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Creative Leftovers

Different people react differently to free food and drinks.

While my mother will be pleased to take when offered, my father will be wary and most likely refuse. D’s mother on the other hand will even go for seconds. D will take whatever that is offered, then look, and will hand it to me if he does not want it. 😛

My mother knows that she has the rights and entitlement to the free things life has to offer. My father, who grew up believing that ‘there is no free lunch’, cannot bring himself to partake in this kind of things. I will not try to analyse the Belgians.

As for me, I will take whatever that is offered but will not ask for more. My advantage is that I would or can, eat and drink anything.

This evening, this alleseter will whipped up a ‘creative leftover’ dish for dinner. The fridge needs to be tidied up a bit.

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Frozen Fruit Galette

This afternoon, I took several items out of the freezer to make a simple fruit galette. The frozen ingredients were a store-bought pie crust, home-grown plums, last summer’s strawberries, and a few cubes of blackberry puree.

After eating two slices with whipped cream, I stored the rest of the galette in plastic containers which I then placed in the refrigerator.

Food & Drinks

Matcha Latte

A few months ago, I had a matcha latte in Kortrijk. I really enjoyed the simple drink of tea and milk, but find it to be a tad too costly. Matcha latte, which contain only three to four ingredients can be made easily at home. So, when I came upon matcha powder in the store not so long ago, I did not hesitate to put that in my shopping cart.

This weekend, I have been making warm matcha lattes using the milk frother my sister gave D and I a couple of years ago. Yum yum.

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Endives & Gold

I have spent the past two days making endive croquettes, endive salad, and a big pot of vegetable dump soup with loads of … endives. March is usually when we hit peak endives.

This evening, D has a meet up in Ghent. I promptly signed-up to a webinar to know more about investments in gold and precious metals. Never a dull moment here… 😉

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Geutelingen & Jumbo

I was planning to do a Too Good To Go purchase from the the baker this Sunday afternoon. But after taking a good look in the pantry, fridge and freezer, I decided not to.

D and I bought several bags of geutelingen this past Friday. And yesterday, we were running around in Jumbo supermarket like kids let free in a candy shop. Well, at least I was… 😛

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Lent & Valentine

Today is Ash Wednesday. It is also Valentine’s Day.

February’s Tournée Minérale is ongoing. I have even started that a week earlier, in January. As of today, I will also try to avoid meat on Wednesdays and Fridays for the entire lent season.

Cutting down on alcohol and meat is good for my health, the food budget, and the environment. Win, win and win!

Food & Drinks

Leek & Potato Soup

At lunch today, I finished up the last portion of the leek greens, potato and endive soup I made a few days ago.

On the kitchen stove, there is a fresh pot of leek and potato soup I made earlier this morning. This will be divided up into three portions – ready to be refrigerated when cool.

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Kiwifruit Experiment

Recently, I have been introducing the kiwifruit into my daily diet. I want to know if the fruit will actually be able to improve my sleep. This is part of the process of current-me taking care of my future-self.

It has been more than a week since I started this kiwifruit-for-better-sleep experiment. I think I have been sleeping better, but cannot make any specific conclusions as of now. I am still at the early stage of this ‘food first’ solution.

We shall see in a few weeks from now.

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Gingerbread House

No one has the time nor patience for the gingerbread house DIY kit, that was one of the circulating gifts at New Year’s Day family gathering. So when D brought it back home from his parents; I went ‘Heck, I’ll be the one doing this then…’.

This afternoon, I spent more than two hours assembling the gingerbread house. I have time, I have the patience for this sort of things, I can do it, and it was kinda fun. I will not be eating it though. 😛

Voila! Behold the gingerbread house!