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In Order…

How does one take care of matters that is across oceans and continents? How does one make sure things are in order in a different time zone and will remain so?

For me, the best way is to dedicate a few hours a week to look into these matters. Keep the communication lines open with trusted contacts in the other time zones.

One step at a time, one thing at a time. Before you know it, a property is sold, your life insurance is paid, the money is transferred, your dormant post box revived, and so on and so forth.

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Cheese Crackers, Endive Soup & Books

I made cheese crackers from some of the parmesan and cheddar cheese that I have in the fridge. These taste good, but next time I shall add more cheese and increase the baking time.

At lunch, I consumed one of my four containers of endive soup. The ingredients in the soup are ‘second growth’ endives, potato, pumpkin and onion. Home-made and healthy…

In the past couple of days, I have been going through and gathering books that I am willing to part with (sell, donate or re-gift) eventually. I already have a pile of a dozen books and have many more to sort through. One can really collect a lot in a decade.

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Fifty Two

My bank in Malaysia has a product called Golden Savers Savings Account. The advertisement goes: Embrace your later years with confidence. Created for senior citizens, retirees and early retirement. For individuals aged 50 and above only.

In Malaysia, I am in the same category as senior citizens. Well, I guess when retirement age is 55 and most of the population do not get to see their 60s, people in their 50s are considered old.

Then there is the US, where the gap between rich and poor is so drastic it is beyond words. The current taxation system tends to sabotage the economy rather than helping it. If things do not change, most working Americans today will probably not get to enjoy their social security when they retire. In this case, they are in the same boat as I. I have a build up of thousands of dollars which I probably do not have the right to receive when I reach the US retirement age of 65. Knowing this however, does not make me regret leaving and crossing the ocean…

My experiences and encounters of living in three countries in the past five decades, allow me to have very different opinions regarding education, work, life, identity, retirement, health, death and what really counts as a good life.

What makes us happy is answered by an article I read not too long ago. But that is another story. Another blog post for another time. 😉

Time to try out the moelleux.

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Cheers To 2023!

Yesterday, D and I joined some of our neighbours to celebrate the new year with drinks and appetizers.

This evening, we went to Kortrijk to experience the city’s new year celebration. After the fireworks, there were free drinks, fries, and burgers for everyone!


Acts Of Kindness…

My wish for you is that you continue. Continue to be who and how you are, to astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness. Continue to allow humour to lighten the burden of your tender heart.

-Maya Angelou

Jibber Jabber


This morning, I gift-wrapped all the presents that D and I bought in the past couple of days. Boy, am I glad that is over with…

After lunch, D went to the grocery store to buy a gourmet set for our New Year Eve’s dinner. Better do it now that the shops are still relatively calm.

Yep, D and I are officially ready to give 2022 a good send off, and ready to welcome 2023 with open arms. 🙂