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Chilly Thursday & Friday

Despite the unpleasant cold wind, yesterday was a sunny and dry day. So, I took a walk to the weekly farmer’s market to buy eierkoeken and a rotisserie chicken. I also went to the ATM to get some cash. While walking home, I stopped by the bakery to buy a loaf of bread.

In the afternoon, I took the time to clean the water filter and de-calcified the coffee machine.

Today is a rainy and gloomy Friday. So, I baked a mixed fruit galette, using up the store-bought dough, and all the frozen fruit from last summer. I then harvested the outer leaves of the lettuces that are growing indoors, because they are getting a bit too unruly.

Later in the day, I rewarded myself with a mug of frothy matcha latte.

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Boeken Kaften

Yesterday afternoon, I walked to the library to attend the first session of book covering (kaften).

There were seven volunteers, plus two librarians. First, there was a short demo by the older librarian. Then, we were each given two books to start with. There were sufficient guidelines and useful comments for me to learn and pick this up. There was a coffee break in between, a bit of chit-chatting, and then a continuation with more books. The two hours went by quickly and all the new books were wrapped.

I have never covered books in sticky plastic before, and the last time I wrapped my text books (in brown paper) were in the 70s and 80s. I have learned a new thing. Yeah to that!

I shall continue doing this as long as I am able to. It is a small gesture of giving back to this community. Maybe I will even volunteer some time at the senior home, if they are looking for an extra pair of helping hands.

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Luxury To Postpone

For the past couple of months, Monday afternoons were spent taking a short walk to the baker for bread and to the local store for some light grocery shopping.

This afternoon, wind gusts went up to 80km/h, making all sudden outbursts of rain – horizontal! No thanks to that. I am staying put.

It is a luxury to have a filled pantry, fridge and freezer. It is a luxury to be able to call off a planned routine and adapt to the Belgian weather.

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Paasfoor 2024

The weather was lovely yesterday. So D, his mother, and I went to the Paasfoor in Kortrijk on its second last day. We walked about checking out the attractions, sat at a café to drink and snack, and then bought some oliebollen before heading home. The quick little outing was enjoyable. Fun in a smaller scale, is still fun. 😉

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Systems Technology

Systems technology is the study of how to design, build, and operate complex systems. It is a broad field that encompasses many different disciplines, including engineering, computer science, and mathematics. Systems technologists are responsible for developing the tools and techniques that are used to create and manage complex systems.

✓System modeling and analysis

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✓System control and automation

✓System safety and reliability

✓System security and resilience

✓System integration and testing

✓System maintenance and evolution

✓System economics and management

✓System ethics and social impact

✓System interoperability and standards

✓System visualization and simulation

✓System artificial intelligence

✓System big data analytics

✓System cloud computing

✓System cyber-physical systems

✓System internet of things

✓System robotics and automation

✓System sensor networks

✓System software engineering

✓System systems engineering

✓System telecommunications

✓System transportation systems

✓System virtual reality

✓System wearable technology

✓System other emerging technologies

Source: igminresearch.com

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No Bullshit Era

When I turned fifty in peak COVID-19 year of 2021, I congratulated myself for having reached the No Bullshit Age.

My self-invented free pass for no longer tolerating just any bullshits in life gave me the courage to demand, nag, and stand on my own.

Nevertheless, I am always prepared to have my mind and opinions altered, when presented with undeniable facts. One may not be too stubborn to the point of blind stupidity. I for one refuse to turn into an old idiot.

Learn new things. Do not believe in every single opinions you come across on the internet. Sleep well. Eat well. Be calm. Be brave. Laugh. Spend your money. Compost those kitchen scraps. Do not waste food. Future proof yourself. Plan and take action. Travel and see the world – be it physically or virtually. Read. Tend to your ikigai like it is your only child.


Reminder To Check

It’s good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it’s good too, to check up once in a while and make sure that you haven’t lost the things that money can’t buy.

George Horace Lorimer
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Car Transition

The morning of March 15th was the last I saw of the trusty little C2…

The 20-year-old vehicle has served both of us well. How strange is it to realise that majority of the people who know us, never saw D driving anything else! Ha!

Now, we are actively in search for a used car. A car that we will use for at least a few years, until we transition to driving an electric vehicle. Want it or not, electric vehicles are the future. Our most basic requirement for this good-looking (no compromise on aesthetics) car is that it runs on petrol instead of diesel. An automatic transmission will be good to have and to get use to. Any other fancy bells and whistles, will just hopefully be bonuses and nice-to-haves.

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Creative Leftovers

Different people react differently to free food and drinks.

While my mother will be pleased to take when offered, my father will be wary and most likely refuse. D’s mother on the other hand will even go for seconds. D will take whatever that is offered, then look, and will hand it to me if he does not want it. 😛

My mother knows that she has the rights and entitlement to the free things life has to offer. My father, who grew up believing that ‘there is no free lunch’, cannot bring himself to partake in this kind of things. I will not try to analyse the Belgians.

As for me, I will take whatever that is offered but will not ask for more. My advantage is that I would or can, eat and drink anything.

This evening, this alleseter will whipped up a ‘creative leftover’ dish for dinner. The fridge needs to be tidied up a bit.