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Rain Shower Water Regulating Cartridge

Three days ago, I managed to pry the water regulating cartridge out. I inspected it, de-calcified it, and returned it to its spot, making sure that I tightened the fixtures well. And yet, it still dripped. 🙁

After doing some serious read up on this particular fixture, I attempted to disassemble the entire thing yet again two days later. Well, it was one time too many. A small piece of plastic broke off from the cartridge. Needless to say, the dripping became worse…

This morning, D called a shop to ask if they might have the replacement part we needed. As luck has it, they do. Pricey as it was, it was immediate gratification. It took me only a few minutes to insert the new cartridge. And damn, no more dripping, smooth turning, it was like a new shower!


Plumbing Tasks

Today, I started my plumbing maintenance tasks.

First, I disassembled all the faucet filters and aerators. I de-calcified these by soaking them in white vinegar for a few minutes, and then cleaned them up by rinsing and brushing the parts with an old toothbrush under running water.

Next, I disassembled the entire kitchen sink faucet. I did this to check on the separate parts of the faucet, to determine which of these need to be replaced. Even though I have fixed the dripping issue a few weeks ago, I will still need to get a new 25mm cartridge replacement, to prevent bigger plumbing issues in the future.

Lastly, I turned off the main water inlet so that I may dissemble the rain shower faucet. It has been dripping for months and it was driving me nuts knowing that water and energy is getting wasted with every drop. I got as far as to removing the metal cartridge holder.

When my hands started to hurt, I knew I had to call it a day. The rest of this plumbing maintenance project will have to wait. Enough turning and twisting for today!

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Depend Less

When we need and want less, we spend less. And in this manner, we depend less on those who produce, provide and sell to us.

In the past two decades, I have mindfully set limits on my consumptions. I do not buy cheap ass Made-in-China trinkets. I have a food budget. I wear hand-me-down clothes without shame. In doing so, I limit my dependence on what are usually evil enterprises. I stop putting money into the pockets of those unethical bastards.

My wallet, my health and my conscience thank me for that.

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Coffee Machine Maintenance

Heck, water stopped coming out of the Dolce Gusto when I tried to make my morning coffee. And the freaking red light would not stop flashing! So, it was the internet to the rescue again… and I did not like what I read. I disassembled the machine (boy, that took a while) and checked to see if there were any issues with the inner parts and circuits. Because I did not see any visible mechanical problems, I proceeded to clean the thing the best I can. After a few times of stubbornly and repeatedly trying to run a mixture of vinegar and water through the machine, water started to come out. Phew… I managed to fix it this time! I better not push my luck too much, and remember to descale the coffee machine more often. One more task to the maintenance list.

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Leeks, Potatoes & Endives

I went for bread and groceries this morning. No more compulsory masks wearing in the stores. It is nice to see people smiling.

When I got home with my half-priced leeks, I started cooking up a pot of dump soup in which I tossed in leek greens, a medium-sized potato, and the rest of my home-grown endives. Discounted, no waste and very healthy.

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Korean Kimchi & Japanese Spinach Salad

In my attempt of not wasting food, I made kimchi and spinach salad. The kimchi is made by using up the expired kimchi spices, a glove of garlic, a carrot and a few leaves of a Napa cabbage bought a few days ago. I also used up the bag of fresh spinach leaves by turning this into a popular Japanese side dish of spinach salad. Kimchi and spinach salad can last a week or more in the refrigerator. Fresh vegetable rescued! 🙂

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Saturday Errand Walk

This Saturday morning, I stopped at the library to return and borrow a couple of books. Then, I strolled to the bank to get some cash because it is good to have a healthy getaway stash… 😉

Lastly, I went to the grocery store to purchase some discounted items I wanted. Normally, I avoid the weekend crowds at grocery stores. But today, I made an exception.

Special times call for special measures.

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Endive Harvest

This morning, I harvested one full size endive and a handful of second growths. The outer leaves of the one endive plus the mini versions will go into my no-waste mixed-veggie dump soup. The soup will also contain potatoes, carrots, and cabbage.

And a happy 79th birthday, dad! 🙂

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Bite Size Sums

Any overwhelmingly large sum can be broken down to digestible bite size numbers. The trick is to break it down into miniscule fragments, and spread these out for a significantly long period of time.

For example, when one spreads out a lottery winning in the millions to several decades, and breaks it down to weekly or monthly fragments, one will create a rather ‘humble’ payout to oneself. The same goes for debts.

If you have time and the capacity of sticking to a plan, there is no need to fear big sums.


List Of Unwanted Items

Today, I started a list of unwanted and unneeded items. These are typically gifts or things I received but have no use for. The unwanted items will be re-gifted, donated, or just simply given away to someone who wants them.