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Accumulated Residue Heat

Yesterday’s maximum temperature was 28°C. That meant the end of the awful tropical heat that we have been dealing with for the last five days. Phew!

Rejoicing too soon, I totally forgot about residue heat, and made the mistake of not shading the living room and terrace by opening the parasol! Indoor temperature climbed up to an uncomfortable 29°C by mid afternoon.

The house stayed warm the entire night because of accumulated residue heat. I was not kidding when I mentioned that this is taking a toll on me and my sanity?!

Not making the same mistake again today…


Simple Ice Babies

By wrapping towels around sturdy plastic containers containing frozen rain water, I have extra ice babies which I place in the middle of the bed just before going to sleep. This simple hack is quite the lifesaver, especially when the nights do not cool down to below 20°C! The next day, the containers go back into the freezer. Simple and effective.

This heatwave is really taking a toll on me. Five more nights to go…

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Eight Very Warm Days

Today is the first day of a possible eight-day heat wave. Argh!

The weather forecast said that the temperature in the coming days will be in the thirties. This afternoon peak temperature was at a bearable 25°C, hence D and I went grocery shopping.

While selecting carrots, I heard a woman let out a big sigh of relief when she walked into the cold storage. Understandable. At the checkout counter, I noticed that the person in front of me was wearing a cardigan. What?! In the parking lot, there was a woman waiting in her car, which she kept running for the air-condition. People are already acting out of the normal, and the temperature was just hovering about the mid-twenties. I wonder…

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Bike, Bank & Bread

This morning, D and I hopped onto our bicycles and left the house together. We then parted ways at the roundabout because we have different tasks to take care off.

D went to a bakery over the bridge to purchase bread.

I, on the other hand, proceeded to the bank for an appointment. The ‘interrogation’ was brief and painless because I was honest and direct. No bullshit.

While bicycling home, I kept wondering why a small fish like me got onto the bank’s radar. Do they not have better things to do?

I hope the matter is settled for good, and the bank will not bother me again for the time being. Online banking still has a rather long way to go in this part of the world.

Speaking of an unusual morning, an Asian female with skinny jeans and sun glasses riding a somewhat flashy coloured bicycle must have been an uncommon sight in this town… 😛

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Campo Solar

D won tickets to Campo Solar! 🙂

So yesterday we went to Damme to experience a unique music festival set in the middle of corn fields, sunflowers, wheat fields, and wildflowers. I was thoroughly impressed by the set up and organization of this festival. And cannot be thankful enough that D picked the perfect day to go.

The following are day and night photos of the site:

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Postponed Walk

I got up this morning planning to do my almost-ritualistic walk to the ATM and the grocery store. It would be good to have some extra cash, take advantage of this week’s store promotions, get some light exercise, and to clear my head a bit.

A week ago, one of my uncles from my mother’s side passed away. He was the uncle I knew quite well during my childhood. I have lots of memories of him and his family, before they moved away from Lahad Datu in the late 70s. That move took away my favourite cousin Angela, and I was a devastated little girl for a long time.

Then there is the death of Kris. An ex-colleague that I admittedly do not know that well. The sysadmin. The person who always reminded me of my half-filipino cousins. He was not afraid to say what was on his mind. A friend to many. The most memorable moment I have of Kris is that he placed an electric collar on his somewhat naughty dog, with no intention whatsoever of using it.

These two deaths saddens me deeply. Kris’ death is especially difficult to accept. It messes me up when younger people died!

Lunch time came about, I took a portion of frozen bread out of the freezer, and decided not to do the walk after all. I have enough cash. I have enough food. In the end, I figure that a little less consumption will be more beneficial for all. As for that light exercise, I have enough garden work for that. Maybe Thursday Market tomorrow. Nothing is set in stone.

Rest in peace Uncle MC and Kris…

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Story Or Game?

The following is an excerpt from the article entitled Is Life a Story or a Game?:

The status-mad world that Storr describes is so loveless — a world I recognize but not one I want to live in. Ultimately, games are fun, but gaming as a way of life is immature. Maturity means rising above the shallow desire — for status — that doesn’t really nourish us. It’s about cultivating the higher desires: The love of truth and learning and not settling for cheap conspiracy theories. The intrinsic pleasure the craftsman gets in his work, which is not about popularity. The desire for a good and meaningful life that inspires people to commit daily acts of generosity.

How do people gradually learn to cultivate these higher motivations? To answer that I’d have to tell you a story. 

I agree with the opinion columnist who wrote the above article. I personally chose to live a story of my own making, and will do my very best in not succumbing to the games of status. I have only one short life.

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Simple Summer Celebrations

Last Thursday, D and I cycled to Kortrijk to join his mother and her friends for a summer event known as Kortrijk Zomert. We had drinks, listened to music, and enjoyed ourselves amongst the summer crowds. At half past ten, D and I cycled back home. But because my bike light ran out of batteries, and it was too risky for an inexperience cyclist like me to cycle along the water in pitch black, we cycled half the route on the main street. I survived that.

Yesterday, D and I had the parents over for a simple Sunday barbecue. This way, D’s father may celebrate and enjoy a nice summer evening, not charged with barbecue duties. The pandemic is tough on people with a weak immunity. It is only fair that he gets to enjoy a get-together without the worry of getting sick. I think he appreciated the gesture, for we were gifted a very good red wine from 2005!

It is five o’clock in the afternoon now. Outside temperature is at 33°C and climbing. So far, I have followed the guidelines on how to keep myself and the house cool. Among the many tips of how to keep cool during a heat wave: wear light coloured loose-fitting clothes, drink water regularly, eat fruits and vegetables, open and close the doors and windows at the right time in the day, and avoid being in direct sunlight for too long.

This too, shall pass…


Ice Babies

For the past two days, maximum day temperature has hit the 30°C point. After today, things are going to be normal for a few days. Then by next Monday, day temperatures are predicted to hit 35°C or more!

Time to down the shades, stay indoors, stay downstairs, eat light, drink lots of water, and bring some ice babies to bed…