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Library Membership

My library card is going to expire this August. The yearly fee is supposed to increase from €3 to €5, allowing members to borrow books from all the regional libraries. Normally, this would be an advantage for me and I would not hesitate in paying the extra €2. However, I shall not be renewing my library membership this year…

First of all, one must wear a mask when visiting the library, or risk a fine. Secondly, there shall be no more dilly-dallying, and I like doing that when I visit a library. And lastly, this might be the perfect time for me to finally go through my own library of books, bought and collected more than ten years ago.

Books about business, design, and communication may not seem to have anything to do with my current situation, but one never know, I might still learn a thing or two from these decade old books. After that, I will try to sell them online. Oh, I also have a collection of novels in Dutch. Maybe there will be time for those as well.

Yep, adapting to the new normal, because there will be no more business as usual.