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Putteke Winter 2022

Putteke Winter 2022 at the Gavers was a big success. As with most post-pandemic events these days, there were so many people! Admittedly, it was not much of a winter walk because it is the middle of November, and it was not really cold. No one was complaining though. I cannot imagine anyone wanting to plough through snow and ice to see light installations.

Took a tumble when I missed a corner cycling home in the rain. Was not my first fall from the bicycle and will probably not be my last. Like a child learning how to cycle, I will fall and I will get up, and I am thanking the stars that I did not sustain any serious injuries.

Such is life.

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Airport Purchase

Someone was interested in the book ‘The No Asshole Rule’, which I placed on the second-hand website almost two years ago. The person wanted to buy it for half the price I asked. D rolled the ball back to the potential buyer, negotiating for 80% of the asking price, plus sending cost. It was a no go.

There was really no loss on neither side. Potential buyer did not want the book enough to pay for what I asked, and I did not need to part with the book that desperately…

I bought the book at SFO, after a business trip to China. Do not make a book worm wait at an airport for hours, for no good reasons.

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Ethical Hacking

Yesterday evening, D and I went to the library to attend a talk about ethical hacking. The topic of the talk made me assumed and expected to see a handful of high school geeks. Imagine my surprise when I saw a large turn out of the older generation. Someone must have done some very convincing promoting.

The 90-minute talk was informative and served as a reminder that we should all be wary of our online behaviours and habits. After the talk, D and I had drinks at the café on site before cycling back home.


Quince, Toasts & Soup

Today, I gave the two jars of experimental quince vinegar mixture a good stir. These need to ferment and sit in the utility room for three weeks. We shall see.

I toasted a few slices of day-old-bread for lunch and finished the pumpkin soup I made two days ago.

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Then Add Pumpkin…

Yesterday, I made a big casserole dish of strata. Into the basic mixture of bread, eggs and milk; I added some pumpkin chunks and all the leftover bits and pieces that I have in the refrigerator.

Today, I used up all the pumpkin and made a very colourful vegetable soup.

The no-food-waste lifestyle is quite yummy… 😉

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All Souls

Today I think of my grandmothers, grandfathers, uncles, aunts, Catherine, Tony, Kris, Carlos, Shelly and so many more.

My true identity is not formed by how many diplomas I hold, how much money I have in my bank accounts, and definitely not by labelling myself with those boring conventional titles that modern society has conjured up.

I am my parents’ first born child. The granddaughter of a wonderful popo. Nothing can take that away. Nothing.

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Four Days Of Halloween

Children have been showing up in little groups at our house, trick-or-treating for sweets since Friday evening. Do they not know that Halloween is a one day event on the 31st of October?

We were totally out of ‘treats’ at 8 o’clock in the evening of Halloween. D had to give away some of his cookies! 😛