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C2 to DS4

Yesterday afternoon, D and I went to pick up the car.

The entire replacement process of the trusty C2 to an almost new DS4 has taken about two and a half months! I am pleased that the papers are finally in order, that the car is in our possession, and that D is adapting and driving this beautiful machine…

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Infrequent Mowing

The last time D mowed the lawn, with our new lawnmower, was two weeks ago. We did not participate in Maai Mei Niet this year, but we do practice infrequent mowing the best we can.

Who the heck in their right minds want uniformed manicured grass carpets deprived of blooms and insects?! Boring…

This is what part of our backyard looks like today, and I just love it!

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Auto Convert

This morning, I set up an automatic conversion of the Dollar to Euro in my multi-currency account. I also did a wire transfer from Malaysia to the United States.

In the evening, D and I had an early dinner and then biked to the library for a talk about investment. The young speaker only touched on fundamental investment basics, and did not offer any special tips. I have a feeling that the majority of his listeners probably have more investment know-how than him.

After the talk, D and I went to the café and had a beer each. I was pleasantly surprised to find my Dutch teacher sitting there with her friends. I have not seen her for more than a decade! We chatted a bit and then went on to do our own things.

D and I got home by ten.

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Books, Card & Breads

Yesterday, I spent two hours at my volunteer work of plastic covering new library books. Now that I got a hang of it, I find the process quite therapeutic.

This morning, I received the payment card I applied for on Monday. What?! Wow!

In the afternoon, I baked a strata to use up some of the breads that I bought via Too Good To Go. I still have so much left… I think I will need to bake a second strata, make a few jars of croutons, and then finish up with some bread crumbs.

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Backup Card

This morning, I applied for a card that will serve as an alternative payment means. It is sensible to set up alternatives – especially in terms of finances. I have also moved some funds about so that I am optimizing the benefits of my different accounts.

In the afternoon, I took a brief stroll to the grocery store to buy some discounted food items. Walking is good gentle exercise, and the freezer is my friend.

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Today, I uploaded an invoice of transfer to proof that I am the legal holder of a certain account. The transaction was processed and completed a few hours later. Sometimes, things just work. And thankfully, this was one of those time.

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As of today, four of my current financial transactions were completed.

  • Malaysia to Singapore was a tad inconvenient, costly but instantaneous.
  • US to US took a couple of days, but was free, simple and safe.
  • US to Belgium was attached with a small ignorable fee, but the process took ten days!
  • Belgium to Belgium was instant, cost free, and in Dutch. Yep, Dutch.
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Systems Technology

Systems technology is the study of how to design, build, and operate complex systems. It is a broad field that encompasses many different disciplines, including engineering, computer science, and mathematics. Systems technologists are responsible for developing the tools and techniques that are used to create and manage complex systems.

✓System modeling and analysis

✓System design and optimization

✓System control and automation

✓System safety and reliability

✓System security and resilience

✓System integration and testing

✓System maintenance and evolution

✓System economics and management

✓System ethics and social impact

✓System interoperability and standards

✓System visualization and simulation

✓System artificial intelligence

✓System big data analytics

✓System cloud computing

✓System cyber-physical systems

✓System internet of things

✓System robotics and automation

✓System sensor networks

✓System software engineering

✓System systems engineering

✓System telecommunications

✓System transportation systems

✓System virtual reality

✓System wearable technology

✓System other emerging technologies

Source: igminresearch.com

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Easter Lunch

Yesterday, D and I did our weekend errands of swinging by the library, visiting the parents, and grocery shopping together.

Because it was an Easter weekend and the beginning of a two-week school holiday, the grocery store was busy and packed full of people. Our grocery shopping for Easter lunch went on smoothly without any issues. The crowd was mainly made up of families who were running an errand together, there were no dramas, and checked out was efficient and uncomplicated.

This Easter Sunday, D and I have invited the parents over for lunch. Because my objective was to set a trend of no-fuss gatherings, we have prepared our food and drinks accordingly. We started with a simple drink of bubbly rosé (free with a coupon), accompanied by some warm appetizers (store-bought). Lunch was a small variety of meats which we grilled ourselves, home-made croquettes by the parents, and a big bowl of salad I put together in the morning.

After lunch, we had coffee, cookies and watched De Ronde on TV.

A simple get-together of minimum effort… 😉

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A New Pastime

This morning, I went to the city hall to pick up my Belgian (European) driving license. The exchange of old and new licenses took only a few seconds, I did not even need to sign off on anything. Oh yeah, I am now officially allowed to ride a moped. Ha?!

After the city hall, I went to an ATM to exchange my dollars to euros. I then walked a bit in the weekly market and bought two eierkoeken for D. I met D’s mom, and we chatted for a bit before we went our separate ways home. Along the way, I stopped by the grocery store to check out its win-win products. These are discounted items that are about to expire.

By purchasing win-win products, I am saving food from going into the dumpster, trying out products that I never considered buying, and saving some money. It is definitely a win-win activity and likely to become one of my favourite pastime. 😉