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Second Booster Shot

Yesterday, D and I went for our COVID-19 booster shots. We never had any reservation as regards to getting ourselves boostered before the autumn. Vaccination does not only protect the vaccinated, but also those they interact with.

As of now, I have had three different kinds of vaccine in me. 😛

Aside for some achy muscles and joints, this is by far the mildest side effects that I have encountered.


Change The Story…

There’s always a story. It’s all stories, really. The sun coming up every day is a story. Everything’s got a story in it. Change the story, change the world.
~Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky


Summer’s End

D mowed the lawn this afternoon because the upcoming week will be rainy and cold. Since I have been raking up fallen leaves and giving our ivy some light trimming in the past couple of days, the two bags of garden waste are almost full.

Yesterday, I moved the cold-sensitive plants indoors. For now, one corner of the living room will look like a green house till next spring. 😛

In the meantime, I have also been occupied with some sewing projects which are based on the concept of sashiko. I have repaired a few pair of jeans from D and I, hoping to get another few years out of these. I have shortened a pair of brown slacks, fixed a bra, and is currently combining two ripped pillow cases into one. I am also in the process of turning some rags and worn out textile into double-lined vacuum bags. Every few months or so, a full vacuum bag goes into the garbage bag, and this will be incinerated and converted into heat for the local warmtenet. That is a sure win on the environmental friendly front!

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Pelican, Fireworks & Plants

It was Harelbeke Feest last weekend.

Heavy rains and chilling temperatures kept D and I away from Friday’s pre-braderie at the city park.

But on Saturday evening after dinner, D and I cycled off to attend a bother-line crazy music performance at Rat Rock. We then walked to the city centre and watched the fireworks from the bridge. Because of the weather, there were much less people this year. But it was fun nevertheless.

Sunday, D and I visited two places for Dag Van De Landbouw. Plants and farming are way more interesting than a city festival. 😉

When we reached home, D and I decided that we still have time to attend some late afternoon activities at the city festival. So, we hopped on our bicycles and were in the city in a few minutes. We met and chatted with people we know, bought some mattentaarten, and supported the fire brigade by buying a burger and beer from their food stand. We cycled home before sunset, and I prepared a stir fry chicken noodle dinner for D.

Mid-September events are on a roll again…

Jibber Jabber

Rain Is Coming

It is almost middle of September and rainy days will be upon us soon. So yesterday afternoon, D and I did some garden work to tidy up our front and back lawns. It was not all work in our case, because we got to pet a neighbour’s new puppy. What an adorable ball of fur! 🙂

Today, I did my weekly ironing in the morning. I then harvested some chives to make a batch of chive pesto. I sowed some habanero seeds, placed the pot indoors, and hope that I shall have habanero plants by next spring. For lunch, D and I had croque monsieur to finish up the bread that we bought on Sunday.

In the evening, I put the garbage and PMD bags out on the pavement for tomorrow’s pick up.

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Open Monumentendag 2022

This afternoon, D and I went to visit several sites that are made available to the public on this Open Monumentendag. These kind of outings and cultural exposures are interesting learning experiences for me. I find it a pity that I am almost always the only person of colour amongst the crowd.

D and I concluded the day by treating ourselves to some beers and a lovely sushi dinner.



Today, Queen Elizabeth passed away. She has been a constant in my life. A steadfast reminder and proof that a woman can be the ruler of nations. She was a queen to many, but I mourn the passing of a mother, a grandmother, and one of the most important role models of my time.

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Kitchen Faucet

This afternoon, D and I went to pick up the kitchen faucet parts which were ordered a few weeks ago. At home, we subsequently replaced the old valve and deteriorating bolt with new ones. I am pleased that the four old parts can be replaced by two new parts. Simplicity is a good thing. As well as being a bit handy! 😉