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C2 to DS4

Yesterday afternoon, D and I went to pick up the car.

The entire replacement process of the trusty C2 to an almost new DS4 has taken about two and a half months! I am pleased that the papers are finally in order, that the car is in our possession, and that D is adapting and driving this beautiful machine…

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7th Grand Aunt

Today, my seventh grand-aunt’s funeral took place in Singapore. She was the sister-in-law of my beloved maternal grandmother. My ties to the first generation Foong family ends with her, and with sending the 白金. I do still have a good connection with my mom’s cousin, which is a second generation Foong.

Now, I wonder what happened to that black and white photo of grand-aunt and I sitting at the bottom stairs of my grandparents house in Lahad Datu?

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No Bullshit Era

When I turned fifty in peak COVID-19 year of 2021, I congratulated myself for having reached the No Bullshit Age.

My self-invented free pass for no longer tolerating just any bullshits in life gave me the courage to demand, nag, and stand on my own.

Nevertheless, I am always prepared to have my mind and opinions altered, when presented with undeniable facts. One may not be too stubborn to the point of blind stupidity. I for one refuse to turn into an old idiot.

Learn new things. Do not believe in every single opinions you come across on the internet. Sleep well. Eat well. Be calm. Be brave. Laugh. Spend your money. Compost those kitchen scraps. Do not waste food. Future proof yourself. Plan and take action. Travel and see the world – be it physically or virtually. Read. Tend to your ikigai like it is your only child.

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Car Transition

The morning of March 15th was the last I saw of the trusty little C2…

The 20-year-old vehicle has served both of us well. How strange is it to realise that majority of the people who know us, never saw D driving anything else! Ha!

Now, we are actively in search for a used car. A car that we will use for at least a few years, until we transition to driving an electric vehicle. Want it or not, electric vehicles are the future. Our most basic requirement for this good-looking (no compromise on aesthetics) car is that it runs on petrol instead of diesel. An automatic transmission will be good to have and to get use to. Any other fancy bells and whistles, will just hopefully be bonuses and nice-to-haves.

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Creative Leftovers

Different people react differently to free food and drinks.

While my mother will be pleased to take when offered, my father will be wary and most likely refuse. D’s mother on the other hand will even go for seconds. D will take whatever that is offered, then look, and will hand it to me if he does not want it. πŸ˜›

My mother knows that she has the rights and entitlement to the free things life has to offer. My father, who grew up believing that ‘there is no free lunch’, cannot bring himself to partake in this kind of things. I will not try to analyse the Belgians.

As for me, I will take whatever that is offered but will not ask for more. My advantage is that I would or can, eat and drink anything.

This evening, this alleseter will whipped up a ‘creative leftover’ dish for dinner. The fridge needs to be tidied up a bit.

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The Blurry Years

Yesterday, I started going through boxes containing my personal paperwork. My main intention was to look for copies of my old passports and attached visas, while also decluttering.

Five decades, three continents, six languages and numerous addresses later; it dawned on me that I am having problem recalling certain years of my life.

For instance, I can not remember certain things that happened in the late 90s to the mid-2000s. I must have had renewed my passport and applied for a tourist visa to the US, but I have no memory of how that was accomplished. If not for the yearly summaries, I would have probably forgotten about my role in settling my parents’ retirement funds, property rights, planning international trips, and so on and so forth.

These years of several ocean-crossings were a blur to me. So many things happened in those hectic days – at a non-Sabahan speed and frequency!

Five decades, three continents, six languages, and numerous addresses later; I am still counting.

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Today is a sad day…

My mother’s second sister has passed away after going into a coma a few days ago. I remember her fondly as a tall, soft-spoken, alert and kind-hearted auntie who will only call me and my siblings by our given Chinese names.

Because of my yiyima, I received money and newspaper mentions for scholastic achievements every year. She made sure that my mother apply for these from δΈ­ε±±ε…¬ζœƒ.

The last time I saw yiyima was eight years ago, when my parents and I went back to Sabah to attend grandma’s funeral.

Rest in peace, 二姨εͺ½.

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When I was in my mid-twenties working in my mother’s life insurance agencies, many people thought that I was a teenager. A friend of my aunt thought I was seventeen when I was a twenty-five year old university graduate. πŸ˜›

Going through your twenties and thirties with a face that was a decade younger has its pros and cons…

One of the disadvantages of looking way younger than one’s real age, was not being taken seriously by certain people. Although, with the right twists and strategies, my youthful looks was used to my advantage. Many did not see a ‘calculating strategist’ when they looked upon my damn innocent face. Ha!

Most people my age would love to be able to turn back time. They envy the youth and wish to be frozen in a certain younger period of their lives. Not me. I do not envy the youth, nor do I want to turn back time. I have travelled on interesting and unique paths in my teens, twenties, thirties, and forties; to reach my fifties. I am content to be at this point in my life. Life has been good to me.

All the best to those who still need to catch up. πŸ˜‰

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The Happiest Two!

The following photo shows a two-year-old me. A happy toddler and her humongous home-made birthday cake! My mom baked this creation without any measuring equipments, she literally hacked her way to this using empty tin cans.

Fifty one years ago today, I got a gigantic home-hacked butter cake with runny icing, and two large regular candles balanced precariously on top. I do not remember this day, but I am pretty sure I was the happiest girl at that moment. πŸ˜€

Wonder what happened to that cute birthday card? Looks familiar. Like I have it somewhere, tucked amongst my many possessions…

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My youngest brother M, turns forty-four today. Damn, I still remember holding this baby in my arms more than four decades ago. I wish M a very healthy year, filled with joy and good fortune. And the obstacles in front of him are mild and avoidable.

Forty-four was not such a good age for me. I lost grandma that year…

So, that’s that. Now I buy two train tickets to Brussels tomorrow. Thank goodness there is a Winter Promo, train tickets are at half price.

This is me making the best in whatever life throws my way.