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Easter Lunch

Yesterday, D and I did our weekend errands of swinging by the library, visiting the parents, and grocery shopping together.

Because it was an Easter weekend and the beginning of a two-week school holiday, the grocery store was busy and packed full of people. Our grocery shopping for Easter lunch went on smoothly without any issues. The crowd was mainly made up of families who were running an errand together, there were no dramas, and checked out was efficient and uncomplicated.

This Easter Sunday, D and I have invited the parents over for lunch. Because my objective was to set a trend of no-fuss gatherings, we have prepared our food and drinks accordingly. We started with a simple drink of bubbly rosé (free with a coupon), accompanied by some warm appetizers (store-bought). Lunch was a small variety of meats which we grilled ourselves, home-made croquettes by the parents, and a big bowl of salad I put together in the morning.

After lunch, we had coffee, cookies and watched De Ronde on TV.

A simple get-together of minimum effort… 😉