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September Moon

Yesterday I took a short walk to the weekly market. But first, I dropped by the grocery store to buy a birthday card for my sister. At the market, I bought two eierkoeken and four mattentaarten. Before heading home, I did a simple currency exchange by ATM cash withdrawal.

At home, I finished my one helping of home-made seafood bisque and my leftover fish curry.

This morning, I wished my sister a happy 50th birthday, and told her that I will send her birthday card by post. 🙂

Before lunch, D and I went to a drinks centre to buy beers for self consumption and a gift basket of wines for tomorrow’s gathering with our next door neighbours.

Throughout the day, we used up and consumed leftovers of bacon strips, Greek yoghurt, and three crepes. No food waste!

In the evening, D and I stepped out to the terrace briefly to behold the last Super Harvest Moon of 2023.

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Blackberry Coulis

A day ago, I made a simple blackberry coulis. Most of this I stored as frozen cubes. To be used in future mocktails, cocktails, ice cream or frozen desserts. The sky’s the limit?!

I have a small jar of this coulis in the fridge. It is supposed to last a few days. I need to think of ways to use it up.

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Moldy Tomatoes

Three days ago, I started the process of sun drying the tomatoes I got from the in-laws. I have done this twice, with delicious success and results, in previous heat waves.

But today, I have to toss moldy tomatoes pieces into my trench composting hole. The heat was there, but I figure that the humidity was too high for the tomato slices to dry properly. What a shame.

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Beers, Friends & Simple Things

Yesterday afternoon, D and I went to a beer festival in Ghent. The weather was great. People were happily drinking and chatting. The beers were cold, delicious, and interesting.

After that, we went to Bruges for a garden party. That too was a lovely time spent amongst friends.

Today, D and I are taking it easy. I made a batch of carrot top pesto and two bottles of grenadine infused water.

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International Beers & Family Barbecue

Yesterday after dinner, D and I cycled six kilometres to the International Beer Festival in Zwevegem. The weather was great, there were a lot of people and the beer selection was interesting and tasty. Highlight of the evening was cycling back home in the dark after midnight! Say what you want… but twelve kilometres of cycling is an accomplishment for me. 😉

Today, we got invited by the parents to have a barbecued lunch. In such, we decided to spend time with family, took it easy and not go to the second day of the international beer festival.

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Fridge & Freezer Friendly

Yesterday, I took a walk to the grocery store to purchase ingredients for tuna tataki, two bags of frozen shrimps, ice cream, pre-made pizza dough and a few other items. I saved about twenty euros by taking advantage of discounts and coupons.

Today, I made a pizza for lunch, using up the rest of the bolognese sauce leftover from a few days ago.

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Consuming Tomatoes

The in-laws gave me about two kilograms of home-grown tomatoes a few days ago. The very ripe tomatoes were strained for tomato juice. Most of the seeds were removed and sowed into the vegetable patch. I cooked the rest of the tomatoes into a rustic sauce, adding to it half a bell pepper, an onion, and a clove of garlic. After the sauce cooled, I scooped it into two containers and placed these into the freezer.

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Bisque & Cash

This morning, I cooked a pot of seafood risotto, using up the rest of the bisque I made a week ago.

Later in the afternoon, D and I did our bulk grocery. This month’s purchase consisted mainly of meat and frozen items. I paid with cash.