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A Good Start

This morning, I was informed that my new passport is ready for pick up. Wow, it only took two weeks! I know someone who had to wait for two months.

Later in the day, I received a message from my uncle that he has sent off my mother’s new SIM card by registered mail. It might take up to ten days to get here. Fingers crossed…

This afternoon, I went for a walk to buy a loaf of fresh bread from the baker. I also dropped by the grocery store to buy a few discounted food items. This is a small action on my part to help reduce food waste, and it is also good for my food budget. Whatever I cannot consume today, I put in the freezer.

It is my good fortune to know people who can assist me in matters near and far. It is a luxury to have had adapted to this new life and to know how to take advantage of the benefits that cross my path.