The following are random images that I find funny, interesting, and worth the mention. Enjoy…

The happiest two-year-old and her humongous home-hacked cake.

Especially true when applied to this year – 2020.


Two old ladies…taking a short rest and enjoying  their ice-creams within the cool stones walls of St. Jacob’s. A sight to behold, and something to smile about.

Napping Kitty...

This silly kitten was sleeping in an empty can next to the paints. It was probably pretty tired and wasn’t able to find a good place to lay down. Funny how it was propped up like so and didn’t even wake up when I took the picture. The darling little kitty was one of many Siamese mix I have when I lived in Malaysia.

1974 - Lahad Datu, Malaysia

I was 3 years old when my dad took this picture. It was in the dining room of my parents’ rented house at the teachers quarters of St. Dominic’s. I love that I looked so frumpy! My t-shirt says I’m A Little Angel. Hehe, yeah right.