Election Day

Today is Father’s Day here in Belgium. Maybe more importantly, it is Election Day.

D went to the cultural centre to cast his vote an hour before noon. He met his parents and was invited to coffee time at two in the afternoon.

Because D’s parents place is not far from us, we decided to bike there instead of immobilizing the DS. Coffee and cake celebration was short and sweet. After D’s sister and her family left, the four of us decided to bike to De Gavers for drinks. The café was packed with people enjoying food, drinks and the lovely weather. Good times!

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This afternoon, D and I went to the Malaysian embassy in Tervuren, so that I may pick up my new passport. After all these months, I finally have this precious travel document in my possession. Yeah!

After the short embassy visit, D and I proceeded to the Park of Tervuren to discover more about this part of Belgium. We went for a walk from the parking to the Africa Museum. It was nice to have so much green so close to the capital.

On our way back to West Flanders, D and I got stuck in the very well-known and despised Brussels’ traffic jams! We were only home after seven in the evening. Ah well…new passport, a lovely walk in the park, and pizza for dinner, I cannot really complain. 😉

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External Shades

Today, D and I were supposed to go to Brussels so that I may pick up my renewed passport. I postponed the trip after finding out that there will be an international farmers’ protest at the capital. We rather not risk it.

So instead of a trip to Brussels, we mowed the lawn and brought the grass clippings to the parents. After the short visit, D and I went to order and purchase external shades for our four roof windows.

The summers are getting brutal, so hopefully these screens will help in keeping some of the heat away.

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This Sunday afternoon, D and I went to visit several gardens on Open Gardens’ Day. We concluded the day having ramen as dinner at a restaurant which we have always wanted to try.

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Werven ’24

Today is openwervendag in this part of the world. D and I visited three sites in the afternoon. One of the sites offered free drinks. People are still building and buying, but things are a bit toned down in these post-pandemic days.

On another note, it was the first time we went on our little excursion with the new car.

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Gent Smaakt & Harelbeeks Bierfeest

This week has been quite eventful.

On Friday, D and I went to Ghent to enjoy one of my favourite Belgian events – the culinary festival known as Gent Smaakt. It was lovely as all the previous editions. We got home by midnight.

Yesterday evening after a light dinner, D and I biked to the city square for a local beer festival. We drank beers, ate a pizza, and enjoyed being amongst strangers, friends, neighbours and family. A completely different atmosphere than Ghent, but still fun.

Side note: whoever designed the beer festival booklet, forgot to change the year before sending it off to the printers… 😛

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May First

Today is the first day of May.

It is the 53rd wedding anniversary of the parents-in-law. At around two in the afternoon, D and I went for coffee and pastries. It was a simple gathering of six adults. No drama.

After spending a few hours at the parents, D and I headed off to check out the May Day events in Kortrijk. We enjoyed the lovely weather, the people, ate fries, drank beers, watched live performances, went to a Thai restaurant for dinner, and was home by ten. A day well spent.

Although, I think I am not alone to say that having a day off in the middle of a work week is just weird…

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Boeken Kaften

Yesterday afternoon, I walked to the library to attend the first session of book covering (kaften).

There were seven volunteers, plus two librarians. First, there was a short demo by the older librarian. Then, we were each given two books to start with. There were sufficient guidelines and useful comments for me to learn and pick this up. There was a coffee break in between, a bit of chit-chatting, and then a continuation with more books. The two hours went by quickly and all the new books were wrapped.

I have never covered books in sticky plastic before, and the last time I wrapped my text books (in brown paper) were in the 70s and 80s. I have learned a new thing. Yeah to that!

I shall continue doing this as long as I am able to. It is a small gesture of giving back to this community. Maybe I will even volunteer some time at the senior home, if they are looking for an extra pair of helping hands.

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Paasfoor 2024

The weather was lovely yesterday. So D, his mother, and I went to the Paasfoor in Kortrijk on its second last day. We walked about checking out the attractions, sat at a café to drink and snack, and then bought some oliebollen before heading home. The quick little outing was enjoyable. Fun in a smaller scale, is still fun. 😉