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Chilly Thursday & Friday

Despite the unpleasant cold wind, yesterday was a sunny and dry day. So, I took a walk to the weekly farmer’s market to buy eierkoeken and a rotisserie chicken. I also went to the ATM to get some cash. While walking home, I stopped by the bakery to buy a loaf of bread.

In the afternoon, I took the time to clean the water filter and de-calcified the coffee machine.

Today is a rainy and gloomy Friday. So, I baked a mixed fruit galette, using up the store-bought dough, and all the frozen fruit from last summer. I then harvested the outer leaves of the lettuces that are growing indoors, because they are getting a bit too unruly.

Later in the day, I rewarded myself with a mug of frothy matcha latte.

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Luxury To Postpone

For the past couple of months, Monday afternoons were spent taking a short walk to the baker for bread and to the local store for some light grocery shopping.

This afternoon, wind gusts went up to 80km/h, making all sudden outbursts of rain – horizontal! No thanks to that. I am staying put.

It is a luxury to have a filled pantry, fridge and freezer. It is a luxury to be able to call off a planned routine and adapt to the Belgian weather.

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Easter Lunch

Yesterday, D and I did our weekend errands of swinging by the library, visiting the parents, and grocery shopping together.

Because it was an Easter weekend and the beginning of a two-week school holiday, the grocery store was busy and packed full of people. Our grocery shopping for Easter lunch went on smoothly without any issues. The crowd was mainly made up of families who were running an errand together, there were no dramas, and checked out was efficient and uncomplicated.

This Easter Sunday, D and I have invited the parents over for lunch. Because my objective was to set a trend of no-fuss gatherings, we have prepared our food and drinks accordingly. We started with a simple drink of bubbly rosé (free with a coupon), accompanied by some warm appetizers (store-bought). Lunch was a small variety of meats which we grilled ourselves, home-made croquettes by the parents, and a big bowl of salad I put together in the morning.

After lunch, we had coffee, cookies and watched De Ronde on TV.

A simple get-together of minimum effort… 😉


Good Friday Gardening

It is Good Friday today. After placing a piece of frozen fish to thaw in the refrigerator for this evening’s dinner, I went outdoors to do some gardening.

It was windy, but dry, so I spent about an hour or two tidying up the backyard. I trimmed the grass borders and stopped when my right hand started to cramp. Then, I worked the soil in the flower bed next to the fish pond, and sowed a variety of flower seeds which I have saved from previous years.

Summer blooms will be wonderful little surprises, depending on the seeds that will germinate and grow.

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Frozen Fruit Galette

This afternoon, I took several items out of the freezer to make a simple fruit galette. The frozen ingredients were a store-bought pie crust, home-grown plums, last summer’s strawberries, and a few cubes of blackberry puree.

After eating two slices with whipped cream, I stored the rest of the galette in plastic containers which I then placed in the refrigerator.

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Paper To Card

This morning, I went to the city hall to replace my current papier rijbewijs to a bankcard-format driving license. My name will be stated correctly on this new license, and it will be valid for the next ten years.

I have been putting things in order since the third quarter of last year. First, I had my surname corrected. And then, I renewed my resident card. My passport renewal followed after that. After I have collected this new passport, I shall apply for a tourist visa. All this, for the sake of being legal and acquiring the freedom to cross oceans.

Next Thursday, I may go pick up my new driving license. For half the cost of my library membership, I am licensed to operate a vehicle, in Europe!

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Local Potatoes

Before lunchtime this Saturday, D and I completed our weekend errands:

  • collected UitPas point from the library
  • recycled glass
  • visited the parents
  • shopped for grocery and took advantage of discounts
  • delivered some grocery items to the parents
  • bought local potatoes from the farmer’s wife


The backyard is covered with patches of moss here and there. I do not see it as a problem because these will disappear on their own during the summer months. In fact, I find the moss patches rather lovely, reminiscent of a Japanese garden.

I have seen garden birds tilting the moss when they forage for food, and some birds use moss as building material or lining for their nests. So what is there to dislike?

Today, I pulled up handfuls of moss and placed these in my terrarium. When life gives you moss… 😛

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Mondays & Tuesdays

Starting this month, I have made some adjustments to my routine on Mondays and Tuesdays. On top of having to do the laundry, ironing and running the dishwasher, I have grocery shopping and buying bread added to my list of things to do on these two days.

This Tuesday has been particularly productive because I swept the walkway, raked the vegetable patch, and sow some early pumpkin and peas seeds.

Today, dinner will have to be prepared a bit earlier because D has a meeting to attend. Household waste will be going out to the curb in the evening, and I have a chat session with mom and dad. Busy busy indeed…


A Bucket Per Day

Before it started raining this afternoon, I picked up a small bucket worth of yard waste in the front of the house. Actually, I started this activity yesterday, filling a bucket with fallen leaves and dug up weed from the backyard. I shall try to make this a daily routine. Some fresh air, a bit of moving and gradually a tidier front and backyard.