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Sinksen & Faro

Yesterday afternoon, D and I cycled to Sinksen Kortrijk. Pentecost weekend has always been a big deal here. There were so many people, so much to do, and such good weather! We met up with D’s mother and the three of us went walking, browsing, eating and drinking. Even though there were activities that last till late night and I could have meet up with a friend who lives in the city, D and I have other plans in the evening. So, at half past six, the three of us cycled back home together. I probably cycled about 12km in total and my day was not over yet…

At home, D and I rested and prepared for a little while, and then off we went in the car to Oudenburg. We met up with our DJ friend and his family members, drank something and enjoyed the music and ambiance.

D and I were safely home by eleven, and managed to finish watching an episode of B5 without passing out. Ha!