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Mondays & Tuesdays

Starting this month, I have made some adjustments to my routine on Mondays and Tuesdays. On top of having to do the laundry, ironing and running the dishwasher, I have grocery shopping and buying bread added to my list of things to do on these two days.

This Tuesday has been particularly productive because I swept the walkway, raked the vegetable patch, and sow some early pumpkin and peas seeds.

Today, dinner will have to be prepared a bit earlier because D has a meeting to attend. Household waste will be going out to the curb in the evening, and I have a chat session with mom and dad. Busy busy indeed…

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Strange Sums

About three weeks ago, I put in a request for an administrative service by a legal office. First, I was informally given a probable sum, which I found agreeable. Then, I received a quotation for the service, more than double the initially stated fee. What, why?! This prompted me to pause the process, put a hold on the request, while I explore other possibilities. A week later, today, I received an email of an amended quotation. The cost for the service has dropped back down to the sum quoted to me the first time. What the heck?!

Meanwhile, lesson of the day on the Belgian front: It is more costly to defame the wrong people, than to knowingly torture and accidentally kill another human being.


Brand New Card

It is wonderful to be in possession of my new residence card, name corrected, and good for 10 years. I feel like I have gained a superpower or something… 😀

De F+ kaarten afgeleverd voor 11 oktober 2021 zijn 5 jaar geldig. De F+ kaarten afgeleverd sinds 11 oktober 2021 zijn 10 jaar geldig. 

Notice To Collect

Today, I received a notification by post informing me that my new residence card is ready to be collected.

Wow! The supposedly two-week wait is cut in half. This is Belgian efficiency at its best.

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Pizza Friday

Yesterday afternoon, D and I went to Kortrijk to check out the January sales. D bought a pair of jeans, a shirt and a set of PJs. As for me, I do not need anything because I have been getting hand-me-downs from at least four people… 😛

Before shopping, we went up the tower of St. Maarten’s church. It was wonderful to see the city from up high. Especially when it was sunny and clear. We can even see Harelbeke! The following photo shows the city square.

After the climb and shopping, we dropped by De Dingen to drink something. And then while making decision on what to order at a go-to restaurant, the café announced that it serves pizzas on Fridays. And just like that, it became Pizza Friday for D and I. 😀

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Name Corrected

Yesterday, I delivered the legalized letter from the Malaysian Embassy to a staff at the city hall.

Today, the same city hall employee called to tell me that my name has been corrected in the system. I may now start the process of acquiring a new identity card, drivers license and so on.

What a relief that a part of this lengthy process is over. Good grief…

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Business & Pleasure

Yesterday morning, D and I took the train to Brussels.

The main objective of the day was to get a document legalized at The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The entire experience took only ten minutes, admittedly an anticlimax, but I am not complaining. Completing an administrative procedure without any issues, is a good thing.

After the ministry, D and I turned ourselves into typical day tourists! We visited all the famous landmarks in the city, took lots of photos, went beer bar-hopping, ate and drank whatever our hearts desire.

At the end of the day, we have walked too much, and definitely drank too much. 😛

Good timing and good strategies have allowed me to make the best of our trip to Brussels. What started out as an administrative activity was easily turned into a fun day trip to the capital of the European Union.