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Boeken Kaften

Yesterday afternoon, I walked to the library to attend the first session of book covering (kaften).

There were seven volunteers, plus two librarians. First, there was a short demo by the older librarian. Then, we were each given two books to start with. There were sufficient guidelines and useful comments for me to learn and pick this up. There was a coffee break in between, a bit of chit-chatting, and then a continuation with more books. The two hours went by quickly and all the new books were wrapped.

I have never covered books in sticky plastic before, and the last time I wrapped my text books (in brown paper) were in the 70s and 80s. I have learned a new thing. Yeah to that!

I shall continue doing this as long as I am able to. It is a small gesture of giving back to this community. Maybe I will even volunteer some time at the senior home, if they are looking for an extra pair of helping hands.