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C2 to DS4

Yesterday afternoon, D and I went to pick up the car.

The entire replacement process of the trusty C2 to an almost new DS4 has taken about two and a half months! I am pleased that the papers are finally in order, that the car is in our possession, and that D is adapting and driving this beautiful machine…

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Auto Convert

This morning, I set up an automatic conversion of the Dollar to Euro in my multi-currency account. I also did a wire transfer from Malaysia to the United States.

In the evening, D and I had an early dinner and then biked to the library for a talk about investment. The young speaker only touched on fundamental investment basics, and did not offer any special tips. I have a feeling that the majority of his listeners probably have more investment know-how than him.

After the talk, D and I went to the café and had a beer each. I was pleasantly surprised to find my Dutch teacher sitting there with her friends. I have not seen her for more than a decade! We chatted a bit and then went on to do our own things.

D and I got home by ten.

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Backup Card

This morning, I applied for a card that will serve as an alternative payment means. It is sensible to set up alternatives – especially in terms of finances. I have also moved some funds about so that I am optimizing the benefits of my different accounts.

In the afternoon, I took a brief stroll to the grocery store to buy some discounted food items. Walking is good gentle exercise, and the freezer is my friend.

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Today, I uploaded an invoice of transfer to proof that I am the legal holder of a certain account. The transaction was processed and completed a few hours later. Sometimes, things just work. And thankfully, this was one of those time.

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As of today, four of my current financial transactions were completed.

  • Malaysia to Singapore was a tad inconvenient, costly but instantaneous.
  • US to US took a couple of days, but was free, simple and safe.
  • US to Belgium was attached with a small ignorable fee, but the process took ten days!
  • Belgium to Belgium was instant, cost free, and in Dutch. Yep, Dutch.
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No Bullshit Era

When I turned fifty in peak COVID-19 year of 2021, I congratulated myself for having reached the No Bullshit Age.

My self-invented free pass for no longer tolerating just any bullshits in life gave me the courage to demand, nag, and stand on my own.

Nevertheless, I am always prepared to have my mind and opinions altered, when presented with undeniable facts. One may not be too stubborn to the point of blind stupidity. I for one refuse to turn into an old idiot.

Learn new things. Do not believe in every single opinions you come across on the internet. Sleep well. Eat well. Be calm. Be brave. Laugh. Spend your money. Compost those kitchen scraps. Do not waste food. Future proof yourself. Plan and take action. Travel and see the world – be it physically or virtually. Read. Tend to your ikigai like it is your only child.

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The Blurry Years

Yesterday, I started going through boxes containing my personal paperwork. My main intention was to look for copies of my old passports and attached visas, while also decluttering.

Five decades, three continents, six languages and numerous addresses later; it dawned on me that I am having problem recalling certain years of my life.

For instance, I can not remember certain things that happened in the late 90s to the mid-2000s. I must have had renewed my passport and applied for a tourist visa to the US, but I have no memory of how that was accomplished. If not for the yearly summaries, I would have probably forgotten about my role in settling my parents’ retirement funds, property rights, planning international trips, and so on and so forth.

These years of several ocean-crossings were a blur to me. So many things happened in those hectic days – at a non-Sabahan speed and frequency!

Five decades, three continents, six languages, and numerous addresses later; I am still counting.

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Strange Sums

About three weeks ago, I put in a request for an administrative service by a legal office. First, I was informally given a probable sum, which I found agreeable. Then, I received a quotation for the service, more than double the initially stated fee. What, why?! This prompted me to pause the process, put a hold on the request, while I explore other possibilities. A week later, today, I received an email of an amended quotation. The cost for the service has dropped back down to the sum quoted to me the first time. What the heck?!

Meanwhile, lesson of the day on the Belgian front: It is more costly to defame the wrong people, than to knowingly torture and accidentally kill another human being.

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Diversification is a key strategy in good investment. I need to learn more about bonds (obligaties in Dutch). I want to trade in bonds in the foreseeable future.

My nephew turns sixteen years old today. The baby boy grew up so quickly and became a teenager in the wink of an eye. I sent my birthday wishes from across the Atlantic and then made pancakes to celebrate his special day. 🙂