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Mothers & Gardens

Mother’s Day 2022 felt like a pre-pandemic day.

In the afternoon, D and I went to a garden fair at Marke. We strolled about at leisure, drank beers, took some photos, and bought some local produce. Before leaving the park, D bought a potted dahlia for the mama.

We then proceeded to the parents house bearing the newly purchased gift. Since it was a weekend visit, there were drinking, chatting, ice-cream eating, and catching part of Giro d’Italia on tv.

D and I left at quarter to eight. Because D wanted to eat out and I did not feel like rush cooking a home-cook meal, we decided to try out a brasserie in town. Our neighbours love this place, and have been regulars for more than a year now. To D and I, the brasserie was just a typical place where food and service were decent. Nonetheless, it is nice to be able to add to our list, one more local eating place which is within biking distance. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Bread Pudding

At 9 o’clock in the morning, the baker woman had sold off all the big loaves. So on top of the small loaf of bread, I asked if I may also buy two pieces of the bread pudding she had on display. Lucky for me, she did have more than the pre-ordered (and seemingly very popular) amount of bread pudding.

For some strange reason, the taste and texture of the bread pudding took me back to Malaysia, to the happy days where we celebrated Hari Raya with our Moslem friends.

Damn it. Now that I have tasted the bread pudding, I am even more depress over the fact that the bakery will be stopping for good in the summer. I have eaten the bread for more than a decade! Not only will I miss breads that can stay fresh for three days, I now have to miss the bread pudding as well. ๐Ÿ™

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May First ’22

Making today a lazy Sunday after yesterday’s art and music festival would sound about right for D and I. But heck no, there were too many things to do today, we were not going to miss out!

It was my in-laws 51st wedding anniversary, so we dropped by the house to congratulate them. We gave them a box of cookies as gift. It was the thought and gesture that counts ๐Ÿ˜‰

After the brief visit, we proceeded to Kortrijk to experience the last day of Paasfoor. We purposely parked at one end of the city, and then threaded our way slowly to the other end where the MayDayMayDay Festival was held. D and I drank beers, shared a burger, and enjoyed the music of two performers we went to see. Before heading home, we bought oliebollen from the Paasfoor. One must have oliebollen when one is at a fair.

What an afternoon. And this evening, we shall pass out…

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Easter Barbecue 2022

The family is gathering at the parents for a barbecue to celebrate Easter.

As usual, there were too much food. And as usual, I ended up packing away the leftovers which I will consume in the next few days.

Since the parents did not bother to put up the umbrella this year, both D and I got sun-burned. The pandemic has made me a bit stupid. I should have known better than to have sit in the sun like that…

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Pancakes, Beef Stew & White Bread

On Saturday, I made pancakes. D and I had that for lunch. Later in the evening, we had beef stew and fries for dinner.

Sunday, D went to buy a loaf of white bread. White bread sandwiches for the next few days. Yum!

Yep, we were eating nice things this weekend. One should never stop enjoying the good and simple things.

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Leeks, Potatoes & Endives

I went for bread and groceries this morning. No more compulsory masks wearing in the stores. It is nice to see people smiling.

When I got home with my half-priced leeks, I started cooking up a pot of dump soup in which I tossed in leek greens, a medium-sized potato, and the rest of my home-grown endives. Discounted, no waste and very healthy.

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Korean Kimchi & Japanese Spinach Salad

In my attempt of not wasting food, I made kimchi and spinach salad. The kimchi is made by using up the expired kimchi spices, a glove of garlic, a carrot and a few leaves of a Napa cabbage bought a few days ago. I also used up the bag of fresh spinach leaves by turning this into a popular Japanese side dish of spinach salad. Kimchi and spinach salad can last a week or more in the refrigerator. Fresh vegetable rescued! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Endive Harvest

This morning, I harvested one full size endive and a handful of second growths. The outer leaves of the one endive plus the mini versions will go into my no-waste mixed-veggie dump soup. The soup will also contain potatoes, carrots, and cabbage.

And a happy 79th birthday, dad! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Crรชpes, Banana Muffins & French Toasts

My simple objective is to eat well, and not waste food.

Hence, I made crรชpes on Friday to celebrate Maria Lichtmis three days later. ๐Ÿ™‚

On Saturday, I made banana muffins, to which I added some walnut pieces. This is an alternative recipe to use up the ripening bananas. I cannot be making banana cream pie all the time! I might even be able to use the frozen banana pieces I have in this simple recipe. But that experiment is for next time.

Today, I made French toasts using the crustless white bread slices I tossed into the freezer last December.

Healthy me, healthy D, and healthy food budget.