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Pizza Friday

Yesterday afternoon, D and I went to Kortrijk to check out the January sales. D bought a pair of jeans, a shirt and a set of PJs. As for me, I do not need anything because I have been getting hand-me-downs from at least four people… 😛

Before shopping, we went up the tower of St. Maarten’s church. It was wonderful to see the city from up high. Especially when it was sunny and clear. We can even see Harelbeke! The following photo shows the city square.

After the climb and shopping, we dropped by De Dingen to drink something. And then while making decision on what to order at a go-to restaurant, the café announced that it serves pizzas on Fridays. And just like that, it became Pizza Friday for D and I. 😀

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Business & Pleasure

Yesterday morning, D and I took the train to Brussels.

The main objective of the day was to get a document legalized at The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The entire experience took only ten minutes, admittedly an anticlimax, but I am not complaining. Completing an administrative procedure without any issues, is a good thing.

After the ministry, D and I turned ourselves into typical day tourists! We visited all the famous landmarks in the city, took lots of photos, went beer bar-hopping, ate and drank whatever our hearts desire.

At the end of the day, we have walked too much, and definitely drank too much. 😛

Good timing and good strategies have allowed me to make the best of our trip to Brussels. What started out as an administrative activity was easily turned into a fun day trip to the capital of the European Union.

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My youngest brother M, turns forty-four today. Damn, I still remember holding this baby in my arms more than four decades ago. I wish M a very healthy year, filled with joy and good fortune. And the obstacles in front of him are mild and avoidable.

Forty-four was not such a good age for me. I lost grandma that year…

So, that’s that. Now I buy two train tickets to Brussels tomorrow. Thank goodness there is a Winter Promo, train tickets are at half price.

This is me making the best in whatever life throws my way.

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Two Oceans

When grandma passed away in October 2015, I crossed two oceans to be at her funeral.

The first ocean I crossed was the Atlantic. I flew from Europe to the US to pick up my parents, so that we may travel together back to Malaysia.

The second ocean was the Pacific…

I did what I did. I am who I am because I have observed and learned from the people I met in life.

Be there. Be kind to others, especially your elders. When time comes, you will want others to have consideration and kindness towards you.

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Monuments 2023

Yesterday was Open Monumentendag. In the afternoon, D and I visited three sites: a water mill in Anzegem, an art-deco style villa in Waregem, and the work site of Abby, the previous Kortrijk 1302 museum, in Kortrijk.

We concluded the day with a sushi takeaway dinner, because who the heck wants to cook in this kind of temperature?!

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Coastal Excursion

D and I decided to visit the Netherlands’s coast today, in the middle of a September heat wave. 😛

The Netherlanders are quite different from the Walloons we encountered two days ago. That was to be expected though; given the different country, language, and mentality. But heck, they are also different from the Flemish. And these are people who speak the same language and live in the same region. What different nationalities can do to people. China looks upon my face, says the one with Chinese, Singaporean and Malaysian ancestry.

Anyway, D and I had yet another wonderful and fun-filled afternoon excursion.

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Nivelles & Villers

This afternoon, D and I went on a road trip to Wallonia. We visited a park, a church, the city Nivelles, drank the local beers, and then visited Abbaye de Villers. When we were done roaming (and hiking) about the ruins, we stopped by the on-site bistro, drank some more beers and ate charcuterie. It was a wonderful afternoon excursion.

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Beers, Friends & Simple Things

Yesterday afternoon, D and I went to a beer festival in Ghent. The weather was great. People were happily drinking and chatting. The beers were cold, delicious, and interesting.

After that, we went to Bruges for a garden party. That too was a lovely time spent amongst friends.

Today, D and I are taking it easy. I made a batch of carrot top pesto and two bottles of grenadine infused water.