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Second Booster Shot

Yesterday, D and I went for our COVID-19 booster shots. We never had any reservation as regards to getting ourselves boostered before the autumn. Vaccination does not only protect the vaccinated, but also those they interact with.

As of now, I have had three different kinds of vaccine in me. 😛

Aside for some achy muscles and joints, this is by far the mildest side effects that I have encountered.

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Pelican, Fireworks & Plants

It was Harelbeke Feest last weekend.

Heavy rains and chilling temperatures kept D and I away from Friday’s pre-braderie at the city park.

But on Saturday evening after dinner, D and I cycled off to attend a bother-line crazy music performance at Rat Rock. We then walked to the city centre and watched the fireworks from the bridge. Because of the weather, there were much less people this year. But it was fun nevertheless.

Sunday, D and I visited two places for Dag Van De Landbouw. Plants and farming are way more interesting than a city festival. 😉

When we reached home, D and I decided that we still have time to attend some late afternoon activities at the city festival. So, we hopped on our bicycles and were in the city in a few minutes. We met and chatted with people we know, bought some mattentaarten, and supported the fire brigade by buying a burger and beer from their food stand. We cycled home before sunset, and I prepared a stir fry chicken noodle dinner for D.

Mid-September events are on a roll again…

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Open Monumentendag 2022

This afternoon, D and I went to visit several sites that are made available to the public on this Open Monumentendag. These kind of outings and cultural exposures are interesting learning experiences for me. I find it a pity that I am almost always the only person of colour amongst the crowd.

D and I concluded the day by treating ourselves to some beers and a lovely sushi dinner.

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Drums, Light Shows, Pesto & Breads

Yesterday evening, D and I cycled to Kortrijk. We went there for Kortrijk Drumt – an event which involves more than 200 drummers! There were live music, light shows, fireworks and performances. Admittedly, I was a tad disappointed because there was so much talking, and the accompanying pop songs were so loud that they drowned out the live drumming. Well, at least the event was free.

After the show, D and I went drinking. We cycled back home via the main street at half past one. There, that was another Belgian milestone for me.

Today, we enjoyed a calm Sunday. Watched TV, made a batch of chive pesto, ordered Too Good To Go from a baker nearby, and had a simple barbecue dinner.

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Preventive Screenings

On Monday, I had my OB-GYN check-up. On Tuesday, I went for a mammography. I visited the dentist March this year. Post COVID-19 medical screenings are done for now. Thank goodness!

Today, I vacuumed and tidied up the shed. And since the days are going to get cooler, D and I took down the terrace umbrella and stored it away.

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Friends & De Gavers

A few days ago, I notified a handful of friends of the event known as De Gavers Uitgepluisd. Two of them were interested and wanted to meet up with D and I.

This afternoon, M’s family of four came to our house for a short visit before proceeding to the lake. I have not seen her for years, and was surprised by how much her children have grown!

When M’s family left, D and I biked to De Gavers and meet up with them there. We spent our time chatting, tree climbing (the daughter), and pedalling a canoe packed tightly with twelve people. 😛

At around five in the afternoon, D and I met up with another friend K and her family. Because it was already late, we did not have time to participate in the free summer activities together. We did spend the brief time that we had chatting, laughing and promising each other that we shall make plans to meet up soon.

After I bought my jar of local honey, D and I sat down at the café for a drink. I had a Goedendag, one of my favourite Belgian beers because of its association with good times.

After our drinks and getting a few free fruits at an info stand, D and I biked home leisurely. As luck has it, I did not have to cook dinner this evening because the neighbours were doing an impromptu barbecue as a closing of the speelstraat. So, for a fair price, D and I joined some of our neighbours and had ourselves a lovely barbecue dinner.

What a day. 🙂

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Two Tropical Days

This afternoon, I have reinserted the summer comforter back into the covers. If the weather forecast is to be believed, temperatures are suppose to drop to the mid-teens in the evening and early next morning.

Yet again, we have experienced two days of tropical heat! This cannot be good for our well-being.

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Bike, Bank & Bread

This morning, D and I hopped onto our bicycles and left the house together. We then parted ways at the roundabout because we have different tasks to take care off.

D went to a bakery over the bridge to purchase bread.

I, on the other hand, proceeded to the bank for an appointment. The ‘interrogation’ was brief and painless because I was honest and direct. No bullshit.

While bicycling home, I kept wondering why a small fish like me got onto the bank’s radar. Do they not have better things to do?

I hope the matter is settled for good, and the bank will not bother me again for the time being. Online banking still has a rather long way to go in this part of the world.

Speaking of an unusual morning, an Asian female with skinny jeans and sun glasses riding a somewhat flashy coloured bicycle must have been an uncommon sight in this town… 😛

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Campo Solar

D won tickets to Campo Solar! 🙂

So yesterday we went to Damme to experience a unique music festival set in the middle of corn fields, sunflowers, wheat fields, and wildflowers. I was thoroughly impressed by the set up and organization of this festival. And cannot be thankful enough that D picked the perfect day to go.

The following are day and night photos of the site: