong family ends with her, and with sending the 白金. I do still have a good connection with my mom’s cousin, which is a second generation Foong.

Now, I wonder what happened to that black and white photo of grand-aunt and I sitting at the bottom stairs of my grandparents house in Lahad Datu?

Jibber Jabber

Groceries & Fishes

Yesterday, D and I went to check on the parents and then did a quick coupon-related grocery shopping before noon. I must say… we are getting rather efficient at this. 🙂

In the afternoon, D and I went to the open-door-day of a pond and garden centre. While there, we got our pond water tested for free. Same old story, a bit too green and acidic because of the rain water run offs. Almost bought a tiny filter that would have been insufficient. Ah well, we shall buy online then.

Today, we enjoy a lazy Sunday watching a cycling event on TV.