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Mondays & Tuesdays

Starting this month, I have made some adjustments to my routine on Mondays and Tuesdays. On top of having to do the laundry, ironing and running the dishwasher, I have grocery shopping and buying bread added to my list of things to do on these two days.

This Tuesday has been particularly productive because I swept the walkway, raked the vegetable patch, and sow some early pumpkin and peas seeds.

Today, dinner will have to be prepared a bit earlier because D has a meeting to attend. Household waste will be going out to the curb in the evening, and I have a chat session with mom and dad. Busy busy indeed…


A Bucket Per Day

Before it started raining this afternoon, I picked up a small bucket worth of yard waste in the front of the house. Actually, I started this activity yesterday, filling a bucket with fallen leaves and dug up weed from the backyard. I shall try to make this a daily routine. Some fresh air, a bit of moving and gradually a tidier front and backyard.

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Wait, Wait & Pause

Yesterday, my uncle helped me solve the year-long issue of an old SIM card replacement. Amen to that. Now, I wait for it to be sent to me.

This morning, I walked to the post office to send off certain important documents via registered mail. Though there was quite a long line of people, my turn came and the process went on smoothly and quickly. Issue number two will reach the other party by tomorrow. All I have to do now, is wait.

At this moment, I am putting a pause on issue three. I need to think this one through. I need to know my options. Then, I will decide what is the best approach and actions to take.

Eating an elephant, one bite at a time…

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Too Much Food?

The following items need to be consumed:

  • butter cake
  • a few slices of stale bread
  • small piece of hard cheese, more than a week in the fridge
  • bone and seafood broth, from the freezer
  • hutsepot, from the in-law
  • tofu, expiring in a couple of days
  • self-made bolognese sauce
  • naan
  • store-bought pie crust
  • an apple, an orange and ripe bananas
  • spitskool, a month in the fridge?!
  • sprouting potatoes bought last month
  • home-grown endives, second growth
Food & Drinks, Simplify

Special Speedy Grocery

This afternoon, I walked to the grocery store to purchase some last minute items for the upcoming New Year’s Eve dinner. The store was crowded, but I did not mind that one bit. I just grabbed the things I needed, paid with cash, and walked back home. All within half an hour or so.

I did not have to drive and park a car; nor do I have to cycle, park and lock a bicycle. For me, walking is the easiest and most stress-free. 🙂

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Storm Pia hit Belgium two days ago. Strong winds caused a Christmas tree to topple over in the city square of Oudernaarde. The tree, which was in the Christmas market, injured several people and killed a 63-year old woman.

Why would people want to be outdoors during a storm? Are we that heavily burdened by the yolk of consumerism? Are all those chrismassy obligations that important?

Since my thirties, I have been purposefully simplifying my life by reducing unnecessary obligations to myself and others. Nothing gets to be too important, that I lose sight of living.

A decade from now, I will be turning 63. May I still have overall good health, plenty of common sense, human decency, and a minimum number of pesky obligations.

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Mindful Consumption

Two days ago, D and I did our bulk purchase of grocery that filled up the entire back space of the car. Later, these items were stored away nicely in the pantry, the fridge and the freezer.

In the next weeks, we shall gradually and mindfully consume and use the items we bought.