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A year older today.

The chilly but sunny day is an ideal moment for a peaceful walk. First, I went to the baker to buy a loaf bread, and then to the grocery store to exchange some of my loyalty points for a free mango.

Yesterday, I bought some Belgian shares as a birthday gift to myself. 🙂

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Mini SIM

One of the smart phones I use still functions with a mini SIM card. Recently, that has become an obstacle in my banking activities. But instead of committing myself immediately to drastic solutions and actions, I first rummaged through my pile of retired cell phones. Lo and behold, I found one which can fit in a mini SIM card! The retired gadget even belong to a newer generation in comparison to the one I am currently using.

Placing the ancient SIM card into the younger phone allowed me to install a necessary banking application, which led to the enabling of a security feature required by this specific bank.

A bit complicated, I know. But I have solved a problem by using simpler unconventional steps. The plus side of this is that I even get to revive and reuse an otherwise stored-away gadget.

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Between Two Rainfalls

I had to return two library books today. They were already one day late. Yikes…

So, after checking the weather forecast, I walked off at 14.20, keeping in mind that I have at least an hour of clearing. I have my umbrella with me, just in case. It was a short walk.

After returning the two books (phew, no late fees), I could not stop myself from borrowing three books and walking home with them.

Off topic, people are really good at smiling with masks on these days. Hey, we have all developed a new social skill. 🙂

Also off topic, happy 42nd birthday, baby brother!


Celebrating 2022

Yesterday, on the first of January, D and I showed up at the parents, all dressed up and bearing gifts for the family gathering on New Year’s Day. We were met at the door by parents who were still in their pyjamas. What the heck?! We were then told that the family gathering had been moved to the 2nd. Duh, I was never informed. So, D and I stayed for a celebratory drink, and then ended up having a simple (free) lunch with the parents. It was New Year’s Day after all. 😛

So today, we repeat. Not bothering myself with trying on another possible outfit, I just wore the same thing. Gifts were already under the tree 24 hours ago, so we went empty handed. As with most family gatherings, it was a busy event with too much food, plenty of drinks and noisy chitter chatters.

This year’s only exception was that we had a family photo taken at the back yard. When the others left, D and I stayed back for an hour or two, helping with some of the cleaning up and then drinking a beer peacefully with the parents.

We went home with gifts we got from our Secret Santas, and leftovers that will take me a couple of days to deal with.

Happy healthy 2022!

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Farewell 2021!

By now, everyone I know has been vaccinated. The occasional social gatherings took place. Harelbeke city festival was a success. There is a self-dug pond (with plants and fishes) in our backyard, with the surprise presence of froggy during the summer months. We also have a family of house sparrows that eat out of our never-empty bird feeders. There were overall improvements in our lives. Despite the pandemic and my postponed travels, 2021 has been a fairly good year.

Bye bye 2021. Let us make 2022 an even better year!

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Purchasing & Mending

D and I have spent the last three days searching and purchasing gifts for the upcoming family gathering and gifts exchange on New Year’s day. I used to dread this particular shopping activity so much. But I have learned that buying myself something small, fun or useful helps in easing the task at hand. 😛

When I am at home and not busy with gift shopping, I spend my time mending things. I have promised myself to wear my clothes till they literally fall off my back! When things are ‘unfixable’, I usually repurpose them into multi-layered textile vacuum bags. I do not want to ‘contribute’ to those horrible non-biodegradable textile piles in Africa and South America. Those images, they shall haunt me for life…

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Christmas Eve 2021

D’s parents came over to our house to celebrate Christmas Eve 2021 with us. The restaurant takeaway dishes only needed to be heated up and plated accordingly. The photo shown here is the impressive and delicious second course. Christmas Eve meal was wonderful!


Waning Off

After almost 48 hours, the side effects of my booster shot has been gradually waning off. My side effects were tenderness at the injection spot, mild overall muscle aches, and a light head ache.

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Train & Booster

My booster shot was scheduled at 12.10pm on 21/12/2021. Notice the zeros, ones and twos?! 😉

To get to my designated vaccination centre in Kortrijk, I took the train! How can I refuse and ignore the offer of a free train ticket? An offer made by NMBS to those who need to travel by train to their vaccination centres. I love train rides, I do not love it less because mine was only five minutes. The one kilometre walk from station to Budafabriek was pleasant and effortless.

Vaccination went smoothly and I was out of there in a jiffy. After a nice long stroll in the city of Kortrijk, and a short wait at the station, I was heading back home on my free 5-minute train ride. My mini adventure did not cost me a single cent and it was wonderful.