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When I was in my mid-twenties working in my mother’s life insurance agencies, many people thought that I was a teenager. A friend of my aunt thought I was seventeen when I was a twenty-five year old university graduate. 😛

Going through your twenties and thirties with a face that was a decade younger has its pros and cons…

One of the disadvantages of looking way younger than one’s real age, was not being taken seriously by certain people. Although, with the right twists and strategies, my youthful looks was used to my advantage. Many did not see a ‘calculating strategist’ when they looked upon my damn innocent face. Ha!

Most people my age would love to be able to turn back time. They envy the youth and wish to be frozen in a certain younger period of their lives. Not me. I do not envy the youth, nor do I want to turn back time. I have travelled on interesting and unique paths in my teens, twenties, thirties, and forties; to reach my fifties. I am content to be at this point in my life. Life has been good to me.

All the best to those who still need to catch up. 😉

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The Happiest Two!

The following photo shows a two-year-old me. A happy toddler and her humongous home-made birthday cake! My mom baked this creation without any measuring equipments, she literally hacked her way to this using empty tin cans.

Fifty one years ago today, I got a gigantic home-hacked butter cake with runny icing, and two large regular candles balanced precariously on top. I do not remember this day, but I am pretty sure I was the happiest girl at that moment. 😀

Wonder what happened to that cute birthday card? Looks familiar. Like I have it somewhere, tucked amongst my many possessions…

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My youngest brother M, turns forty-four today. Damn, I still remember holding this baby in my arms more than four decades ago. I wish M a very healthy year, filled with joy and good fortune. And the obstacles in front of him are mild and avoidable.

Forty-four was not such a good age for me. I lost grandma that year…

So, that’s that. Now I buy two train tickets to Brussels tomorrow. Thank goodness there is a Winter Promo, train tickets are at half price.

This is me making the best in whatever life throws my way.

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Booster Effects?

Two years ago today, I got my first COVID-19 booster shot.

Yesterday, D and I went for our 2023 winter booster shot at a pharmacy. This morning, I woke up early due to a light headache and tightness in my chest. Right now, my body is aching all over.

Unpleasant side effects mean that the vaccine is effective, and that I am building up antibodies.

It is either that, or I caught the bug from the shopping malls crowds!

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Not New Zealand…

Grandma would have been 100 this year. Tony would have been 50 today.

To commemorate this day and the people who had impacted my life significantly, I opened a certificate of deposit. Many would have preferred planting a tree or laying a bouquet at the grave, but this is my way.

Today, I recall and remember the decisions I have made thus far, the turning points I have faced, the course corrections I took, and the butterfly effects of life.

What if I have chosen New Zealand?!

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2023 has been a freaky year where quite a number of things went kaput (kapot)…

It started out with me fainting in a restaurant in March. Now, that was a health scare I do not wish on anyone.

Then the TV went kapot in early April – yep, the same TV that we brought to the recycling park a couple of days ago. In May, the washing machine stopped working. Fortunately, it was resurrected by D with parts we bought online. In June, I had a puncture in my front bike tire, while cycling to a dental appointment. Damn?!

In August, both D and I became victims of banking algorithms and have to end our relationship with a certain financial institution. Since there was not a single thread of wrong doing on our part, I took my time and closed my accounts ever so gradually. In September, I was able to sell off my mutual funds with a nice profit. Yeah for me.

When I renewed my library membership at the end of September, things got really messy. But with the help of a translation program, I was able to get the matter fixed via email. My love-hate relationship with AI… *sigh*

October, the condensation in our living room panel windows got worse and it was decided that we will have them replaced. Fortunately, insurance is going to help pay off a big part of that cost.

November, the freezer went berserk and had to be turned off completely. A few days later and by some sort of sorcery, I fixed it. What?

D an I are handy people. And if you care to look and do your research, you will most likely come across some good options and solutions. I discovered the Epley Maneuver and managed to fix the lingering vertigo six weeks after my fall. Not all is doom and gloom. 🙂

Oh yeah, my 16-year old Sony sound cancellation head phones also entered the ‘list of kaput things’ this month.

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Green Bean Casserole

It is almost Thanksgiving in America. On the food websites that I frequent, a popular Thanksgiving side dish known as green bean casserole keeps popping up. The only time I had tasted this dish was more than two decades ago. It was a Thanksgiving meal at the home of my cousin’s co-worker. My fond memory of that day makes me want to make the dish for myself. Soon…

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Two Oceans

When grandma passed away in October 2015, I crossed two oceans to be at her funeral.

The first ocean I crossed was the Atlantic. I flew from Europe to the US to pick up my parents, so that we may travel together back to Malaysia.

The second ocean was the Pacific…

I did what I did. I am who I am because I have observed and learned from the people I met in life.

Be there. Be kind to others, especially your elders. When time comes, you will want others to have consideration and kindness towards you.

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Camp Fire

This evening, after an early dinner, D and I went to his friend’s newly acquired property for a camp fire gathering.

Although D and I were the only guests who showed up, the three of us had a lovely time sitting around the fire, drinking and chatting. M had worked very hard to transform the place to what we saw this evening. From the looks of things and from our experiences, D and I know that there will be much more work in store for his friend. I wish M all the best in his endeavour and adventure.

For D and I, our ‘building’ phase was 15 years ago. Been there, done it, not repeating it again if we can help it.