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Umbrella, Pepper & Good Direction

The month August ends in two days. Knowing that we shall probably not be experiencing any warm and sunny days, D and I packed up our terrace umbrella to store it away in the shed.

Since it has been dry today, I took the opportunity to tidy up the vegetable patch. There are still a lot to remove before the cold months are upon us. While clearing up old branches and plants, I found one ripe pepper amongst the bell pepper plants. That was a nice little bonus.

My day started with one big news from the US and Asia. A major project is finally heading towards the right direction, after many years of vigilance. Fingers crossed!


Potting Soil

So, before it might start raining again, I opened the bag of potting soil that was bought a few days ago. I re-potted and and refreshed the soil of several plants, both indoors and outdoors.

Like my other home improvement projects, this one will have to be an ongoing task for several days or even weeks. Slowly but surely then…

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Rain, Paint & Fruit Galettes

It will be rainy for half a week starting today. So, before it pours, I quickly peeled some apples to make apple sauce and buried my kitchen scraps in the vegetable patch.

In the afternoon, D’s father dropped by to redo the silicone strips which I have removed from the downstairs toilet. He also replaced the silicone strips in the shower cabin. Give the man a medal.

In a couple of days, I shall resume my home improvement project by re-painting the base board in the toilet, filling up cracks and painting away the flaws.

Half a week of rainy days will result in some further progress in my home improvement projects and a galette or two… 🙂

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Adjusted Habits

Last year’s lockdowns have driven me to adjust my habits. I have significantly reduced my consumption of food and goods alike. I cannot eat much at one sitting any more. That probably explains the fact that I did not gain any corona kilos in the past year and a half.

Spending less and needing less is a sort of freedom of the mind, body and from societal pressures. I personally find it a luxury.


Charging Port

D bought a new mobile phone a few weeks ago. That means I shall inherit his retired phone when I need to. His old phone will be an upgrade from my current phone.

Last week, I bought a replacement charging port and a transparent phone protector. Both arrived today.

After watching an online tutorial on how to dismantle a OnePlus 5, I went to work and replaced the charging port. Despite needing my reading glasses, all went well as I expected. The phone is charging perfectly right now.

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Painting Break

I finished painting the downstairs baseboards yesterday. It took me an entire Sunday morning and afternoon to complete the job. I was only out of my work clothes in the evening. And guess what, I fell asleep on the sofa later that night. It does not seem like much, but the moving, bending and concentration took its toll.

Today, I am taking a break so that my joints can recover. In a day or two, I shall resume the home improvement tasks of repairing cracks, repainting the support poles, removing cobwebs and dust strains, and replacing the silicone strips in the downstairs toilet. And of course, little touch-ups where necessary.

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Comparing Lives

Grandma always said that we should not compare ourselves to others. 人比人比死人, literally means that you can compare yourself to death!

Online, the quote goes 人比人气死人, 比上不足, 比下有余. This loosely translates to “Comparison creates frustrations, not enough to compare up, too much to compare down.”.

Nevertheless, it is only human nature that we constantly compare ourselves with those around us. We compare age, fitness, looks, intelligence, careers, health, wealth and the list goes on endlessly…

Even so, I have yet to find myself wanting to live someone else’s life. Often, I come across people who are wealthy but sickly, intelligent but bitter, beautiful but depressed, young but lonely.

In my case, I am the sole owner of my life. It is all up to myself on how I want it be.

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Host & Hostess

The last time D and I had people over for a meal at our home was Christmas 2019.

It is about time…

This evening, D’s parents will join us for a barbecue. After a pause of more than 18 months, we are slowly easing ourselves back into the roles of the friendly host and hostess. 🙂

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One Layer Chicken Spring Rolls

I have been wrapping my chicken spring rolls in two layers all these years. The reason being that I do not want them to burst in the hot frying oil. But today, I shall use the biggest wrap I can get and make my spring rolls in one layer. I shall fry one to test out the texture of this small alteration.

A bit of change in method shall be for the better. I find the two-layer spring rolls a bit tough and hard to my liking.

I shall also fold them a little flatter this time. We shall see…

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Curry Triangles

This afternoon, I made curry triangles (samosas) to fulfil an order placed a week ago. I needed only four pieces for the assortment box, but who in their right mind makes only four?! I made 21. The rest will be for future orders or self consumption. Not a problem.