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Cheese Crackers, Endive Soup & Books

I made cheese crackers from some of the parmesan and cheddar cheese that I have in the fridge. These taste good, but next time I shall add more cheese and increase the baking time.

At lunch, I consumed one of my four containers of endive soup. The ingredients in the soup are ‘second growth’ endives, potato, pumpkin and onion. Home-made and healthy…

In the past couple of days, I have been going through and gathering books that I am willing to part with (sell, donate or re-gift) eventually. I already have a pile of a dozen books and have many more to sort through. One can really collect a lot in a decade.

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Bread Rolls Pudding

Today, I made endive butternut squash soup. This is to use up some tired looking endives I harvested, and some of the butternut squash chunks that I stored in the freezer last month.

I also made bread pudding using some of the many hard rolls (pistolets) that I got from a Too Good To Go purchase.

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December Grocery

This afternoon, D and I did our monthly bulk grocery shopping to stock up on the basics. We bought milk, carbonated ice tea (a necessity), meat, noodles, charcuterie, cheeses, fruit, bread, plus some canned and frozen items. We also bought sunflower seeds for the birds and some not-so-healthy snacks for ourselves.

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Shower Cabin Silicone

In the past two days, I have been busy cleaning up the shower cabin.

Today, I replaced the worn out silicone strips. Stripping and replacing silicone is no fun. The task was time and labour consuming. Most people would rather just pay someone else to do it every decade or so.

Considering that this was my second time fiddling with silicone, I did a pretty good job if I have to say it myself.

‘Irene, you have steady hands.’, said one of my design teacher many years ago. That, and having the proper tools really helps. 🙂


Quince, Toasts & Soup

Today, I gave the two jars of experimental quince vinegar mixture a good stir. These need to ferment and sit in the utility room for three weeks. We shall see.

I toasted a few slices of day-old-bread for lunch and finished the pumpkin soup I made two days ago.

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Then Add Pumpkin…

Yesterday, I made a big casserole dish of strata. Into the basic mixture of bread, eggs and milk; I added some pumpkin chunks and all the leftover bits and pieces that I have in the refrigerator.

Today, I used up all the pumpkin and made a very colourful vegetable soup.

The no-food-waste lifestyle is quite yummy… 😉

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Specks Of Stardust

Yesterday evening, D and I cycled to the culture centre to attend a ticketed talk by Frank Deboosere. Flanders’ favourite weatherman presented ‘De grootsheid van het heelal’ (The vastness of the universe) with enthusiasm and mind blowing numbers. Even though I am not a stranger to the topic of planets, stars, space and have watched some big budget programs presented by scientists and professors; it was something else to listen to someone standing on a podium just metres away from me. It was worth every Euro…

We are all but specks of stardust. Miniscule specks, yes. But stardust!