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Pasta & Errand Walk

Yesterday evening was spent drinking and having a pasta dinner with the neighbours. It was nice. These sort of connections are essential for a healthy community. I was there, the foreigner. We no longer live in a world where everyone looks the same. The sooner we all accept that and get use to it, the better prepared we are to face our ever-changing future.

This morning, I did my errand walk to the bank, library and the grocery store. The cartilage in my knee joints need to be squeezed. 😉

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D and I went to a gathering of his old friends yesterday evening.We had a lovely time. I came away from that evening, knowing that life has been good to D and I.

This morning, I made three small jars of apple sauce. In the afternoon, I made four boxes of tomato onion sauce, that are now in the freezer. Best ways to use up the abundance of apples and tomatoes.

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Second Round

My cooking must have suited him well. D’s father will be coming over for a warm lunch today. I will be making the same thing, just with beef instead of chicken.

I have to say, getting the warm meal over with in the midday, leaves me with a lot of wiggle room for the rest of the day.

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Thursday Stir Fry

D and I biked to the Thursday Market this morning to buy things we needed for the next few days.

Today, I was to cook at noon for three people. D’s father joined us for a simple warm lunch of stir fry and rice. Nothing to it. Cooking for one more person is not a challenge. I have prepared food for 50 people back in my uni days. I was young and silly then… 😉

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Simple Summer Celebrations

Last Thursday, D and I cycled to Kortrijk to join his mother and her friends for a summer event known as Kortrijk Zomert. We had drinks, listened to music, and enjoyed ourselves amongst the summer crowds. At half past ten, D and I cycled back home. But because my bike light ran out of batteries, and it was too risky for an inexperience cyclist like me to cycle along the water in pitch black, we cycled half the route on the main street. I survived that.

Yesterday, D and I had the parents over for a simple Sunday barbecue. This way, D’s father may celebrate and enjoy a nice summer evening, not charged with barbecue duties. The pandemic is tough on people with a weak immunity. It is only fair that he gets to enjoy a get-together without the worry of getting sick. I think he appreciated the gesture, for we were gifted a very good red wine from 2005!

It is five o’clock in the afternoon now. Outside temperature is at 33°C and climbing. So far, I have followed the guidelines on how to keep myself and the house cool. Among the many tips of how to keep cool during a heat wave: wear light coloured loose-fitting clothes, drink water regularly, eat fruits and vegetables, open and close the doors and windows at the right time in the day, and avoid being in direct sunlight for too long.

This too, shall pass…

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Wo Hup

Sliced bread may be frozen for up to six months. The four loaves of bread that I bought today may not last that long, but it is good to know that D and I have till December to consume them.

Today is the last day of business for Francky and Magy. The end of an era. Because the couple are those behind-the-scene people, this city and most of its occupants may not feel the pain of their quiet departure any time soon. By next week or so, people will start wondering what is the matter with their fresh bread…

When I was young, I know of only one bakery in Lahad Datu. My father and our Italian Austrian priest were amongst Wo Hup’s loyal customers. I did not know that there were other (lesser) bakeries in town until the fateful day when Wo Hup burned down. The baker tried to bake his bread in a different location using a different oven, but it was never the same any more. The end of an era.

I wished Magy and Francky a bright future and all the best. The end of an era can mean a beginning of a wonderful phase. You never know, these days.

It has been raining the entire day today. I remember Wo Hup, and the sadness that was linked to the loss of good bread. I tried to recall the taste and smell of those wonderful white bread I had when I was a child, but that was too long ago.

An end of an era, and the beginning of many explorations and experiments in my bread purchasing future.