Jibber Jabber, Simplify

Chilly Thursday & Friday

Despite the unpleasant cold wind, yesterday was a sunny and dry day. So, I took a walk to the weekly farmer’s market to buy eierkoeken and a rotisserie chicken. I also went to the ATM to get some cash. While walking home, I stopped by the bakery to buy a loaf of bread.

In the afternoon, I took the time to clean the water filter and de-calcified the coffee machine.

Today is a rainy and gloomy Friday. So, I baked a mixed fruit galette, using up the store-bought dough, and all the frozen fruit from last summer. I then harvested the outer leaves of the lettuces that are growing indoors, because they are getting a bit too unruly.

Later in the day, I rewarded myself with a mug of frothy matcha latte.