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Email Win

What a weekend…

Saturday afternoon, I went to the library to renew my membership. What happened then was a blur and I ended up with a new library card, a borrowed book and my decade-old library card blocked. What the heck?! I started to get really annoyed about it when I got home and had time to digest what just happened.

At five, D and I cycled to the city square to check out the annual food truck festival. It was too early to be exciting. We went home after fifteen minutes of walking around, to get ready for our dinner gathering with our next door neighbours.

The gathering was quite fun because our neighbours have a baby, an active toddler, and very friendly fluffy cats. We spent time drinking, eating and chatting till one in the morning.

Sunday was Open Bedrijvendag. In the afternoon, D and I visited a bike installing company and then a plastic recycling plant. After that, I have no interest nor energy to cook. So, dinner was fries and things from the frietkot, plus the leftover noodles from my neighbour.

This Monday morning, I strategised and schemed to get my old library membership back. First, I used DeepL to translate what I wrote in English, I copied pasted that into an email which I promptly sent to the library. I was ready to go into battle, to win my 15-year-old membership back.

Within an hour, I got an email back and everything is fixed. Thank you DeepL AI. Thank you baby universal translator.

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September Moon

Yesterday I took a short walk to the weekly market. But first, I dropped by the grocery store to buy a birthday card for my sister. At the market, I bought two eierkoeken and four mattentaarten. Before heading home, I did a simple currency exchange by ATM cash withdrawal.

At home, I finished my one helping of home-made seafood bisque and my leftover fish curry.

This morning, I wished my sister a happy 50th birthday, and told her that I will send her birthday card by post. 🙂

Before lunch, D and I went to a drinks centre to buy beers for self consumption and a gift basket of wines for tomorrow’s gathering with our next door neighbours.

Throughout the day, we used up and consumed leftovers of bacon strips, Greek yoghurt, and three crepes. No food waste!

In the evening, D and I stepped out to the terrace briefly to behold the last Super Harvest Moon of 2023.



Don’t rush. Accomplish at your pace. Speed doesn’t matter when you decide to relentlessly keep advancing towards your dream which ignites your being.

Hiral Nagda
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Mutatis mutandis

This morning, I read an opinion piece on Knack as regards to the use of the English language in Flanders. In general, I agree with the opinion, the remarks, and the conclusion made by the author.

From this article, I learned a Medieval Latin phrase mutatis mutandis, meaning “with things changed that should be changed” or “once the necessary changes have been made”.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the phrase is used when comparing two or more things to say that although changes will be necessary in order to take account of different situations, the basic point remains the same.

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Camp Fire

This evening, after an early dinner, D and I went to his friend’s newly acquired property for a camp fire gathering.

Although D and I were the only guests who showed up, the three of us had a lovely time sitting around the fire, drinking and chatting. M had worked very hard to transform the place to what we saw this evening. From the looks of things and from our experiences, D and I know that there will be much more work in store for his friend. I wish M all the best in his endeavour and adventure.

For D and I, our ‘building’ phase was 15 years ago. Been there, done it, not repeating it again if we can help it.

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Four Kilometres

Yesterday morning, I walked to the post office to acquire and send off a prepaid self-addressed envelope. I assumed that there will be a postal system or procedure for my request. Nope, they do not, I have assumed wrongly. Not wanting to buy the €4 package of 25 envelopes, I decided to walk home. But first, I withdrew money from the ATM.

At home, I took a few envelopes (to be sure) and walked back to the post office. This time I got an older post office worker attending to my request. I ended up buying five priority stamps, used two of that, and stuffed one envelop in another. Ha!

Today, I have walked 4km before lunch time. I am in the process of putting administrative things in order, moving on with the next phase of my life, step by step.

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Small Window

This afternoon, D and I finally figured out how to reach the highest roof window in the house. It took us less than an hour to carry the ladders upstairs, opened the window and cleaned it! Damn, it has never been this clean for years… 😛

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Sunday Choices

Today is the third day of Harelbeke Feest. But instead of spending hours at the city festival near home, with the possibility of meeting up with people we know, D and I chose to visit two Dag van de Landbouw sites. The day was spent amongst people, eating and drinking, with the bonus of seeing a variety of plants and farm animals. No regrets here!

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Blackberry Coulis

A day ago, I made a simple blackberry coulis. Most of this I stored as frozen cubes. To be used in future mocktails, cocktails, ice cream or frozen desserts. The sky’s the limit?!

I have a small jar of this coulis in the fridge. It is supposed to last a few days. I need to think of ways to use it up.