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Creative Leftovers

Different people react differently to free food and drinks.

While my mother will be pleased to take when offered, my father will be wary and most likely refuse. D’s mother on the other hand will even go for seconds. D will take whatever that is offered, then look, and will hand it to me if he does not want it. 😛

My mother knows that she has the rights and entitlement to the free things life has to offer. My father, who grew up believing that ‘there is no free lunch’, cannot bring himself to partake in this kind of things. I will not try to analyse the Belgians.

As for me, I will take whatever that is offered but will not ask for more. My advantage is that I would or can, eat and drink anything.

This evening, this alleseter will whipped up a ‘creative leftover’ dish for dinner. The fridge needs to be tidied up a bit.