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Systems Technology

Systems technology is the study of how to design, build, and operate complex systems. It is a broad field that encompasses many different disciplines, including engineering, computer science, and mathematics. Systems technologists are responsible for developing the tools and techniques that are used to create and manage complex systems.

✓System modeling and analysis

✓System design and optimization

✓System control and automation

✓System safety and reliability

✓System security and resilience

✓System integration and testing

✓System maintenance and evolution

✓System economics and management

✓System ethics and social impact

✓System interoperability and standards

✓System visualization and simulation

✓System artificial intelligence

✓System big data analytics

✓System cloud computing

✓System cyber-physical systems

✓System internet of things

✓System robotics and automation

✓System sensor networks

✓System software engineering

✓System systems engineering

✓System telecommunications

✓System transportation systems

✓System virtual reality

✓System wearable technology

✓System other emerging technologies

Source: igminresearch.com