Food & Drinks

Bread Options

A loaf of store-bought bread was given to D and I. What does one do with bread that we did not buy from the baker?

I made grilled cheese sandwiches, French toasts, strata, and toasts. I still have a few slices left…

Simplify, Wealth & Creativity

Mindful Consumption

Two days ago, D and I did our bulk purchase of grocery that filled up the entire back space of the car. Later, these items were stored away nicely in the pantry, the fridge and the freezer.

In the next weeks, we shall gradually and mindfully consume and use the items we bought.



It started snowing lightly this morning. It took me a while to remember what people in Michigan call this. The word ‘flurries’ only popped up after an hour or two. 😛

The flurries soon turned into snow. First snow of December 2023.


Market Walk

This morning, I took a walk to the weekly market at the town centre. My legs needed to move. My brains needed to be outdoors, a change of scenery, for it to function better. My mind needed the chilled air to clear it of mental cobwebs.

I bought eierkoeken, fish filets, grey shrimps, and some tomatoes. I did not go to the ATMs because the dollar to euro exchange rate is not favourable.

The walk did me good.

Flashbacks, Jibber Jabber, Numbers


2023 has been a freaky year where quite a number of things went kaput (kapot)…

It started out with me fainting in a restaurant in March. Now, that was a health scare I do not wish on anyone.

Then the TV went kapot in early April – yep, the same TV that we brought to the recycling park a couple of days ago. In May, the washing machine stopped working. Fortunately, it was resurrected by D with parts we bought online. In June, I had a puncture in my front bike tire, while cycling to a dental appointment. Damn?!

In August, both D and I became victims of banking algorithms and have to end our relationship with a certain financial institution. Since there was not a single thread of wrong doing on our part, I took my time and closed my accounts ever so gradually. In September, I was able to sell off my mutual funds with a nice profit. Yeah for me.

When I renewed my library membership at the end of September, things got really messy. But with the help of a translation program, I was able to get the matter fixed via email. My love-hate relationship with AI… *sigh*

October, the condensation in our living room panel windows got worse and it was decided that we will have them replaced. Fortunately, insurance is going to help pay off a big part of that cost.

November, the freezer went berserk and had to be turned off completely. A few days later and by some sort of sorcery, I fixed it. What?

D an I are handy people. And if you care to look and do your research, you will most likely come across some good options and solutions. I discovered the Epley Maneuver and managed to fix the lingering vertigo six weeks after my fall. Not all is doom and gloom. 🙂

Oh yeah, my 16-year old Sony sound cancellation head phones also entered the ‘list of kaput things’ this month.


Recycling The Television

D and I finally found the strength to let go of our old TV. 😛

The defective TV has been leaning at the wall since April this year. So this afternoon, we carried it to the car, went to the recycling park, and left it at the container of old TVs and screens.

There. Done. May it travel safely on to recycle heaven.

Jibber Jabber

Plumbing Maintenance

Our plumber finally showed up this afternoon! 🙂

He went on to perform maintenance and diagnostic checks on our warm water systems. Everything is in order. And let us hope it will stay good till the next check up two years from now, or better yet… way longer.

Health, Human Nature


Dementia is the general name for a decline in cognitive abilities that impacts a person’s ability to perform everyday activities. This typically involves problems with memory, thinking, and behaviour. Aside from memory impairment and a disruption in thought patterns, the most common symptoms include emotional problems, difficulties with language, and decreased motivation.

Source: Wikipedia