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Camp Fire

This evening, after an early dinner, D and I went to his friend’s newly acquired property for a camp fire gathering.

Although D and I were the only guests who showed up, the three of us had a lovely time sitting around the fire, drinking and chatting. M had worked very hard to transform the place to what we saw this evening. From the looks of things and from our experiences, D and I know that there will be much more work in store for his friend. I wish M all the best in his endeavour and adventure.

For D and I, our ‘building’ phase was 15 years ago. Been there, done it, not repeating it again if we can help it.

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Four Kilometres

Yesterday morning, I walked to the post office to acquire and send off a prepaid self-addressed envelope. I assumed that there will be a postal system or procedure for my request. Nope, they do not, I have assumed wrongly. Not wanting to buy the €4 package of 25 envelopes, I decided to walk home. But first, I withdrew money from the ATM.

At home, I took a few envelopes (to be sure) and walked back to the post office. This time I got an older post office worker attending to my request. I ended up buying five priority stamps, used two of that, and stuffed one envelop in another. Ha!

Today, I have walked 4km before lunch time. I am in the process of putting administrative things in order, moving on with the next phase of my life, step by step.

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Garden Shed

Vacuuming the garden shed once a year is one of my housekeeping chores. Having skipped this task for a year or two in the past meant that I have cleaned the shed for more than ten times since D and I moved here.

This afternoon, D moved most of the content out of the shed and cleaned the shed’s window. I vacuumed and then mopped the floor. When the floor dried, we moved all the things back in again. Stuff we have no need of, we set aside for our next trip to the recycling park.

Right now, D and I probably have the cleanest shed in the neighbourhood. 😉

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Bye Again Kat

This afternoon, D and I went to a friend’s home for a simple birthday gathering. It was also sort of a farewell party because Kat (not the birthday girl), whom I have known from integration class more than a decade ago, will be leaving for the Philippines after living in Belgium for three years. Kat did the same ten years ago. She left, after being in Belgium for a year, for a better future.

Kat’s departure saddens me a little. But if someone will be happier somewhere else, then I am all for it. I have crossed oceans several times for a better life, I will never be against life-path-corrections, regardless of age.

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Yesterday afternoon, D and I went to the baby shower of our next door neighbour. I have lost count of how many baby showers D and I have been to since we moved into this neighbourhood in 2010. The baby from my first babyborrel is now a teenage girl of thirteen!

At Raf’s baby shower, neighbours current and past grouped together as usual. We drank, took photos, chatted, laughed, ate appetizers and hamburgers, and drank some more. The weather was gorgeous, the location lovely, food and drinks were in abundance, and we were amongst people we know and care about.

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Unlocked Cars

In the wee hours of Sunday, a few cars in the neighbourhood have been broken into. Sunglasses, a wallet, and etc have been stolen. Well, what a beginning to Mother’s Day for some of our neighbours… to have to call the police and probably kicking themselves for not locking up the vehicles or leaving valuables in the cars. I did not realise until yesterday that there are still people who do not lock their cars. I have only seen this in Kalamazoo in the 90s!

After that bit of morning drama, things went calm for me. I spent the day doing a bit of admin work, a bit of finance, and then some gardening. Trench composting my kitchen scraps, and opening up a new ‘composting pit’. I got this down to an art by now. 🙂

This Monday afternoon, D and I ran errands. First, we bought a crate of beers and some. Then we dropped by Molecule so that I may pick up a Too Good To Go surprise I have ordered in the morning. But before that, we went to check the price of the TV we bought a month ago. Still the same. D bought a belated Mother’s Day bouquet before we headed over to the cafeteria. I got a full meal of soup, fish rolls, mashed potatoes, cooked vegetables, a piece of cake, plus a crêpe. What a deal!

Last thing we did before heading home was to buy potatoes from the potato farmer across the street. These potatoes cost only €7.50, and will last a month. Another good deal.

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Laam Zam & See Hum

This morning, I completed a sewing project which I took on a few weeks ago. My objective was to turn the torn guest room comforter into a bolster (laam zam in Cantonese). I do not have need for a laam zam, nor any sort of pillows, with the exception of my baby pillow; but it sure was satisfying to be able to re-purpose an old item and turned it into something new, with the use of a sewing machine and some planning… 🙂

This evening, I have cockles (see hum in Cantonese) for dinner. According to Wikipedia, this bivalve is eaten all over the world. I was mildly amused that Wikipedia mentioned cockles in its Cantonese name but not in Mandarin. Maybe it is more of a Southern Chinese thing? I remember the older generation boiling and consuming cockles (blood cockles) as late evening snacks, but never saw it as a dish at the dinner table. My last memories of see hum before this evening’s dinner was of my college years in West Malaysia. Roaming the streets of Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur and Pulau Pinang with friends, in search of the best Char kway teow.

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Wined, Dined & Scanned

I have not blogged since last Wednesday. But I am doing so now, five days later…

The above is a photo I snapped of my lovely dinner, when D and I went out eating last Thursday evening. Shortly after I began eating, my world turned alarmingly noisy, suffocatingly warm and darker. I then made the big mistake of standing up and heading to the toilet in search for some calm.

The next thing I know, I was laying flat on the cold tiled floors in the hallway!

I vaguely remember being led out of the restaurant, sitting in an ambulance, and then ending up in the emergency room of AZ Groeninge!

A total of six people took care of me. I was kept for observation for a few hours, my blood drawn, my head scanned, and my vitals checked. In the end, I need not stay overnight at the hospital. *phew*

Right now, I am here, breathing, writing this blogpost, and determine to rest and recover.