Summer’s End

D mowed the lawn this afternoon because the upcoming week will be rainy and cold. Since I have been raking up fallen leaves and giving our ivy some light trimming in the past couple of days, the two bags of garden waste are almost full.

Yesterday, I moved the cold-sensitive plants indoors. For now, one corner of the living room will look like a green house till next spring. 😛

In the meantime, I have also been occupied with some sewing projects which are based on the concept of sashiko. I have repaired a few pair of jeans from D and I, hoping to get another few years out of these. I have shortened a pair of brown slacks, fixed a bra, and is currently combining two ripped pillow cases into one. I am also in the process of turning some rags and worn out textile into double-lined vacuum bags. Every few months or so, a full vacuum bag goes into the garbage bag, and this will be incinerated and converted into heat for the local warmtenet. That is a sure win on the environmental friendly front!

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Kitchen Faucet

This afternoon, D and I went to pick up the kitchen faucet parts which were ordered a few weeks ago. At home, we subsequently replaced the old valve and deteriorating bolt with new ones. I am pleased that the four old parts can be replaced by two new parts. Simplicity is a good thing. As well as being a bit handy! 😉

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Lunch At De Gavers

It is lovely weather to have a bike ride today. And I said that aloud while D and I were cycling away from home. 😉

We first stopped by a lunch place along the way, to buy broodjes. Then, we cycled slowly to our special bench to enjoy our lunch, while looking out towards the bird sanctuary part of De Gavers.

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Pasta & Errand Walk

Yesterday evening was spent drinking and having a pasta dinner with the neighbours. It was nice. These sort of connections are essential for a healthy community. I was there, the foreigner. We no longer live in a world where everyone looks the same. The sooner we all accept that and get use to it, the better prepared we are to face our ever-changing future.

This morning, I did my errand walk to the bank, library and the grocery store. The cartilage in my knee joints need to be squeezed. 😉

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Second Round

My cooking must have suited him well. D’s father will be coming over for a warm lunch today. I will be making the same thing, just with beef instead of chicken.

I have to say, getting the warm meal over with in the midday, leaves me with a lot of wiggle room for the rest of the day.


After Heat Wave Errands

Maximum temperature will not surpass 25°C today. Thus, an official end to the heat wave. About time…

Not having to stay home to avoid high temperatures, we ran some errands. We first went to Bierhalle DeConinck, maybe for the last time, to buy some beer. Not much left this time, since they will be closing the business by end of September. 🙁

Next, we dropped our glass bottles off at the glass recycling point. We then proceeded to the Ring Shopping to pick up my free goodie bag and did some window shopping while we were there. D ended up buying a new shirt. Lastly, we went to the Asian grocery store to purchase a few items in which I need.

And just like that, three hours flew by…


Simple Ice Babies

By wrapping towels around sturdy plastic containers containing frozen rain water, I have extra ice babies which I place in the middle of the bed just before going to sleep. This simple hack is quite the lifesaver, especially when the nights do not cool down to below 20°C! The next day, the containers go back into the freezer. Simple and effective.

This heatwave is really taking a toll on me. Five more nights to go…

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Postponed Walk

I got up this morning planning to do my almost-ritualistic walk to the ATM and the grocery store. It would be good to have some extra cash, take advantage of this week’s store promotions, get some light exercise, and to clear my head a bit.

A week ago, one of my uncles from my mother’s side passed away. He was the uncle I knew quite well during my childhood. I have lots of memories of him and his family, before they moved away from Lahad Datu in the late 70s. That move took away my favourite cousin Angela, and I was a devastated little girl for a long time.

Then there is the death of Kris. An ex-colleague that I admittedly do not know that well. The sysadmin. The person who always reminded me of my half-filipino cousins. He was not afraid to say what was on his mind. A friend to many. The most memorable moment I have of Kris is that he placed an electric collar on his somewhat naughty dog, with no intention whatsoever of using it.

These two deaths sadden me deeply. Kris’ death is especially difficult to accept. It messes me up when younger people died!

Lunch time came about, I took a portion of frozen bread out of the freezer, and decided not to do the walk after all. I have enough cash. I have enough food. In the end, I figure that a little less consumption will be more beneficial for all. As for that light exercise, I have enough garden work for that. Maybe Thursday Market tomorrow. Nothing is set in stone.

Rest in peace Uncle MC and Kris…